AOL Mail Smart Features

AOL Mail Smart Features
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AOL Mail Smart Features helps users easily identify the things like keywords etc. It manages and does the heavy lifting things for the users. These AOL Email features have numerous advantages that we have talked about in the given blog. So let’s start the discussion and learn about it in detail by following this blog.

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Brief about AOL Email Features

The AOL that we are talking about is completely different from the actual and traditional AOL email Program because it doesn’t require any specific software to access the email. Moreover, it is also available for free for everyone, including non-AOL Subscribers. Somewhat the same as other webmail programs, AOL user can use their mail using standard browsers like Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, etc.

The AOL Email Features users have the option to log in to their email through When they reach this page, they simply have to provide login information and start sending emails as well. Alternatively, users also have the option to download AOL’s software. The newest version of the software is called AOL Desktop. It is a free-of-cost email service app that focuses mainly on the web mail form of AOL mail.

As part of its transition from a subscriber-based service to a Web portal, AOL introduced AOL Mail. By 2005, Yahoo, MSN, and Google had already made a name for themselves as free Web portals where users could access web-based email, instant messaging, and calendar programs as well as catch up on the latest news. AIM Mail used to offer almost 2GB of free storage, which was a significant amount at the time. This is when AOL understands that it needs a boost to win its customers again in the Web portal competition. However, now all AOL Mail accounts now come with unlimited storage.

Now to know more about the features of AOL Mail, keep reading this blog.

What is the Difference Between AOL Mail and AIM Mail?

To access the AOL Mail account, you can easily Sign up your AOL Mail account using Simply click on the Get Free AOL Mail button, and choose your account’s email address and password. Apart from that, scrolling through the headlines occupies more screen space. You’ll see a list of icons and folders there, with Inbox at the top. All of the emails you’ve received are kept in your Inbox. You can access the inbox view, a chronological list of received emails arranged from newest to oldest, by clicking the inbox icon. Click on an email in the Inbox to read it; it will then open. The top of the window is where you can find all the fundamental operations for handling and responding to emails.

Whereas, if a user has an AIM Screen name, you can log in with that and an AIM password as well. On the basis of your screen name, you will get an AIM Mail Address. Accessing any feature in AIM is a bit difficult.

What are the Basic Operations for Handling and Responding to Email?

The fundamental and basic operation to handle and respond to an email is mentioned below:

  1. You can reply to a message to the sender or to all of the recipients.
  2. Forward enables you to send the email to a different recipient.
  3. Advanced organizational options like identifying a message as new, flagging it, moving it to other folders, printing it, etc. are available through the Action button’s pull-down menu.
  4. The mail is deleted and moved to your Trash folder, which is also on the left.
  5. The mail is sent to your Spam folder as spam, which will help AOL Mail detect more spam in the future.
  6. Either click “Reply” to an existing message or the “Compose” button at the upper left of the screen to start a new email.
  7. You may alter fonts, text and background colors, text alignment, and more with AOL Mail’s comprehensive text formatting palette.
  8. These resources are visible directly above the sizeable text box.
  9. Using the Attach File button, you can attach any type of file, including images.
  10. Additionally, you can use the Spelling button at the window’s top to proofread your message.
  11. To view recommended repairs for misspelled words, click on them.
  12. To send your message, click the Send button at the top of the screen once the work is complete.
  13. You can also store the message in your Drafts folder on the left by clicking the Save Draft button if the message is not ready.
  14. Two icons for Contacts and Calendar are located underneath the trash folder. The address book in other email applications is equivalent to contacts.
  15. A new window will open when you click on Contacts, allowing you to add new contacts.

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Use AOL Mail Smart Features

Smart Features tools are a way to make the use of AOL Mail more streamlined and effective while also saving some time. By enabling Smart Features, AOL Mail users can recognize things like keywords and carry out labor-intensive tasks on users’ behalf.

1. AOL Mail for Desktop Smart Features

  • The subscription section, where users can manage the subscription easily.
  • Just a single tap is needed to unsubscribe from email lists.
  • Better Contacts settings that can automatically extract the contact details and house address using the emails from the contacts.
  • Your collection of mail attachments can be seen in the photos and documents displayed.

2. AOL Mail App Smart Features

  • Rich Contact cards along with the phone number and email addresses of all the user’s contact.
  • The attachments section, in which all the sent or received attachments are available.
  • The subscription section is where you can handle the subscription easily.
  • You can unsubscribe to an email with just one tap.

3. AOL for Mobile Webmail Smart Features

  • In this, also subscription view is present to help you unsubscribe from the list of emails.
  • Note: In case you can’t see any feature in AOL Mail, this means it is not available in your locale.


At this point, our blog on AOL Smart features is ending. If you want any further help to understand AOL Mail features and actions. Feel free to contact our AOL Experts by either using the live chat option or email. If you opt for email, you have to wait for some time to get the revert, but with live chat, the representative will resolve the problem immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: AOL is considered one of the best email service providers, with great privacy and personal data security. Customers are very happy and satisfied with the services of the organization.

Answer: AOL can easily integrate with multiple applications like SplitCam.

Answer: AOL Mail offers different support options like a Help Desk number, assistance through email, and live chat with a representative.
Apart from this, users can also get help using the forums or community.

Answer: To find the AOL Mail settings, check the steps given below:

  • Firstly sign in to AOL Mail, and in the Username section, select Option.
  • Head to Mail Settings.
  • Tap on the setting tap in which you want the modifications.

Answer: With the help of your new AOL Mobile App, you can access your AOL email anywhere and get immediate email notifications as well. Further, this AOL app will also update you with the latest news, trending videos, etc.

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