How to Cancel Adobe Subscription Without Paying Any Fee?

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An Overview and Process to Cancel Adobe Subscription

Do you want to Cancel Adobe subscription for many reasons. Well, we will not dive deeper into the reasons, but we would rather discuss the many ways to cancel the Abode subscription. For starters, getting your hands on Adobe Suit is great as you can access many software-based tools such as Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, etc.

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But, one day, you realize that Adobe does not provide everything you require for your business, so you make up your mind and decide that it is time to cancel your Adobe subscription. Well, we are here to break it down for you in the simplest way. All you have to do is follow the steps provided here, and you will be all set and free from any subscription.”

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Brief About “Adobe” Software 

You must live under a rock if you do not know about Adobe software. Adobe Creative Cloud software is the best service provider for graphic designers, web designers, video editors, and cloud services. If you subscribe to Adobe Suite, you will have access to more than 15+ applications, including desktop & mobile services. Overall, it provides the best services for someone who works as a designer or edits pictures.

Now, canceling the Adobe Subscription is not easy; it requires more than one step to cancel the subscription. But if you follow the right rules, then you can cancel Adobe subscription.

You must know before canceling your subscription if you cancel your subscription at least 14 days before your purchase. If you manage to do that, you can get a refund on most of your plans. But, if you cancel your subscription from its time of repurchase, you may have to pay a certain amount, which will be a cancellation fee.

How Does the Procedure of Cancelling Adobe Subscription Work? 

Canceling an Adobe Subscription is relatively easy; all you have to do is follow some necessary steps to ensure the process is successful. Let’s not beat around the bush and get started with the methods-

  • To start with the procedure, navigate to the official website of Adobe website.
  • Once you are there, click on the Login option, and you will find a brief related to Adobe subscription.
  • Look through the given options and then tap on the Manage Plan option.
  • As soon as you have selected your plan, you will taken to the latest screen where, you will be asked if you wish to change your plan or want to revoke it. Choose the Cancel My Plan option to cancel your Adobe subscription without a fee.
  • Afterward, you will be asked why you left your Adobe Suit Creative subscription. Once you have selected your cancellation reasons, click on the continue option.
  • Next, the website will try to coax you to stay around for more, but if you have decided to cancel, you must click No thanks to move forward.
  • After this, you will see the result of canceling the Adobe subscription. In most cases, the users may have to pay a certain amount as cancellation fees.
  • Adobe will again try to make you rethink your decision, but if you have already made up your mind, click on the No thanks option again.
  • Lastly, hit the confirm button, and by doing so, you can cancel your subscription quickly.

Things to Think About Before Cancelling Your Subscription Plan 

One must pay attention to a few things before canceling their subscription plan. Once you have decided to cancel your Adobe subscription, you must understand that you cannot go back down this road ever again. Once you have canceled your subscription, there is no way of getting it back ever again. You cannot freeze or pause your subscription whenever you want, but there is an option for you to reactivate your account in the next 15 days of cancellation.

Apart from this, when it comes to payment and money, you must keep in mind that if you revoke your subscription services two weeks after paying the fees, there will be no refund for you. But do not be sad; look on the brighter side. The users can use the services until their due date after the cancellation. So, there will be no loss & no gain.

Canceling services does not mean that your account will be deleted. But that also does not mean that there aren’t any more consequences. There will be some consequences, such as less storage space and changing your plan to use Adobe Suite services in the near future.

What is the Procedure of Cancelling Adobe Subscription Trial? 

The trial version can benefit those who do not have a budget for a subscription but want to use Adobe Suit Creative Services before making the final commitment to purchasing a subscription. You can cancel your Adobe trial plan after trying it out for free for a couple of days. Here’s what you have to do;-

  • First, navigate to Adobe Creative Suite’s official website and then log in to your account.
  • Once you finish that, search for the plan you wish to cancel and then choose the Manage Plan option.
  • Next, cancel your official plan. However, there can be a situation where you are still looking for this option. If it’s the case with you, it means there is a problem with your payment, or your payment is on hold. The best option would be to wait 24 hours and then check again.
  • It would be best if you found a reason for your cancellation. Now, you have to find a reason from the given drop-down reasons.
  • Do not worry; follow the on-screen to help you with the rest of the cancellation procedure.

What is the Situation After Cancelling Adobe Acrobat DC Cancel Subscription?

The first thing that you will notice after canceling your subscription is that you can no longer access the features and options that come with Adobe Suit. As soon as you are done with canceling your Creative Cloud subscription, not only do you lose access to all the features, but you cannot access other services as well.

Apart from this, the overall storage will be reduced to 2 GB after the subscription cancellation. However, you can reduce in the next 90 days if you are over the storage limit. But you can lose it all if you have yet to reduce storage in the next 90 days.
As for other services, such as Lightroom, users can still save some of their work a year after their Adobe Creative Suite membership. But you can still access the services; you can still use Lightroom to download/save your files, so when the time comes, you do not lose.

On the other hand, users can save their Lightroom images on their local hard drive. Besides that, the users can also have the option to organize their images, import, print, and slide shows, and export their work. However, once your subscription has ended, you cannot access the Lightroom version for Mobile.

What is the Procedure for cancellation Fees and refunds? 

The overall procedure to Cancel Adobe Subscription is that the users may get a refund after their trial or membership cancellation. But this can only happen in some cases. The refund depends on various factors, such as the type of subscription and why you are canceling your plan. However, according to the cancellation policy, the users will be able to get a refund If they cancel their plan within 14 days. You must cancel your plan in the next 14 days for a refund.

You may even get access to your plan after canceling it if you cancel it within 14 days of the period.

What Should I Do If None of those mentioned above Methods Works For Me? 

If you have tried all the methods and are still waiting to get your desired outcome, contacting Adobe’s customer support service is the best option. You can use This alternative method and ask the airline to cancel your subscription for you.

Wrapping Up 

This article talks about how one can Cancel Adobe Subscription without any fee. It is common not to want to continue a certain membership when you no longer use the services. In this case, most users want to discontinue their membership or cancel it for good. The cancellation procedure is relatively easy but requires users to follow certain steps to complete the membership. We have explained every scenario one can face while doing so and the method to cancel your Adobe Suit subscription in no time. However, if the method mentioned above is not feasible for you, you can try out the other alternative method we mentioned in the guide.

For further details, you can contact us via our official website or by calling us on our official number.

Frequently Asked Questions

The users can cancel their subscription after their trial version ends. In this case, the users will not be charged if they happen to cancel their reservation within seven days. If you go by one more day, your plan will automatically convert into a paid one. However, you would still have 14 more days to cancel your subscription to get a full refund.

According to the Adobe cancellation policy, the users can cancel their plan anytime and would have to pay a certain amount for it. However, once you are over the 14-day days, you may have to pay 50% of your balance plan. It happens because the annual plan is cheaper than 12 months. This is the strategy that Adobe uses; this way, they can hold the users for a few more months to cancel their plan.

Nope. You must understand that canceling your subscription and deleting your account are two options and procedures. If you cancel your account, you can still keep up your Adobe subscription, which includes all the data files you must store. Once you have deleted your account, you can no longer access your membership and other services. In short, your data will be completely removed.

Here’s what you need to do to delete your subscription;-

  • The first step would be to sign into your official account.
  • Then, navigate and choose the Privacy & Personal Data option.
  • Afterward, you can Delete your Adobe subscription by clicking the Delete option.
  • If you still want to delete your account, hit the continue option.
  • Lastly, confirm it by checking the terms and conditions box to continue the procedure.

There is no option where you can pause or put your membership on hold. The simplest way would be to delete your account.

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