How to Bookmark Your Favourite Website

BookMark Your Favorite Website on AOL Desktop Gold
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Looking for a way to Bookmark your Favourite Website in AOL Desktop Gold? Well, let us help you by providing you with a detailed description.

With the help of Favourites, you can Bookmark various Websites to access them without typing their URL every time in the search box. Simply select the Favourite button present at the top of AOL Desktop Gold and reach your preferred Website.

The official Bookmarks provided by AOL can’t be edited, deleted, or moved to another location. You can easily find them in the Blue Folder present at the top of your Favourite Window. The Favourite menu comprises Links to AOL Tech Fortress, Data Mask, etc.

How to Save a Favourite Place on AOL Email?

Before heading to the steps of How to Bookmark Your Favourite Website in AOL, first, learn the steps to Save the Favorite Place:

  1. Open the Website; you want to make a Favorite.
  2. Now, look for the Heart icon, present at the top right corner of your screen.
  3. Select Add to Favorite, and choose a folder to store it.

Here you are done with saving a Favorite place on the AOL Desktop Gold.

Moving ahead, you have the option to understand the steps to organize the Favorite list properly.
Begin the process by dragging and dropping the Favorite Place into the preferred locations, or you can even group them into other folders.

1. Steps to Generate A New Folder in Your Favorite Place

  • Select the Favorite Places option, i.e., the heart emoji, and hit on New.
  • Thereafter choose New Folder and provide its name.
  • Now, tap on ok.

2. Modify your Favourite Folder’s Name

  • Begin the process by choosing the heart icon (Favorite Places tab)
  • Choose the Folder in which you want to make the modification.
  • Hit on the Edit button, and assign a new name to the Folder.
  • At last, select Enter.

3. Now, navigate an item from one Folder to a different Favorite Folder.

  • Initially, choose the Favorite Places menu.
  • Now, open the Folder that has the Favorite that you want to move to another folder.
  • Select and drag the favorite heart icon to your preferred location to finalize the process.

How to Delete a Favourite Place in Your List?

Now if you want to Delete a Favorite Place in your list, you follow the given steps:

  1. Select the Favorite Places tab, and choose the Folder or Favorite Place that you want to remove.
  2. Thereafter, hit on the Delete option, and tap Yes when you get a confirmation alert.

Moreover, you also have the option to make a Backup copy of your Favorites options.

What are the Steps to Generate a backup copy of Your Favorite items?

Let’s now look at the steps to make a backup:

  1. Initially, launch the Favorite Place Window.
  2. Select the Manage option at the end of the Window.
  3. Hit on the Save option in the Save My Favorite Places as a Favorite File on my Computer.”
  4. Now, move to the Place in which you want to save this file.
  5. At last, select the Save Button.

How to find your Favorite Place from the Favorite Places list?

In case you want to find out your Favorite Place, you can find it in the Favorite Places list.

  1. Go to the Favorite Place icon, and in the Quick Find, provide the name of the favorite Place you are searching.
  2. Wait for a few seconds, and the result will appear on your screen.
  3. Now select that result by double-clicking on it.

At this point, you know almost all the aspects of the Bookmark Your Favourite Website in AOL. So let’s move forward with a few problems that AOL user encounters with Favorite Places.

Why my Favorite Places are missing from my saved list?

The Favorite Places are auto-synced between the AOL Servers and AOL Desktop Clients, because of which your Favorites move to any AOL Desktop Client you use by themselves. Thus if you are not able to see your Favorites, you must check your connectivity, Webmail. You might have to reinstall AOL Desktop As well.

1. Verify Connectivity

Check your Internet connection whenever you are not able to reach any website. It might be possible that due to an unstable or poor internet connection, you are encountering this error. Thus you need to verify it first, and then if the issue is due to Network Connectivity, Restart your router and check again. In case the Internet problem is consistent even after rebooting the broadband router, contact your Network service provider for assistance.

2. Review the Webmail

If the issue is not in the Network Connectivity, then you have to verify your Webmail. Enter your login credentials to sign in to your Webmail, and find your Favorite Places, Bookmark Your Favourite Website. In case you find your contacts here, sign out of Webmail and sign in again. Now, look if the problem is still persistent and move to this method.

3. Uninstall and Install AOL Desktop Gold again:

To uninstall the AOL Desktop Gold, you can check the steps given below, according to your device:

  • Uninstall a program on Windows 7 and 8.

i) Initiate the process by hitting the Windows icon.
ii) Thereafter, select the Control Panel.
Iii) Look for the Program option, and under that, tap on the Uninstall a program tab.
iv) Now list down all the programs that you had installed using the Windows installer.
v) Choose AOL Desktop Gold software, and select Uninstall/change.
vi) Confirm the uninstallation of the App by hitting on yes. Now Windows will delete the App from your System.

  • Uninstall a program on Windows 10.

In Windows 10, you can do the process in three ways, Uninstall, the AOL App, using Start Menu

i) Click on Start; thereafter, move to All Apps.
ii)Now look for AOL Desktop Gold in the list of different programs and right-click on it.
iii) Hit on Uninstall, and you are done with the process.

  • Uninstall the App using Control Panel.

i) Search for Control Panel in the Search box, and open it.
ii) Moving ahead, click on the Programs, followed by hitting on the Programs and Feature tab
iii)Now, right-click on the AOL App and tap on Uninstall or Uninstall or Change option.
iv) Complete the process by following the on-screen instructions.

  • Uninstall using the Settings option

i) Hit on Start, and go to settings.
ii) Now, click on Apps, followed by selecting the Apps & Features box.
iii) Next, look for AOL Desktop Gold, select it, and hit the Uninstall button.

Now Reinstall the AOL App:

i) Launch File Explorer and select the Downloads folder.
ii)Now, in the Download folder, look for AOL Desktop Gold Program and double-click on the Install_AOL_Desktop icon.
iii) Hit the Run button, and select Install Now.
iv) Now, to finalize the process, restart your System.

How to Modify a Favorite Place’s Name or Web Address?

In some instances, if you want to edit a favorite place’s name or web address, then you can follow the mentioned details:

  1. Select the Favorite Places option, and choose the items in which you want to make the modifications.
  2. Now, tap on the Edit tab.
  3. Provide a new name or update the Address of your Favorite Place.
  4. Tap on ok to end the process.

Moreover, you can also replace or add items to your Favorites from the Backup or your Username. You also have the option to transfer or share your Favorites list with some other AOL user.

  • Launch the Favorite Places page, and select Manage.
  • Now choose any of the following:
  1. Replace: If you want to replace your current Favorite with some backup copy of the Favorites, use a different Username.
  2. Append: In case you want to add something to your existing list using the backup or Favorites from your different username.
  • Move to your saved Favorites file, and tap on that file to highlight it.
  • Next, select the Open option, and close the Favorite Places to wrap up the steps.

We hope this blog provided you with apt information on the topic. Bookmark your Favourite Website in AOL. However, if you need any additional help, feel free to contact our email experts. These experts are available to help you out 24*7. So hit on the Help box given at the bottom of the page, and enter all the required information, to grab the best solution possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Are you also wondering about the ways how can you delete bookmarked pages on AOL? If yes, then check the given paragraph to find your answer:

  • On your AOL Mail screen, choose Favorites, and a new window will appear on your screen.
  • Here, click on your favorite Website, and you will get the option to rename it, delete it, or move it to another folder.

Note: You can create a new folder as well by hitting the NEW button at the bottom of the page.

Answer: To Export AOL Favorites to HTML, check the given steps:

  • Enter in your Browsing address bar to head to the Favorite section.
  • Now, sign in with the help of AOL email credentials.
  • Select Export Bookmarks, present at the bottom of the screen.
  • Here, the browser will inform you that you have started the downloading of an HTML file.

Answer: Bookmarking pages can help you Quickly access your favorite pages. This will save your Browsing time and will give you direct access to the page you want.

Answer: The Favorite Place is automatic-synchronized between the AOL servers and your Desktop Clients; due to this, sometimes your Favorite move to some AOL Desktop Client you access. Therefore, if you can’t see your Favorite, then it can be due to some specific reasons like, connectivity, Webmail, etc.

At times you have to uninstall and reinstall the AOL Desktop as well.

Answer: To add your favorite Website to the Bookmark page, you can follow the below-given steps:

  • Go to your Favorite Place window, and choose the Manage button.
  • Click on Append; this will add the page to your existing list.
  • Now, go to the Favorite File you just saved, and hit that file to open it.
  • Once done, terminate the Favorite Places window.

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