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Learn How to Install HTML Signature in AOL Mail

Using AOL Mail and need to Install HTML Signature in AOL? Well, you have landed at the right place where we are going to provide all the information on adding an HTML signature while using AOL.

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Why it’s Important to Install HTML Signature in AOL Mail

Mailing has now become the basis of formal communication for the working professional. While communicating with other people on a formal basis or by mail, you need to mention your identity as a salutation. However, repeatedly adding the same details while sending every Email can be a bit frustrating. Thus for that, an HTML signature feature is available, which automatically adds to the Message body every time you compose a new mail. The process of adding a signature is a bit different for every email service. Here you can get information on adding a signature block while using AOL Mail and AOL Desktop Gold.

What are Differences between Paid and Free Version of AOL?

How to Install HTML Signature in the AOL Mail

Follow the given steps to add a Signature in AOL Mail.

  • Launch the browser in your system and log in to AOL mail with your username and password.
  • Now, on the right-hand side of the page, you can find “Option.” Click on it, after which a drop-down menu will appear on the screen on which you need to select “Mail Settings.”
  • On the left-hand side of the settings page, you can find the option “Compose.” Click on it.
  • Under the section “Rich Text/HTML,” mark the checkbox “Use Rich HTML/HTML Editing.” Below that, select the option “Use Signature.”
  • Once you click on that option, a text box will appear on the screen where you need to type or paste your Email signature.
  • Now click on the option “Save Settings.”

Create, Add, or Delete an Email signature while using AOL Desktop Gold

As the majority of AOL Email holders use Desktop Gold, we have provided the full procedure to add an Email Signature in AOL Desktop Gold which includes the following steps:

Create an Email Signature in AOL Desktop Gold

To add an Email signature, launch AOL Desktop Gold and sign in with your email password. After that, follow the given steps:

  • On the top menu bar in AOL Desktop Gold, you can find the option Mail
  • There, select the option Set Mail Signatures.
  • Type or paste the signature you need to add.
  • After that, click on the option Save.

You can also add a new signature to an existing signature and choose a default signature among them.

Add a new Email Signature

You can also add a new signature to an existing signature and choose a default signature among them. For that, you can heed the following steps

  • Launch AOL Desktop, Sign-in and then select the option Mail.
  • Click on Set Mail signature and then Add New signature.
  • After that, click save.
Set Default Signature in AOL Desktop

Open AOL Desktop and select Mail and click Set Mail signatures.

  • Click Signature Drop-down. Select the signature, and on the default option, switch to ON.
  • After that, a blue check mark will appear near the Email signature.
  • Click Save.
Delete an Email Signature

In order to Delete HTML Signature in AOL, open AOL Desktop and go to the signature drop-down from the steps mentioned above. There, you can find the option “Delete Email Signature.” Click on it, select the signature, and click “Save.”

Tips for the users while making an Email Signature

It is advisable for the user, to keep in mind the following things while making an Email signature:

  • You Email signature should be between 5 lines.
  • While separating different components of your signature, use a “Bar (|)” symbol.
  • In case you have a working Email, you need to add full details of your designation along with the company name.
  • In the case of personal Email, you can add links to your social media accounts.

Wrapping It Up

In this blog, we have provided all the details on how to add an Email signature while using Both AOL Mail and AOL Desktop. In case you need further assistance, reach out to us at the number given below, or use the live chat facility to connect with us. Our technical team is available 24/7 to help you with any issues you are having with AOL Mail or any other AOL application you are using.

How to Permanently Uninstall McAfee From Windows 10 And Mac?

To Uninstall McAfee from Windows 10 and Mac, read the full article. Nowadays, the Internet has become a crucial part of our lives no matter we are handling small or mid-sized business industries or large ones. But most of the users are unable to continue their day-to-day tasks due to network threats or security issues. In the below post, we’ll discuss McAfee, antivirus software that protects your system from cyber threats or infected files so stay connected till the end.

How to Fix McAfee Antivirus Not Working

McAfee Antivirus: A Brief Overview

McAfee is a free antivirus scanning tool designed to detect malicious software, restore damaged or corrupted files, and prevent your system from virus attacks. It usually comes up with a 30-day free trial. Once you install the antivirus app, it will preload when you turn on your device. It assures users their computers are protected by all means. It makes surfing the Internet easier and provides users with the most efficient ways to keep their systems secure. There are a variety of features that the antivirus offers such as:

  • Avoid spam using Spam Blocker.
  • Protect Wi-Fi networks and other wireless networks.
  • Detect phishing and prevent money loss.
  • Locate damaged files with the help of Quick Computer Scan.
  • Keep your address confidential with a virtual private network.
  • Manage passwords and accounts.
  • Identify theft protection.

Why do you need to uninstall McAfee from MAC?

McAfee antivirus is a useful tool that makes the system more efficient and secure. But many users have reported that their system got sluggish and slowed down due to this antivirus software. The most apparent reason behind this is that McAfee runs multiple background scans to keep an eye on any damaged file which occupies a huge part of RAM.  Moreover, it is too annoying to deal with as it throws frequent notifications on your screen. Plus, it preloads automatically when you power on your device. Hence, it makes sense to remove McAfee from your device.

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Tips for Uninstalling McAfee Antivirus

When it comes to uninstalling something which is pre-installed in your system, you may encounter several technical issues while doing so. To learn how to uninstall McAfee, you can either uninstall it as you normally uninstall any program on Windows or Mac. However, if it doesn’t work, then there are some additional tools you can make use of to remove this antivirus program from your device.

Handy Troubleshooting ways to remove McAfee from Windows 10 and Mac!

If you find McAfee antivirus too annoying or frustrating to deal with or think it doesn’t do a good job protecting your Mac or Windows, removing it from your device is the only option you’ve. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to safely uninstall security software and all associated files and folders from Windows 10 and Mac. Let’s follow all the instructions carefully:

Remove McAfee from Mac

McAfee antivirus contains an uninstallation utility feature that automatically removes the security software from your Mac or Windows. It also eliminates McAfee-related items from your device such as system extensions, browser add-ons, and cached data. Thus, it is highly effective to use McAfee Windows Uninstaller, here’s what to do:

  1. To start off, open Finder and tap on Applications in the sidebar.
  2. Now, locate and click twice on the McAfee Internet Security Uninstaller.
  3. Afterward, enter your Mac administrator password and then press OK.
  4. Once done, hit the Continue tab and follow all the on-screen instructions to remove the McAfee installation from your Mac. You may be prompted to input your admin password multiple times.
  5. When the setup finishes, you have to restart your device.
Uninstall McAfee from Windows 10

You can safely remove McAfee from Windows 10 using Consumer Product Removal tool. Here’s how:

  1. In the inception, save your work and close any open programs before you start.
  2. Now, you need to download the McAfee Consumer Product Removal tool.
  3. Open the MCPR file you’ve just downloaded and click yes if a security warning appears.
  4. On the MCPR wizard screen, press Next to continue.
  5. Thereafter, agree to the license agreement on the next page.
  6. You must enter the Security Verification Code required on the next screen.
  7. Hit the Next tab and the uninstallation process will begin.
  8. Once it is completed successfully, tap on Restart to finish the removal process.

Bottom Line!

Seeming a tedious task to uninstall McAfee from Windows 10 and Mac? No worries as it will take a couple of clicks to proceed. But, the actual problem creates when you need to uninstall multiple McAfee products simultaneously and you don’t have enough time to do this. Sit relax and feel free to have a word with our Support Team to safely surf the Internet regardless of any cyber threats or attacks.

How to connect Airpods to a PC / Laptop?

To Connect Airpods to PC / Laptop, read the Full article Carefully. We are not giving you an Out of world information when we say Airpods are designed to work effortlessly with different Apple products. Although these are similar to other Bluetooth devices only, when it comes to other connecting with other products like a Windows PC or laptop, this process can be a little tricky.

Thus, to get a step-by-step guide, you can simply read this blog. In case you want instant help, dial +1-855-356-3099 and get an immediate answer.

What are differences between Paid and Free Version of AOL?

How to Connect AirPods to Windows System?

As we already mentioned, AirPods are similar to other wireless devices. It uses Bluetooth to get connected to other devices. This makes it easier to connect with non-apple products, like Windows or Android.

Before we head toward the solution to connect AirPods with a Windows laptop or PC, you first need to ensure that your device has Bluetooth. You can verify it by the following given instructions:

  • Click on the Start Button.
  • Thereafter select the Device Manager.
  • Now, look if there is any entry for Bluetooth available.
  • If not, then your device doesn’t support Bluetooth, and you won’t be able to connect it with AirPods.

However, if it supports Bluetooth, then you can go further with the procedure and complete the connection of AirPods with a laptop or PC.

Steps to Successfully Complete the Connection of AirPods

  1. Put the AirPods in their case to make sure it is fully charged.
  2. Now, click on the Start Menu and go to Settings on your PC or enter Settings in the search box.
  3. Tap on Devices, check the top of Bluetooth & other devices option, and verify if Bluetooth is switched on.
    Note: The witch should be colored blue and towards the right to turn on the Bluetooth.
  4. Select Add Bluetooth or other devices.
  5. Now, a new Add Device window will open on your screen; there, you have to select the Bluetooth Button.
  6. Moving ahead, open the lead of your AirPods.
    Note: In case you are using AirPods Max, you can skip this step and move ahead.
  7. Thereon, you have to press and hold the small button present at the back of your AirPodS case for a few seconds.
    Note: You have to press the button until you see the status light on the case start blinking white.
  8. Next, the Airpods name must appear in the list of device names available to connect with your PC.
    Note: Initially, they will appear as headphones, then changed to Airpods.
  9. Now, hit the Airpods.

Here your Windows device will get connected to Airpods, and it will show a successful connection as well.

What are the steps to Disconnect your AirPods from your Windows PC?

Want to disconnect your AirPods to your Windows laptop or pc? Don’t worry; let us help you with a brief guide.

  1. Open Settings on your Windows device using the search box or start menu.
  2. Thereafter select the Bluetooth and Device option.
  3. Find your AirPods name at the top of the Bluetooth & Devices page.
  4. Now, click on the three dots, and tap on the Remove Device tab.
  5. Here you have to click on Yes to confirm your selection to remove the device from your system.

 How to Fix AirPods Won’t Connect to PC Problem?

At times your AirPods won’t connect properly with the Windows PC. There are three ways to fix this problem. Each of them is different but helpful for you.

1st Method: Disconnecting your AirPods from all the Apple Product:

Whenever you open the case of your AirPods, all the nearby Apple devices pick up their signal automatically and get connected to it. This will prevent Windows from connecting with the Bluetooth device.

Thus, if your AirPods fail to connect with your PC, then disable the Bluetooth of all the Apple devices nearby you. In case you can’t disable the Bluetooth, then go to the Bluetooth setting of your Apple device and look for AirPods there. Now, try to forget your AirPods.

2nd Method: Utilize the Windows Troubleshooter

Another way to fix this issue is via Windows troubleshooter. It is a built-in feature of Windows device that detects potential problems that leads to Airpods connectivity issue. This, in brief, tell you the cause behind the error.

  1. Click on Start Button.
  2. Thereafter go to the Settings tab.
  3. Now, click on Update & Security option if you are a Windows 10 user.
  4. However, if you are a Windows 11 user, select Settings and then System.
  5. Next, click on the Troubleshoot button.
  6. Select Other Troubleshooters.
  7. Tap on Bluetooth, followed by Selecting Run.
  8. Here you have to wait for sometimes so that Windows can easily detect the potential issue.
  9. Then there will be some fixes on your screen; apply one o them, as per your error.
3rd Method: Do the Manual Troubleshoot

In case Windows is not able to find the problem automatically, you have t go for the Manual Troubleshoot.

  1. Turn on your Laptop’s or Pc’s Bluetooth.
  2. Apart from that, make sure that the Airplane mode is Active. Open the settings button, then go to Network and Security, and now check the Airplane mode.
  3. Review your AirPods charging percentage.
  4. Disable the Bluetooth and enable it again, by going to the Settings option, followed by Devices, Bluetooth & other devices. Turn the slider off then after waiting for some time, turn it on again.
  5. Update the PC’s Bluetooth driver to its latest version.


At this point, we are expecting that now, you can connect your AirPods, very easily with a Windows device. However, if you are still not able to do so, then please dial our Toll-free Number and grab help from the Windows Experts. These experts have years of knowledge and experience, with which they can rectify all your issues.

What are differences between Paid and Free Version of AOL?

This article has covered major differences between Paid and Free version of AOL. AOL, or American online, is a well-known digital media organization. It runs multiple businesses online, like websites, search engines, internet connectivity, email services, etc. In the initial days, AOL used to offer Internet Connectivity and email services to its users, but now after the growth, the company expanded and started serving search engines and websites as well.

How to Recover Hacked AOL Email Account?

A Summary of Paid and Free Version of AOL

The platform provides its services in two versions to the customer, one is paid, and another is unpaid. The free version of the software has its own characteristics, but when you subscribe to the paid version, i.e., AOL Desktop Gold, you get access to multiple premium services. Now, if you want to know more about the free and paid versions of AOL software, undertake this blog post.

What are the Features you can access with Free AOL Plan?

Have you heard the saying, “Anything that is free is always sweet”? The same goes for free services from AOL Emails. The company provides numerous free features for its users. A few of the most well-known services include mailing, search engines, forums, a professional profile creator, etc.

Want to know more about these features? Check the pointer mentioned below:

  • The most used feature of the platform is AOL Mail. It has almost 1.5 million users worldwide.
  • Apart from that, the free version of AOL also serves Security Services to its users. It protects the users from multiple spam, unknown viruses, and pop-ups.
  • Moreover, you can also try AOL About Me tool to generate their profile or pages to explain to the public what they are serving and to interact with more clients.
  • The AOL Search option is used for searching different information on the AOL Search Engine. Using this tool, users can look for all the top search result pages regarding their Query.

Furthermore, there are multiple other services that a user receives using AOL Free Version, like having the option to watch videos online, Mapquest, etc. So, if you are getting this much using the free version, why should you opt for AOL paid version? Let’s learn about it in depth.

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What are the extra services you Receive while using Paid AOL Plan?

Curious to know the advantages of using the Paid Version of AOL Software? Apart from the free version services, you have multiple benefits of purchasing AOL Desktop Gold if you are a working professional. These services include:

  • Enhanced Security Features: AOL serves you multiple Security features that are important for the safety of your account and system. If you have the paid version of the software, you can easily serve the digital world anonymously, and your identity will be secured and protected from all thefts and harm.
  • Alert Message from Suspicious websites: In case you are using AOL Desktop Gold, you will always receive a pop-up when you visit a suspicious website.
  • Completely Ad-Free Mailing Service: With AOL Paid Version, you will receive an Ad-free emailing service.
  • Chat Rooms: The paid version of AOL software provides chat facilities using which one can interact with others.

Still not Convinced why to change your Free AOL Plan?

Are you Confused about the Subscription of Paid AOL Plan? It is easy to use, with a better interface, saves you from scammers and hackers, and a lot more things.

Now, let us tell you the main differences between Paid and Free versions of AOL Software.

Services Free Version Paid Version
Web Browser No limits to your search No limits to your search
AOL Mail You will receive Ads No Ads
Chat No Chat Room Option Chat Rooms are Available
Security Features Protect you from viruses or spam. Secure all your Data from suspicious websites, Automatic Protected Updates, Screen Capture Protection, etc.

How much do you have to Pay for an AOL Email Account?

The charges depend on various factors like the plan you are choosing, the features you are opting for, etc.

  • For $11.99/month, you will have an AOL account with only a security software option and dial-up service, along with 24×7 technical support
  • For $25.90/month, you have the option to get a premium account where you have all the extra advantages.
  • Apart from this, at $9.99/month, you will receive everything that you find in the $11.99 program, but the technical support will be limited.

Note: These monthly charges are applied to you if only you have purchased a paid plan from AOL.

Can I use AOL Email for Free?

Yes, it is not mandatory for you to pay for AOL email. You can definitely use it without paying any charges. However, the features will be fewer in the free version when you compare it with the paid one.

Bottom Line!

We hope this blog gives you Apt information about both AOL-free and paid versions. However, if you still have any doubts. You can contact our AOL experts and ask for their help. These experts are available around the clock to help the users by providing them with the best results possible.

How to Bookmark your favourite Website on AOL Desktop Gold?

Looking for a way to Bookmark your Favorite Website on AOL Desktop Gold? Well, let us help you by providing you with a detailed description.

An Overview to Bookmark Favorite Sites on AOL Desktop Gold

With the help of your Favorite, you can Bookmark various Website to access them without typing their URL every time in the search box. Simply select the Favourite button present at the top of AOL Desktop Gold and reach your preferred Website.

How to Restore AOL Missing Contacts in Webmail or Any other Device?

The official Bookmarks provided by AOL can’t be edited, deleted, or moved to another location. You can easily find them in the Blue Folder present at the top of your Favourite Window. The Favourite menu comprises Links to AOL Tech Fortress, Data Mask, etc.

How to Save a Favorite Place on AOL Desktop Gold?

Now let’s learn the steps to Save the Favorite Place:

  1. Open the Website; you want to make Favorite.
  2. Now, look for the Heart icon, present at the top right corner of your screen.
  3. Select Add to Favorite, and choose a folder to store it.

Here you are done with saving a Favorite place on the AOL Desktop Gold.

Moving ahead, you have the option to understand the steps to organize the Favorite list properly. Begin the process by dragging and dropping the Favorite Place into the preferred locations, or you can even group them into other folders.

Steps to Generate A New Folder in your Favorite Place

  • Select the Favorite Places option, i.e., the heart emoji, and hit on New.
  • Thereafter choose New Folder and provide its name.
  • Now, tap on ok.
Modify your Favourite Folder’s Name
  • Begin the process by choosing the heart icon (Favorite Places tab)
  • Choose the Folder in which you want to make the modification.
  • Hit on the Edit button, and assign a new name to the Folder.
  • At last, select Enter.
Now, navigate an item from one Folder to a different Favorite Folder.
  • Initially, choose the Favorite Places menu.
  • Now, open the Folder that has the Favorite that you want to move to another folder.
  • Select and drag the favorite heart icon to your preferred location to finalize the process.

How to Delete a Favourite Place in your List?

Now if you want to Delete a Favorite Place in your list, you follow the given steps:

  1. Select the Favorite Places tab, and choose the Folder or Favorite Place that you want to remove.
  2. Thereafter, hit on the Delete option, and tap Yes when you get a confirmation alert.

Moreover, you also have the option to make a Backup copy of your Favorites options

What are the Steps to Generate a backup copy of Your Favorite items?

Let’s now look at the steps to make a backup:

  1. Initially, launch the Favorite Place Window.
  2. Select the Manage option at the end of the Window.
  3. Hit on the Save option in the Save My Favorite Places as Favorite File on my Computer.”
  4. Now, move to the Place in which you want to save this file.
  5. At last, select the Save Button.

How to find your Favorite Place from the Favorite Places list?

In case you want to find out your Favorite Place, you can find it in the Favorite Places list.

  1. Go to the Favorite place icon, and in the Quick Find, provide the name of the favorite Place you are searching.
  2. Wait for a few seconds, and the result will appear on your screen.
  3. Now select that result by double-clicking on it.

At this point, you know, almost all the aspects of the Bookmark website to your Favorite. So let’s move forward with a few problems that AOL user encounters with Favorite Places.

Why my Favorite Places are missing from my saved list?

The Favorite Places are auto-synced between the AOL Servers and AOL Desktop Clients, because of which your Favorites move to any AOL Desktop Client you use by themselves. Thus if you are not able to see your Favorites, you must check your connectivity, Webmail. You might have to reinstall AOL Desktop As well.

Verify Connectivity:

Check your Internet connection whenever you are not able to reach any website. It might be possible that due to an unstable or poor internet connection, you are encountering this error. Thus you need to verify it first, and then if the issue is due to Network Connectivity, Restart your router and check again. In case the Internet problem is consistent even after rebooting the broadband router, contact your Network service provider for assistance.

Review the Webmail

If the issue is not in the Network Connectivity, then you have to verify your Webmail. Enter your login credentials to sign in to your Webmail, and find your Favorite Places. In case you find your contacts here, sign out of Webmail and sign in again. Now, look if the problem is still persistent and move to this method.

Uninstall and Install AOL Desktop Gold again:

To uninstall the AOL Desktop Gold, you can check the steps given below, according to your device:

Uninstall a program on Windows 7 and 8. 
  • Initiate the process by hitting the Windows icon.
  • Thereafter, select the Control Panel.
  • Look for the Program option, and under that, tap on the Uninstall a program tab.
  • Now list down all the programs that you had installed using the Windows installer.
  • Choose AOL Desktop Gold software, and select Uninstall/change.
  • Confirm the uninstallation of the App by hitting on yes. Now windows will delete the App from your System.
Uninstall a Program on Windows 10.

In Windows 10, you can do the process in three ways,

1st Process: Uninstall, the AOL App, using Start Menu
  • Click on Start; thereafter, move to All Apps.
  • Now look for AOL Desktop Gold in the list of different programs and right-click on it.
  • Hit on Uninstall, and you are done with the process.
2nd Process: Uninstall the App using Control Panel
  • Search for Control Panel in the Search box, and open it.
  • Moving ahead, click on the Programs, followed by hitting on the Programs and feature tab
  • Now, right-click on the AOL App and tap on Uninstall or Uninstall or Change option.
  • Complete the process by following the on-screen instructions.
3rd Process: Uninstall using the Settings option
  • Hit on Start, and go to settings.
  • Now, click on Apps, followed by selecting the Apps & Features box.
  • Next, look for AOL Desktop Gold, select it, and hit the Uninstall button.
Now reinstall the AOL App:
  • Launch File Explorer and select the Downloads folder.
  • Now, in the Download folder, look for AOL Desktop Gold Program and double-click on the Install_AOL_Desktop icon.
  • Hit the Run button, and select Install Now.
  • Now, to finalize the process, restart your System.

How to Modify a Favorite Place’s Name or Web Address?

In some instances, if you want to edit your Bookmark favorite place’s name or website, then you can follow the mentioned details:

  1. Select the Favorite Places option, and choose the items in which you want to make the modifications.
  2. Now, tap on the Edit tab.
  3. Provide a new name or update the Address of your Favorite Place.
  4. Tap on ok to end the process.

Moreover, you can also replace or add items to your Favorites from the Backup or your Username.

You also have the option to transfer or share your Favorites list with some other AOL user.
  1. Launch the Favorite Places page, and select Manage.
  2. Now choose any of the following:
    a) Replace: If you want to replace your current Favorite with some backup copy of the Favorites, use a different Username.
    b) Append: In case you want to add something to your existing list using the backup or Favorites from your different username.
  3. Move to your saved Favorites file, and tap on that file to highlight it.
  4. Next, select the Open option, and close the Favorite Places to wrap up the steps.


We hope this blog provided you with apt information regarding Bookmark website to your Favorite Pages. However, if you need any additional help, feel free to dial our toll free number +1-855-356-3099. These experts are available to help you out 24*7. So hit on the Help box given at the bottom of the page, and enter all the required information, to grab the best solution possible.

How to Restore AOL Missing Contacts in Webmail or Any other Device?

Aren’t you able Restore AOL Missing Contacts in Webmail. AOL mail is one of the top leading mail in the states and is commonly used by professionals due to various security features available for the user to protect their data. Important data for the user in their mail account includes credentials, important info present in the mailing threads, and the contacts through which you can also switch to the option to receive email from contacts only. contacts added by the users in AOL mail are saved in the database and are updated on a regular basis.

How to Fix AOL Desktop Gold Flash Player Issues?

An Overview to Restore Contact List in AOL Mail

However, sometimes due to some technical glitches or due to some error created by users, they are unable to access their contacts list, or all the contacts get disappear. In that case, they need assistance in retrieving the contacts from their AOL mail account. Thus, here we have provided all the information related to AOL emails and what to do in order to retrieve AOL mail lost contacts in webmail, email client, or other integrated mail service platform. Read the article further to know more about how to get AOL’s missing contacts.

Why to Restore Contacts List is Important on AOL Mail 

A contacts  list can be important not only with an AOL mail account but with any other mail due to the following reasons:

  • Through contacts, you can send important mail to selected multiple contacts at once. With the contact list, you can make sure that you have not sent any important to any unknown sender.
  • As a security measure, you can adjust your inbox setting to receive any mail, only the ones who are present on your contact list.
  • You can easily detect any spam mail if the sender’s address is not related to you or anyone present in your contacts list.
  • It is easy to access conversation threads in the mail from the person who is present in your contact list.

Basic Troubleshooting to fix AOL Address Book Missing Error

Sometimes, due to connectivity issues or any other technical glitch, some important data related to the Email account is unable to get loaded on the system. You need to take the given precautionary measures when the AOL address book missing error arises:

Check your Internet Connection

You need to make sure that you are using a stable internet connection. Sometimes, due to poor internet connectivity, the AOL contacts are missing. Also, disable the VPN if you are using one.

Refine your Web Browser

Sometimes the webmail is unable to load all the proper information due to some browser issues. Take the following precautionary measures while using your browser:

  • Update the web browser to the latest version to fix AOL contacts missing contact issue.
  • To properly load the AOL webmail page, clear the browsing history and then try to open AOL mail again.
  • Disable all the extensions and plug-ins due to which webmail might not load properly.
  • If AOL is still not loading properly, then factory reset the web browser.

How to Retrieve Lost Contacts  from AOL Mail

Depending on where you are using AOL mail, i.e., on webmail or email client, you need to follow steps in order to recover contacts in AOL mail.

Restore Deleted/Missing Contacts  from AOL Webmail

This is the most basic approach in order to find lost contacts in AOL through webmail. Here you can restore deleted contact in AOL through automatic save points.

  • Login into your AOL account and navigate to the “contacts s” on the left panel of your AOL account home page.
  • Click on the contacts  option, and then on the screen, click on the option “More.”
  • After that, select “Restore.” A drop-down menu will appear, in which you need to select the date up to which the latest updated contacts  will be restored.
  • After setting a date, click on restore.
Restore Deleted Contacts in AOL mail on a Third Party Application

While many AOL email users prefer to use webmail, a major portion of the total AOL access their email accounts through a third-party email client, particularly Outlook. Here you can retrieve missing contacts in 2 ways, i.e., either through a PST recovery file or can restore or exporting a contact list from the AOL webmail or other sources. Follow the given steps to recover AOL contacts:

Restore Deleted contacts or Missing Contacts through the PST backup file

A Personal Storage Table (.pst) file is a file format that can be used to archive various files in different Microsoft applications. Through the .pst file, you can store various data like calendar events, sender lists, or other important information like contacts and others if you have created a PST recovery file contacts in your system. Then you can follow the given to restore your contacts  in your AOL account in Outlook:

  • Open the Outlook application and then select the file option at the top of the page.
  • Now, you can find the “Import and Export” option on which you need to click.
  • Select the option “import from another file/program” and press the next button.
  • Choose the PST file and then browse the file in your system. Once selected, click on the Next button.
Import contacts  from AOL webmail for Outlook

In case you do not have a backup in the form of a PST file for Outlook, you can import the contacts from the AOL webmail and then upload the contacts file on Outlook. Follow the given steps to import contacts from AOL webmail:

  • Open your AOL account on webmail, and there on the left-hand panel of the page, select contacts s.
  • Now select the option “More” and then click on the “Export” option.
  • While importing contacts from AOL webmail, make sure that the file is downloaded in CSV format.

Once you have downloaded the file, you need to follow the same process in Outlook as mentioned above, where you need to go follow the given path.

File/Import&Export/Import from another program

After that, choose “comma separated files,” browse the file, and then click on Next.

Restore the AOL contacts list while using Gmail.

In case you have integrated your AOL account with Gmail and you are unable to Restore Missing contacts linked with your AOL account, you can easily import a contact file on Gmail. For that, first, you need to import your contacts from the AOL webmail (the steps are already discussed above). After that, open Gmail and login into your AOL account, and then follow the given steps:

  • Once you have logged in, now select the six dot option present on the right-hand side of the Gmail account and then select contacts.
  • Select “More” and after that “Import” option.
  • Choose the CSV file of contacts you have imported from AOL webmail.
  • Click on “Import,” which will upload the contacts file on Gmail.
What to do in Case of AOL Contacts Missing in iPhone.

AOL user who wants to synchronize their email contacts  on the iPhone can follow the given steps:

  • On your iPhone, log in through your AOL mail account and then go to the settings.
  • Now, tap on the contacts option and then choose the email account whose contacts you wish to restore.
  • Now, enable the “Sync contacts ” feature.

Wrapping it UP

From the above discussion, we hope that we have provided all the possible measures in order to restore AOL missing/deleted contacts from the webmail. In case of AOL contacts missing from third-party applications, you first need to import contacts from AOL webmail.  This should be in the form of CSV and then upload it to any other application you are using. In case you need any further assistance, you can dial our toll free number +1-855-356-3099.  Where our technical expert will revert to our query with the desired solution.

Stuck With AOL Error 212? Fix It Using These DIY Solutions

AOL Error 212 is the widely-used email service that provides top-notch emailing service to their providers. Despite serving various benefits, it is prominent in certain technical flaws. One of them is AOL  that usually appears while accessing the email service. Moreover, it may occur due to the corruption in the Windows Registry.

However, dealing with AOL Error Codes isn’t a difficult task until you follow the proper resolution to fix the issue. In this write-up, we have come up with all the root causes that may trigger the error and the solutions to fix them.  Finding it difficult to fix AOL Error 212 and need immediate help? Dial +1-855-356-3099 and get appropriate solutions to your query asap.

How to Recover Hacked AOL Email Account?

What Gives Rise To The AOL Error Code 212?

An inappropriate installation of the AOL email service is one of the major reasons behind AOL Error 212. However, there are several other factors that might be responsible for this issue. Go through all of these causes to get a better understanding about them.

  • Sometimes, it may appear due to corruption in the Windows Registry.
  • It may occur due to accidental deletion of the messenger files.
  • In other instances, the presence of malware or virus infection might obstruct users from accessing the email service.

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How Can You Determine AOL Error 212?

In order to verify that you are receiving AOL Error Codes, you must look at the following signs and symptoms.

  • You might experience a sudden freezing, crashing or hanging of the system.
  • In some instances, users might discover that every time they try to run the AOL Mail it crashes.
  • Your operating system starts performing badly.
  • Every time the error displays on your computer screen, it comes along with an error message.

What Should You Do to Troubleshoot AOL Error Code 212?

Now, you have gathered sufficient information related to AOL Error 212, proceed further to the important section of this blog i.e, troubleshooting. Read the solutions given below properly and apply as per the causes of the problem to resolve the issue instantly.

Measure  1: Install the Runtime Libraries Again

Sometimes, the improper installation of the Runtime Libraries might create issues while accessing AOL email. Thus, it may lead to AOL Error Code 212. For that, you have to reinstall the libraries by accessing the following steps.

  • Initially, open the Control Panel and then hover your cursor over the Programs and Features option.
  • Now, you have to look for the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package.
  • After this, you must uninstall the package and relaunch your system.
  • Next, you must get the latest redistributable package. Then get it installed by following the instructions displayed on the screen.
Measure 2: Re-Establish the Graphic Driver

Sometimes, damage or corruption in the graphic driver might raise the AOL Error 212. Therefore, to resolve the issue you must install the graphic driver again on your device by following the steps instructed below.

  • Initially, move to the Device Manager section on your device and look for the graphic driver.
  • Right-click on the Graphic Driver and then choose the Uninstall option from the drop-down list.
  • Relaunch your computer device and look whether the issue is resolved or not.
Measure 3: Shut Down the Programs Interrupting With AOL

There might be certain instances when the users might encounter AOL Error 212 when some programs are interrupting with AOL.

  • Initially, launch the Task Manager by hitting the Ctrl + Alt + Del keys simultaneously.
  • After this, you will get the lists of programs that are installed on the device.
  • Move to the Processes tab, highlight a running program and then hit the End Task option.
  • End the procedure by applying the same procedure from all the programs that are obstructing with AOL.
Measure 4: Free Up The Disk Space To Fix AOL Error 212

At times, users fail to run the AOL application due to lack of storage space on the disk. Therefore, to fix the issue you must implement the simple instructions given below.

  • Firstly, move to the Control Panel and choose the highlighted Administrative Tools option.
  • Following this, opt for the Disk-CleanUp option from the drop-down menu list.
  • From the drives list, you must choose the drive on which you have to perform the disk cleanup.
  • Now, pick all the files that you think are occupying the lot of space on your disk. Tap on OK and then choose the Delete files option.
  • Doing this, it will free up the disk space and then try to run the AOL email service to verify whether the issue is resolved.

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Final Thoughts!!

Dealing with the runtime error is a bit complicated task such as AOL Error 212. But, now by following the resolution methods explained in this guide you can gather all the relevant details required to troubleshoot the error. However, if you ever get stuck while implementing the solutions, then you must not worry. All you need to do is to get in touch with our highly-trained experts through the live chat facility to obtain quick fixes for the error. Alternatively, you may also send an email to our experts regarding your query and get proper instructions to figure it out.

How to Manage Spam Mails in AOL Account?

Do you want to Block Spam mails in AOL? Well, this is a common issue today where users receive unwanted and unknown emails with malicious links from harmful websites. These spam emails is controllable by changing the privacy setting and spam filter in your AOL account. Here we will tell you how you could stop unwanted e-mails and Manage Spam and privacy in your AOL mail account.

Mailing is an important part of professional communication. However receiving numerous spam in your inbox with some containing any virus and malware could easily stop your AOL from receiving mail from other sources. This might heavily affect your working process. Thus it is really important to manage privacy in your account information regarding that is discussed below:

Why you Need to Block Spam Mails in AOL

The primary reason as discussed above is that spam consists of various attachments which might contain viruses thus compromising your AOL account and your working station is also affected by this. You can also block spam is that when are receiving so many unnecessary mails, need to delete this mail which will be time consuming thus creating a hindrance in your other professional tasks.

How to block Spam mails in AOL

Various options are available for the users in which they can control spam, manage their privacy in AOL mail. Users can either block the sender directly when receiving the mail, they can do the same from their AOL account settings. The Users can block unwanted mail in their account while using both desktop and browser. Different ways to manage your privacy spam in AOL account are listed below:

Block Spam directly in AOL mail

Many of the primary users of AOL mail prefer to work on a desktop. You can instantly block any mail when you receive it in your inbox by following the given steps:

Manage Spam Mails in AOL

  1. Search for the mail which you want to block tick the check box on its left side.
  2. When they click the checkbox various option will appear for mail like delete, mark as important, and various other options.
  3. Look for the option “mark as spam” click on it.
  4. After clicking you will be asked whether to unsubscribe and “report as spam”.
  5. Choose specific action as per your preference.

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Add Unwanted Mails in your AOL Block List

Mark spam for any mail in your AOL account setting. For that follow the given steps

  1. Open your AOL account and open the mail setting.
  2. Look for the option “Block Senders”
  3. Under the title “block list” type the mail address which you need to block.
  4. Click “Save settings”

The same process can be used while blocking spam mail in your Yahoo account.

Create a White list and Block all senders except Contacts:

Whitelisting in email means that you are adding certain email addresses to an approved list only from which you want to receive emails. In AOL, you can do that by creating a contact list to blocking all senders except contacts. Follow the given steps:

  1. Login to your AOL account and open mail settings.
  2. After that select “Block senders” from the menu.
  3. Then two options will be available which are “block list”
  4. Block all senders except contacts.
  5. Click on save settings.

In Order to Create a Contact list, Follow the Given Steps

Open your AOL account on the left panel select “Contacts”.

  1. A contact list will appear. In that click on New Contact”.
  2. Enter the details of your contact click “Add Contact” to save.

Update AOL Mail Filter Settings

Change the filter setting in order to control where you want to receive emails. In order to create a filter follow the given steps:

  1. Open mail settings in your AOL account.
  2. Select filter settings.
  3. Choose to create a filter.
  4. Input various parameters in your filters like from where you want to receive emails, other things.
  5. Click Save.

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You can also make changes to the filter by opening the mail setting, then the filter setting. There choose the filter in which you want to make changes according to your preferences and click Save.

Blocking Spam mails in AOL Mobile App

You can also control your inbox in your AOL mobile app. In order to block spam addresses from the AOL mobile app to follow the given steps:

  1. Open AOL mobile app.
  2. Choose the mailing address which you need to block.
  3. After selection, from the menu select “Mark as Spam”

Repeat the same from other emails you need to block using AOL mobile

How to Block Images in AOL Email from an Unknown Sender

Manage Spam Mails in AOL

Another form of Spam is unusual images which sometimes can be malicious or can harm your system while downloading. In order to block images from any spam in AOL read the given process below:

  1. Open the mail setting in AOL Mail and select general settings.
  2. In the reading section select “Hide images in the mail from unknown senders”.
  3. Click Save settings.

How to Protect your AOL mail from Spam

Receiving unusual emails and spam from an unknown sender is caused because of your browsing activities on the Internet. If you want to avoid spam and you need to keep in check which site you open, which list you have to subscribe and some other precautions which are listed below:

Do not share your AOL mail everywhere

You need to check where are you providing your mailing address or agree to subscribe to which mailing list.

Keep away from unknown senders

Apart from your activities on the internet, your mail can be shared from other external sources. So whenever you receive a mail from an unknown sender which you think can be suspicious, do not reply or revert to that. Also, unsubscribe or mark that mail as Spam.

Do not Allow sign-up for Spammers

Spammers might try to contact you through various ways like sending you unknown emails in which they try to offer you various amenities in exchange that your subscription to them. We advise you to avoid these emails and some ways of detecting mail are listed below:

  1. Any mailing address claiming to be a business or related to any big MNC ending with another country code that you don’t know can be spam.
  2. Messages with messages like Urgent, Offer, and Congratulation are usually Spam.
  3. Spammer might add an attachment that seems to be secure.
  4. Along with some catchy but if you don’t know the sender then you don’t need to open that mail.

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So far we have discussed all the possible ways in which you can block spam mails in AOL and control mail from unknown senders. However if you still have any trouble with incoming mails in your AOL account you can contact our technical expert who are provide you necessary solution within minimum time possible.

How to Transfer AOL Mail to Gmail?

Are you searching for a solution to Transfer AOl Mail to Gmail? If you answer yes, you have reached the right page where you should be. By the end of this article, you will be able AOL Mail to Gmail without any issues or additional efforts.

And maintaining these accounts takes time. Users using AOL mail want to Migrate AOL Mail to Gmail. Let’s take a look at the responsible factors:

Why Transfer AOL Mail to Gmail?

There are multiple reasons for Migrating from AOL Emails to Gmail, and below are some of the common reasons:

  1. AOL is not providing updates, so most users switch from AOL mail to Gmail.
  2. Gmail offers enhanced security options, making it more secure than any other email application.
  3. Besides better security features, Gmail offers a complete package of productivity tools and business collaboration services.

There are more reasons for migrating AOL mailbox data. Now, it is your time to learn how to Transfer AOL Mail to Gmail mailboxes.

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Best Techniques to Migrate AOL Mail to Gmail

Gmail offers an inbuilt feature to import mail and contacts from other email providers directly. This function allows you to Migrate your AOL Emails to Gmail easily. Let’s take this function:-

Method 2. Learn to Transfer AOL Mails to Gmail

Transfer AOL Mail to Gmail

  1. In the first step, login into your Gmail account.
  2. After logging in, navigate to the gear icon in the top right corner and choose the See all Settings option.
  3. Go to the Accounts & Import tab and click the Import mail and contacts option.
  4. A pop-up will now appear on your screen; you can enter your email address and Password.
  5. Click on the continue button and enter the required Password.
  6. After entering the Password, press the continue tab.
  7. Lastly, tick on the AOL items you wish to import and click on the start import tab.
  8. After completing your AOL migration, tap the OK button to close the pop-up message.

This method is appropriate for all technical as well as all novice users.

Method 2. Import Contacts & Messages From AOL into Gmail

Once you Transfer AOL Mail to Gmail, you can start importing your contacts and messages from AOL to Gmail. Here’s how you can do it:

Transfer AOL Mail to Gmail

  1. To begin, sign into your Gmail account.
  2. After logging in, you can move forward to the cog icon on the right side, and from there, you can choose Accounts>>Import.
  3. Next, go for the Import mail & contacts option and enter your email id in the dialog box.
  4. Once you have entered your credentials, click the Next button.
  5. Select the continue option, then check the Import contacts and Import email dialog box.
  6. Now, you can choose the Start Import option and Press OK to end the session.

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You will also find the import procedure will take a while, depending on how busy the server is and your number of contacts and emails. Once your Procedure is complete, you will find a clear copy of all your AOL contacts and inbox in your Google account.

Method 3. Send Mail From Your Gmail With AOL Email Address

  1. To start, Sign in to your Gmail account.
  2. Once you signed in, choose the Cog icon>>Accounts & import tab.
  3. Then, you can select Add another email address from the dialog box and enter your email address.
  4. After adding your email address, click on the Next option>>Send Verification.
  5. You can now sign in to your AOL address & verify your email.
  6. Go to a New Mail in Gmail, and in the From menu, select your AOL email address.
  7. When sending an email, you can also select your AOL or Gmail address to display in the From section.
  8. Your receivers can reply to the contents of your Gmail, and whenever they reply to the AOL email address, the response will automatically get forwarded to Gmail.
  9. You will also have the option to set this function as permanent. Move forward to the Accounts & Import option>>Send Mail tab.
  10. In the end, choose AOL as default.

What is the Procedure For checking AOL Emails on Google Account?

Now, you know how to Transfer AOL Mail to Gmail, import your contacts and messages, and send emails from your Gmail with your AOL email address. With that, you can also check your AOL emails on Gmail with the following steps:

Transfer AOL Mail to Gmail (POP3)

  1. Run the “Accounts & Import” option and add a POP3 mail account to forward your emails.
  2. Once you finish that, enter your AOL email address & Password.
  3. Check your Label incoming messages dialog box to forward AOL emails to Gmail.
  4. It will also permit you to separate from the regular emails.
  5. Before choosing the add account option, Press on the Leave a copy tab.
  6. It will also allow you to leave a mail copy in your AOL.

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How to Copy Emails From AOL to Gmail?

To copy your AOL emails into Gmail, you must install a desktop emails client such as Thunderbird or MS Outlook. Once you install the email client, you can execute these steps:-

Haw to Add a Mail Account to AOL

  1. Firstly, connect your AOL account to the app using the IMAP settings.
  2. Then, connect your Gmail account to the application and drag & drop your emails from your AOL to your Gmail account.

But, before you Transfer AOL Mail to Gmail manually, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind:-

  1. Using your hard drive storage, the application will temporarily copy your AOL email account.
  2. For the migration to finish successfully, you must have enough storage space for the full archive of your AOL mail on your hard drive.
  3. The copying procedure can take a while if you have multiple messages and folders in your AOL account.
  4. We don’t recommend manual copying for accounts with over 10,000 items and 10 GB of utilized storage, but even the smaller accounts can take several days to sync properly.
  5. Your computer needs to stay on during the drag & drop procedure.
  6. Some email messages and folders may not get copied, especially if the power supply or broadband connection is interrupted.
  7. Transferring AOL emails to Gmail may speed up work on your computer.

Bottom Line

Migration from one account to another is always challenging. To simplify the process, we have mentioned some useful tips to help you Transfer AOL Mail to your Gmail account. You can contact us via live chat or customer care service for more related queries.