Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Information We Gather

Here is a list of the information we gather to provide our users with services that they are in need of.


Whenever anyone leaves a comment on our website, that becomes a source of information for us. From the comment, we collect your IP address, agent string to detect spammers, and other information that you provide on the form.

Once we verify the user string, we make your profile picture visible to the public.


We also gather information about a user from any media that he uploads on the website. Try not to upload any form of media along with the location. This way, not only us but anyone who downloads your uploaded media gets to know about the location.


Saving cookies at the time of logging into our website can make your task easier. If you save your name, password, and address to your cookies, you will not have to enter them every time you want to log in. These cookies last for up to a year.

Also, if you tick-mark the Remember Me option, we save those cookies for two weeks. These get removed if you log out of your account in between.

Content Submerged On Other Sites

Also, remember if you head to any media or article that is embedded on our site from some other website, then they will also have access to all of your information that we have.

Retaining Your Data

Any data that we collect from your comment stays with us forever. This way, we do not have to go through the verification every time you leave a message, and you will get the approvals automatically.

In addition to that, we also keep the information provided by any user at the time of registration. Although you can change any of your personal data or even delete it whenever you like, except for the username.

Rights Reserved Over Your Data

If you want to know what all information we have on you, you can simply request us for the same. We will provide you with information about all your personal details that we hold from your comments or registration form. In fact, you can ask us to delete your information, and we will do so. Exception for this would be any information that we have for legal, administrative, or security purpose.