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AOL Account Subscription is an all-in-one place to purchase multiple AOL Products. No matter if you are looking to enhance your System or create a backup of your hard drive, you don’t have to run to different places. With AOL Account Premium Subscription, you can buy different AOL Products and services like SafeCentral and McAfee Internet Security.

This is an affordable way to keep all your important data and information safe from any kind of online threat or damage. Further, if you want to know more, keep reading the blog.

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What are the Different Products Offered by AOL Premium Subscription?

When you choose AOL Subscription, the platform makes sure to give you the best services for a better user experience. The products and services you get sing the platform are:

  • McAfee® Multi Access,
  • LastPass Premium,
  • 24×7 Live Support.

Other than this, there are a few other pointers you get using the AOL software.

How do I Manage my AOL Products and Services?

The quickest and classic way to manage AOL Products and services is by accessing their My Account section. From there, you have to head to the My Services and Subscriptions section. This will open your Subscription page, which finally gives you permission to look through all the subscriptions you are enrolled in.

How do I Cancel an AOL Premium Service Subscription?

To make changes to your AOL Account Subscription, you have to get in touch with AOL Customer Care and ask for help.

What are the Considerations one Must Follow while Changing your AOL Account to Free AOL Plan?

The points that you must take care of when changing your Account to the free AOL Plan are:

  • Suppose you cancel your billing and want to use the free AOL Plan in the mid-cycle of the billing; then you have to access the services until the last of the current billing cycle, at least.
  • In case you have any specific active premium subscriptions, those need to be paid separately.
  • AOL has all the rights to receive money that is incurred before the cancellation process is initiated.

How to Convert AOL to Free Version?

Even if you cancel your paid Plan, you still get Free AOL Plan, which can help you in accessing AOL Email continuously:

  • Open your Browser, and head to
  • Thereon, select the My Services section and choose the Subscriptions option.
  • Tap on Manage, present near the Plan you want to cancel.
  • Now, verify your Account, and click on the Cancel button.
  • Now, you have to reach the bottom of the page and select Cancel My Billing.
  • Choose any reason because of which you are cancelling, and tap on Cancel My Billing.

How to Change your AOL Account Plan?

AOL has different features to keep your data safe from any kind of threat. Check the steps given below to opt for the perfect Plan:

  • Head to and choose My Services.
  • Moving ahead, tap on Subscriptions, and hit the Manage button present near the Plan in which you are making changes.
  • Now, verify your Account, and in the product section, tap on Change Plan.
  • Choose a new plan by clicking on Select Plan.
  • Lastly, Conform to the changes you have made.

How to Activate an AOL Premium Account Subscription?

In case you want to activate your AOL Account Subscription, you first have to purchase it and then select the Login with AOL, Download Now, or Get Started Now tabs to confirm your email.

However, if you didn’t receive any confirmation email check the steps below:

  1. In the beginning, Sign in to your My Account section and select My Services.
  2. Thereafter tap on Subscriptions, and look for the product or service you want to activate or download.
  3. Under the Subscription Info section, you have to copy and paste the Access URL into a different Browser.
  4. Now, on the basis of products or services you want to activate, you will be directed to a new file.
  5. Download the file or the webpage to provide your member login information.
  6. In case you don’t have your Member login Id, choose the forgot password section and follow the prompt that appears on your screen to get the password.
  7. After logging, check the on-screen data to utilize the service.

Conclusive Note!

At this point, we are ending our blog on AOL Account Subscription. If you have any doubt related to the post, please email us your Queries Apart from that, you can also utilize the Live chat option to grab help from the AOL email experts. These experts are well-trained and ready to help all the time. Thus feel free to contact me.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: For Sure, users have the option to utilize different email addresses, even if it’s not their AOL email, to register for AOL Products.

Answer: No, you simply can’t register for more than one AOL Account Subscription product or service at a single time.

Answer: No matter if you are an AOL Member or not, there are a few reasons why you might encounter difficulties while subscribing to AOL Products.

  • Whether you are a Primary, Designated Primary, or General AOL Username, you might end you with issues while placing a product Order due to different AOL usernames.
  • You might face errors while ordering due to legal restrictions at the place you live.
  • At times, AOL users won’t be able to subscribe to specific products due to technical glitches.

Answer: Every product comes with its own set of instructions; a few of them offer only one free trial per customer; thus, when you try to use the free trial more than once, you won’t get it. At the same time, there are many product that offers chances for more than one.

Answer: There are almost 1.5 million AOL customers who pay $9.99 to $14.99 every month to access the best services from AOL Subscription.

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