How to Migrate Verizon Email to AOL?

Verizon email was one of the most popular and well-favored email providers back then. But the platform decided to discontinue its services for the user. Verizon sold its equity to AOL and Yahoo. Besides these two, the stakes are also given to different other companies, but in less amounts. So after all this, the users of the email need to Migrate Verizon Email to AOL. But do you know how to do it? Let’s learn about it in this blog.

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How can you Migrate Verizon Email to AOL easily?

If a user doesn’t want to do the manual process to migrate their Version email to AOL, they can use the Recovery Tools Email Backup software. The app is used by users to move emails from Verizon to AOL. This software gives a direct way to transfer the email. To utilize this, users have to provide the login credentials of their account only, and that’s it; the rest process will be very handy.
The software is paid, but users also have a free trial version of it. In the free trial, the Tool will allow the import of only the top 25 messages from Verizon to AOL. The steps to use the software are given below:

  • In the beginning, open the software and enter the Credentials.
  • Select the required mailbox folder items, and choose IMAP.
  • Now, you have to set up to AOL migration options.
  • At Last, hit the Back option to initiate the process.

Now, let’s go ahead and learn how you can migrate to AOL Mail Account.

How to Migrate Verizon Email to AOL?

If you want Verizon Move to AOL Mail, check the mentioned steps:

  • To start the process, open the software on your Windows device.
  • Thereon, select, choose your preferred Verizon Mail Provider.
  1. Verizon Mail (For AOL Users)
  2. Verizon Mail (For Yahoo Users)

Note: This process helps the users in dual ways to load important data. This can give you a way to migrate multiple Verizon Accounts at the same time.

  • Select Batch Mode, and the software lets the account get connected With Proxy Server.
  • Now, in the User Interface, provide the Verizon email account login credentials.
  • From the list of folders, choose the important email folders that you want to migrate from Verizon to AOL Email.
  • Select IMAP Format from a different list of saving options.
  • In the Panel that says Save messages in the default folder, set up the Verizon.Net migration to AOL Mail option.
  • Utilize the advanced mode or edit the language section.
  • Write down the AOL Credentials in the required field.
  • Lastly, choose the Backup option to start the process of Migration.

How can you log in to AOL Verizon Email Login?

Check the steps given to log in to your AOL Verizon Email Account:

  1. To initiate the process, launch the Browser first and then head to the given URL
  2. Move ahead by clicking on the Check Your Mail option. This will take you to the login Page.
  3. Now, enter your Email address, username, and phone number that are linked to your AOL email.
  4. Once you are done with this, select Next, and enter your Account Password.
  5. Finally, choose Next to connect your Verizon email to AOL Account.

Summing it Up!

Data or information is very important for all users. We hope this blog helps you to Migrate Verizon Email to AOL. However, if you still end up with any difficulty while completing the process, feel free to get help from our AOL experts. These experts are available around the clock to help AOL users. You can either email us your Queries or choose the live chat option. To go with live chat, you have to find the Help option present at the corner of this page. Thereon provide the required details and hit submit. After that, an AOL representative will help you in fixing the error you are facing. If the representative isn’t able to resolve the problem on call, they will arrange a clock for you at your Convenience.