How to Fix McAfee Antivirus Not Working

McAfee Antivirus provides a smart and clever approach to the users to safeguard their technical friendly device by the attack of malware and virus. It helps them to secure their personal information in the virtual world and also ensures that you stay disinfected from the targets of virtual dangers such as Trojan ware, adware, spyware and all other types of malware. With a massive usage of this software and it continuous working to block the harmful information from entering your PC, it can encounter with some basic troubles. One of them includes when it stops working all of a sudden. This can happen when the customers have installed the software in a Windows operating system ( 7, 8, and 10). If you wish to resolve the particular error, it is quite possible to rectify it by consulting the guidance of the specialists at McAfee Customer Service Number.

One of the main reason why the malfunction befalls is when you try to update the McAfee software. Either the update is stuck at some random %, the scanning stops in between or the software fails to fix the PC issues. There can be different indicators which can be associated with the explicit error. Sometimes an internet connectivity trouble can also be a reason behind that.

Methods to Resolve McAfee Antivirus Not Working Error

At a time, when the Antivirus software fails to operate on the framework and is having some issues, then you can utilize the information given below to resolve the snag.

  • Close all the running programs in your PC and shut down the system
  • Restart it after two minutes
  • Click on McAfee Antivirus icon and select the ‘Uninstall’ option
  • Delete any other antivirus program too that can cause a hassle in this process
  • Disable the Firewall protection
  • Install McAfee Antivirus in the system once again by following the same process that you applied for the first time.
  • Make sure that you have installed the recent version. If not, then update the product and restart the system.
  • After that restore the PC settings to the time when McAfee Antivirus was working properly


mcafee antivirus not working

How to Fix McAfee Antivirus Not Working Issue? 

McAfee Antivirus not working is one of the most annoying issues you may get when using the program to protect your system against malicious virus threats and malware activities. Installing McAfee antivirus software on your system not only saves your data but also prevents your system from detrimental virus attacks. However, when using the program, you may experience that your McAfee software fails to open. There are several instances of this error you may encounter. In such a case, you need to look for the possible reasons for the error and resolve them. When McAfee antivirus not working issue occurs, you can try the below-given solutions:

  • Locate and delete other antivirus software installed on your computer. You may find it in the Programs and Features or C drive files.
  • Next, follow the given series of action on your Internet Explorer: Tools >> Internet Options >> Advanced Tab >> Reset >> OK.
  • Next, close all the programs and restart your computer.
  • In the end, open the security centre and hit Scan.

Common MacAfee Antivirus Problems with Windows 10

McAfee is undoubtedly one of the most popular antivirus programs used to protect computers against virus or malware attacks. However, when using this antivirus program, you may receive a myriad of problems. Some of the common McAfee problems with Windows 10 are stated in the below-given list:

  • Automatic disabling of the real-time scanning feature.
  • The working of McAfee software gets obstructed due to an existing virus or malware.
  • Deletion of certain program files when updating OS that makes the entire program stop working.
  • McAfee Scan Not Working issue due to using an unlicensed version of the program.
  • McAfee Installation and update problems on Windows 10.
  • Using an older version of McAfee can bring froth frequent performance issues.
  • Error messages on your screen, such as – “McAfee cannot update your software. Please check your internet connection”, error code 12152, incomplete installation, incomplete packages and various others.
  • The subscription expires without any prior notice or warning.

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McAfee Real-Time Scanning Not Working 

McAfee real-time scanning is not working or disabled is a common error that users frequently report when using this antivirus program on their Windows PC. Besides, you may also encounter this error on your Mac along with an error message that reads:

TS102904 – Real-Time Scanning or Firewall is disabled on macOS.

McAfee Antivirus

You can resolve the McAfee real-time scanning not working problem using a few handy solutions. If McAfee shows that it is trying to start the real-time scanning, but real-time scanning can’t be enabled, using the Diagnose and Repair tool can help in the error resolution. This tool can help in resolving the common issues related to your antivirus program. To utilize the tool, you need to download it on your device in the first place. Once done, install it by agreeing to the McAfee License Agreement. Finally, run the tool to resolve McAfee real-time scanner now working problem.

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What To Do When McAfee Antivirus Not Updating? 

When trying to update the McAfee software, you may get an error message on your screen that reads – “McAfee cannot update your software. Please check your internet connection. If the problem continues, please contact Customer Service”. It is an annoying error message that can prevent you from updating your antivirus program. To can determine this error by the symptoms that it shows after its arrival.

When you click on Check for Updates options to update McAfee nothing happens. Also, you may notice that the McAfee update is stuck at either 0% or a random percentage when updating the program. Even if the update is completed successfully, you are continuously prompted to restart your PC. All of these symptoms indicate the error in updating McAfee. In such a case, you need to look for the possible reasons for the error and perform the basic troubleshooting. Check if your Internet connection is intact in the first place and then run the Diagnose and Repair Tool on your PC to fix the McAfee update error

Sometimes it can be the framework or the software of the system which can cause the error. In that case, you can also opt for recent software updates. If even after trying all the possible methods of resolving this fault, you are still not satisfied, then have a word with proficient techies by dialing the McAfee helpline number. It remains in service 24*7 and can be accessed via a toll-free number.