Terms and Condition

Terms and Condition


Terms and Conditions: The Definitive Guide

The terms & Conditions is an agreement between you & us, i.e., The Connect & the receiver. In this agreement, we will denote our website as “Us, We or our” and our clients as “You & Your.” We use this website by following the Terms mentioned below:

  1.  Your Account must pass the eligibility criteria, which means it should be registered by a human. In case we find any account registered by Bots or other automated tools, we will block or cancel it immediately.
    Moreover, your age must be 16 or above to make an account with us and access our services.
  2. The registration information must be true. You need to provide a valid email address, along with all the other required information asked by Connect. One person can’t have more than one free Account with us.
  3. You are solely responsible for the safety of your Account and its login details. We are not answerable for any kind of loss. Your provided login credentials are a part of Our Privacy Policy.
  4. Don’t neglect the restrictions. You are not allowed to use the Connect Services in any illegal way for unauthorized purpose. Also, you must not break or violate any law in your jurisdiction, including:
  • Spreading malicious viruses or time bombs, trap doors, or harmful computer code.
  • Hiding any notice, warning, banner, or legend that is on Connect’s website.
  • Violating any security feature of the Connect’s services.
  • Utilizing any feature that is restricted by Connect.
  • Representing someone else with your identity intentionally.

Being offensive, threatening, abusive, harassing, slanderous, pornographic, or making someone embarrass who is linked with the Connect.

Violation of The Terms & Services

We have all the right to investigate any violation of the mentioned terms & services. Apart from that, we might be engaged with some law enforcement authorities in prosecuting the Users who are involved in violation of Service.

You agree that Connect has all the right to investigate or pre-screen your access. In case you are using Service or information, materials, or other content, we have all the right to monitor it.

You also acknowledge that we (the Connect) have all the right to remove, block or delete your data, Account, or content that breach our Terms & Conditions.