How To Fix AOL Mail Not Working On iPhone

No matter why, if your AOL Email is not working on your iPhone, then you have to resolve this problem immediately. AOL is a very famous and well-known email service provider around the globe. It offers multiple features for different users. But at times, AOL users also end up with a few issues, due to which they won’t be able to use their email.

There are many reasons that can cause such an issue. To know about it, along with the solution, is given in this blog. Thus keep reading to find your answer.

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What Can Evoke AOL Email Not Working on iPhone Problem?

Knowing the reason can help the users understand the issue and then resolve the problem. The main reasons due to which your AOL Email stops working are as follows:

  • AOL Server is Down.
  • Your Internet Speed is not Good.
  • Another reason can be the presence of Cache or Cookies in your iPhone.
  • There is some issue with the AOL Network Settings.
  • Your AOL App is not updated.
  • You might be providing incorrect login details for your AOL Account.
  • Background apps are creating interference.

What are the Considerations Before you Resolve AOL Mail Not Working on iPhone issue?

The points that users must have to check while fixing the AOL mail problems are:

  • AOL Mail Server must not be done.
  • Your Internet Connection should work properly.

How to Fix AOL Mail Not Working Error on iPhone?

Now, after collecting all the important information about the error, we can head toward the procedure to Resolve AOL Mail Not Working on iPhone.

Procedure 1: Switch Off your iPhone and then Turn it On

Whenever a user encounters an AOL email issue on their iPhone, they must first turn off the phone and turn it on again. This is the easiest way to Fix any AOL Mail problem. The steps to do it are given below:

  1. Firstly you have to tab the power keys and long press them.
  2. Now a power button sign will appear on the screen; you have to slide it toward the right side.
  3. Now wait for at least 30 seconds before you switch on your phone again.

Once the phone is on, open AOL and check if the problem is resolved now.

Procedure 2: Review and Verify that AOL Email and Password is Correct

If the last procedure doesn’t work, then check the email and password you just entered in the required field. At times, users may enter incorrect details by mistake and get issues like this. This especially happens while entering the password, as passwords are case-sensitive.
But if the email and password are correct and your issue is persistent, then you have to head to the next troubleshooting procedure.

Procedure 3: Modify the Network Settings

At times, many users end up with such errors due to inaccurate network settings. Thus reset it immediately, and rectify your problem.

  • To initiate the process, head to the Settings icon and click on it.
  • Thereafter select General and choose the Reset tab.
  • Choose the Reset Network Settings option, and provide your password.
  • Now, you will get reconnected to the network in the next few minutes.

Procedure 4: Remove the AOL account and Re-Add it

In case your account setting of AOL Mail gets corrupted, you can face an AOL problem. Thus fix AOL Mail Not Working on iPhone by removing and reading the AOL account again on your device.

  1. Firstly, open Settings and select the Accounts & Passwords option.
  2. Thereafter look for your AOL Account, and tap on the Delete Account button.
  3. Once the Account is deleted, now you have to add this Account again on your iPhone.
  4. Click on Settings.
  5. Now, choose Accounts& Password Add Account, and Sign in to your AOL Account by providing email account details.

Procedure 5: Update the AOL App again

You can also try t fix this error by updating your AOL App because sometimes Apple does forget to update the App to its latest version. Because of this, people won’t get a chance to utilize the new feature, and many users get restricted from using previous features as well.
Thus head to the Apple store and install the latest version of the software.

Procedure 6: Delete All the Cache & Cookies Present in AOL App

Another thing you can do to resolve this AOL Email problem in the iPhone is the removal of all the Cache or Cookies present in the AOL App.
The cache build-up can create differences for AOL mail. Thus you have to clear it out, to remove such problem.

  • At the start of the process, navigate to Settings, and look for Apps.
  • Thereon, find the AOL app and select Clear Cache and Clear Storage buttons, present below Cache and Storage options.

Procedure 7: Review the Email Settings for the AOL App to be Correct

Many users end up with different AOL errors in iPhones due to incorrect Email Server Settings. Thus check it by utilizing the data given below:

AOL Incoming Server Details (IMAP)

  1. Server Name:
  2. Port Number: 993
  3. Security: SSL/TLS
  4. Username: Your full AOL email address.
  5. Password: Your AOL password.

AOL Outgoing Server (SMTP)

  1. Server Name:
  2. Port Number: 465
  3. Security: SSL/TLS
  4. Username: Your full AOL email address.
  5. Password: Your AOL password.

The Server information present in your iPhone should must match the given details.

Procedure 8: Ensure Background App Refresh is Turn On

Subsequently, if the AOL Email is not working on your iPhone, you can turn on the background app refresh option on your device, and this will take care of your AOL issue.

Procedure 9: Try Login to Some other Browser to Access AOL Email

Now, to ensure that if the problem is in your device or the App, you can try to use AOL Email using some browser. You can either use Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, etc., and see if you are able to access the software. If yes, then the issue is in the device, else it is the AOL App that is creating an issue.

Procedure 10: Log in to Your Email using a Different Device

Finally, if nothing works for you, then you have to enter your AOL email and its password on some other device and then check if the problem is still persistent or not. If the AOL email is not working on the iPhone problem is fixed now. Then you have assistance from the iPhone Service Centre.

Conclusive Note!

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