Learn How to Install HTML Signature in AOL Mail

Install HTML Signature in AOL Mail
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Mailing has now become the basis of formal communication for the working professional. While communicating with other people on a formal basis or by Mail, you need to mention your identity as a salutation. However, repeatedly adding the same details while sending every Email can be a bit frustrating.
Thus for that, an HTML signature feature is available, which automatically adds to the Message body every time you compose a new mail. The process of adding a signature is a bit different for every email service. Here you can get information on how to Install HTML Signature in AOL while using different devices.

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How to Install HTML Signature in AOL Mail?

If you want to know, how to install a HTML email signature in AOL Mail, this blog is just for you.

  1. Launch the browser in your system and log in to AOL mail with your username and password.
  2. Now, on the right-hand side of the page, you can find “Option.” Click on it, after which a drop-down menu will appear on the screen on which you need to select “Mail Settings.”
  3. On the left-hand side of the settings page, you can find the option “Compose.” Click on it.
  4. Under the section “Rich Text/HTML,” mark the checkbox “Use Rich HTML/HTML Editing.” Below that, select the option “Use Signature.”
  5. Once you click on that option, a text box will appear on the screen where you need to type or paste your Email signature.
  6. Now click on the option “Save Settings.”

What are the Steps to Create, Add, a Delete an Email Signature While using AOL Desktop Gold?

We all know the importance of signature while mailing. Thus look at the below given process and learn how to create, add, delete or install HTML Signature in AOL.

How Can you Create an Email Signature in AOL Desktop Gold?

Check the steps given below to create an email Signature while utilizing AOL Desktop Gold:

  • On the top menu bar in AOL Desktop Gold, you can find the option Mail
  • There, select the option Set Mail Signatures.
  • Type or paste the Signature you need to add.
  • After that, click on the option Save.

How Can you Add an Email Signature in AOL Mail?

Now, let’s move ahead and learn the procedure to install an email signature to your AOL Mail.

Note: The instruction is for both desktop and mobile devices.

Easy Steps to Install Html Signature on the System:

  • Launch any browser, and write This will open the official website of AOL Mail.
  • Thereon, click on the login or join button present at the top of the page.
  • Choose the Mail icon that is present on the top of the homepage.
  • Select the options tab, and present it next to the Sign-out section.
  • Click on the Options tab, where you can find a number of options.
  • Choose one option, and tap on Mail settings. By this, you will reach the setting page.
  • Tap on Compose, and look for Rich Text/HTML.
  • Now, hit the Use Signature tab and enter the required text for the Signature.
  • Go down on the page, and choose the Save button to save your AOL Signature on a System.

Ways to Install AOL Email Signature in Smartphones:

To add the AOL Email signature on smartphones, you first have to download the AOL Mail app using the play store. After that, you can Signature:

  • Open the AOL Mail app, and provide your login credentials.
  • Hit the login button, and once the home page is open, look for the Message icon.
  • Click on that icon to launch your AOL Mail.
  • Select the three horizontal lines near the inbox, and choose the Settings icon.
  • Once the setting page is opened, look for the Mail Settings.
  • Once you find it, head to the Signature tab. This will open the text field in which you can add your Signature.
  • Lastly, enter your Text/ Signature in the text field.
  • Finally, after providing all the needed details, click on Save Signature, and you are done.

Set Default Signature in AOL Desktop

To Set Up a Signature in AOL, follow the given steps:

  1. Open AOL Desktop and select Mail and click Set Mail signatures.
  2. Click Signature Drop-down. Select the Signature, and on the default option, switch to ON.
  3. After that, a blue check mark will appear near the Email signature.
  4. Click Save.

Instructions to Delete an Email Signature in AOL Mail

In this section, we have provided different two different ways that you can follow to delete the AOL signature, as per the device you are using.

For System:

  • Firstly, open the AOL mail using the browser, and head to the Options button, present at the top of the page.
  • Moving ahead, choose Mail Settings, and tap on Compose section.
  • Now, under the Rich Text/HTML, select the No Signature option from all the Signatures.
  • Moreover, the user also has the option to delete the Signature using the Backspace key.
  • Finally, select the Save Changes tab.

For Mobile Devices:

  • Launch the AOL App, and go to the Settings option.
  • In the Mail Settings, choose the Signature tab.
  • Moving ahead, remove this Signature and click on the Save Signature tab.

How can you Change Signature in the AOL Mail?

Again in this section of the blog, we will provide a number of steps you can follow to change your Signature in the AOL mail app and desktop.

In Desktop:

  • Start the process by opening the AOL mail with the help of your AOL Email address and password.
  • Choose Options, present at the top of the screen.
  • Now, using the drop-down menu, choose Mail Settings.
  • Select the Compose button, and in the Rich/text HTML sections, select the Signature.
  • Delete the current Signature, and enter the new one.

Note: Change the way you type the Signature using different emoji, colors, or fonts. This will make the Signature a bit more attractive.

  • Now, select the Save Changes option present at the bottom of the page.

In Mobile Device:

  • Launch the AOL app, and select the Settings icon.
  • In the Mail Settings, click on the Signature tab.
  • Delete the current Signature and add another unique signature.

Note: You simply can’t use any additional features to make changes in your AOL signature on a Mobile device.

  • After completing the New Signature, select Save Signature, and shut down the screen.

Important Tips for the users while making an Email Signature

It is advisable for the user to keep in mind the following things while making an Email signature:

  1. You Email signature should be between 5 lines.
  2. While separating different components of your Signature, use a “Bar (|)” symbol.
  3. In case you have a working Email, you need to add full details of your designation along with the company name.
  4. In the case of personal Email, you can add links to your social media accounts.

Conclusive Note!

We hope now you know the exact process to Install HTML Signature in AOL. But if you still have any doubts, feel free to contact us via the live chat option, available at the bottom of the page. Else you can also email us your Queries at and wait for the revert.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: If you are thinking of adding a picture to your AOL Email Signature, then check the steps provided below:

  1. Firstly, Enter the code of the image or preferred email signature. This will generate the HTML.
  2. Head to your AOL inbox and click on Settings.
  3. Select More Settings, and next go to Writing Email.
  4. Thereon, click on Signature.
  5. Now, paste the HTML into the box itself.

Answer: To generate an email template in AOL, follow the steps written below:

  • Select the Compose button to write a new message.
  • Choose a stationary template or choose the drop-down menu, present above the option to see more.
  • Now, complete and send your Email again.

Answer: Of course, you can add HTML in the email signature form. An HTML email signature is a snippet of HTML code present at the bottom of your emails to generate a better and more unique email signature. Adding HTML code allows a user to display images in different colors, shapes, and sizes.

Answer: To add the email signature manually, check the following steps:

  • Open AOL Desktop Gold, and sign in using your AOL username and password.
  • Check the top menu bar, and select Mail, choose Set Mail Signatures.
  • Now, provide your Signature Name and Signature as well.
  • Lastly, hit the Save button.

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