Troubleshoot and Diagnose Firefox problems

Mozilla Firefox is a premier browser used by multiple users worldwide to navigate various websites, images, gifs, etc. Most problems with Firefox can be removed by going through the troubleshooting steps explained in this blog. If one doesn’t work, go with the next one. Sometimes, users may face errors while accessing the Firefox problem. To remove this problem quickly, you must dial the Firefox helpline number to get accurate solutions. Various procedures to diagnose and fix problems are given in this write-up. You can make use of these troubleshooting steps to remove.

Repairing Procedure to Fix Firefox Issues

Some troubleshooting steps are given below to fix Firefox errors.

  1. Resume Your System

Sometimes errors can be removed by simply shutting down the computer and starting it once again.

  1. Delete your cache or cookies

Various errors with the loading page can be rectified by deleting the Firefox cache and cookies. Press on the menu button to access the menu panel. Tap History and choose clear recent History. Choose the Everything option in the Time Range drop-down to clear the message. Select both cache and cookies below the drop-down menuConfirm that other items you wish to have are not selected. Tap Ok

  1. Restart Firefox in a Troubleshooting Manner

Firefox’s rectification mode deactivates extensions, utilizes the default themes, switches off hardware acceleration, and utilizes default toolbar settings, among other changes. To begin Firefox in troubleshoot mode,

  • In the next open Firefox, in troubleshoot dialog, tap open
  • Examine whether your error is still happening in troubleshoot mode
  • If the error still happens in Troubleshoot mode, move to the next step
  • If the error doesn’t happen in troubleshoot mode, go through these instructions to fix extensions, themes, and hardware acceleration.
  1. Re-establish Firefox

The error causes a few Firefox errors with one of the program files. Go through these methods completely to delete and reinstall Firefox. These steps won’t delete your Firefox profile data as details are saved in a separate location.

  • Save and download the installer for the official version of Firefox
  • Tap Firefox menu and select Exit
  • There may be leftover files and folders once you uninstall Firefox that must be deleted for a clean installation
  • Remove Firefox from your system
  • Remove the Firefox program folder, found in one of these locations by default – C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox or C:\Program Files(x86)\Mozilla Firefox
  • Re-establish Firefox earlier using the installer.

The Refresh Firefox feature can troubleshoot many problems by restoring the Firefox profile to its default state while saving your essential information.

  • Tap the menu button, tap Help, and choose more troubleshooting information.
  • Press Refresh Firefox, then Refresh Firefox in the confirmation window to access. Firefox will shut to refresh itself
  • Once completed, a window will list your imported details. Tap the Finish button. Firefox will access it
  • Please choose whether you want Firefox to regain some windows and tabs or all and press the Let’s go button.
  1. Make A New Firefox Profile

Sometimes, files in a Firefox profile folder correspond to important details that a Firefox doesn’t delete may cause the error. Make a new additional profile that won’t contain any of your old Firefox data.

Once you follow the above-discussed diagnosis procedures, you can easily find out and troubleshoot Firefox errors. If you fail to remove Firefox hangs or do not respond error, you must dial the Firefox customer service number to get some accurate tips.

Firefox Not Working After Windows 10 Update 2021

Mozilla Firefox is a premier browser that allows you to experience high-speed internet browsing and downloading. A time once you face some error, upgrade the browser. It occurs because of any technical glitch installing the corrupted upgrade.

Sometimes incomplete installation may create browser errors. It occurs when you are upgrading the browser. You can resolve Firefox not working after Windows 10 update error. If you can rectify them, you must call the Firefox helpline number to troubleshoot and get appropriate tips.

Troubleshooting Steps to Repair Firefox Not Working After Windows 10 Update 2021

Some repairing procedures are detailed below to rectify Firefox not working after Windows 10 update 2021.

  • After installation of Firefox, it works well on your computer. Open the window and observe updates for Firefox. If it is present, Firefox will install and download it immediately.
  • When the upgrade process is completed, tap on the Restart to upgrade Firefox button to finish up the process. Delete Firefox cache and data available on Firefox.
  • Once your internet browser fails to act but won’t respond after the system upgrade, upgrading the browser is an excellent method to rectify this error. Directly upgrade browsers from browser settings. Try to uninstall the not working browser, download, and install the current system version.
  • This problem occurs because browser plug-ins like McAfee WebAdvisor get deactivated when you upgrade the browser. This feature gets unavailable. The menu loads but is not usable. It’s the new name for Site Advisor. For more information about WebAdvisor, it’s missing after you update McAfee WebAdvisor. But, it’s not available in the new Firefox 79 update.

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Firefox occurs because of faulty extensions, themes, inaccurate settings, and files. Once you follow the above troubleshooting methods, you can rectify them easily. If you can’t fix Firefox not working after Windows 10 update 2021, you must dial the Firefox customer service number to get some accurate suggestions. Mozilla experts are fully-trained, well-qualified, and capable of resolving any issue in Firefox. You can connect with them via call, chat, or email to discuss your issues. Once you connect with them, clearly explain your queries regarding Firefox to Mozilla technical team, and they will assist you will finding every possible way.

Firefox Won’t Open? Go Through These Troubleshooting Methods

After Firefox October 2020 Update, various users have complained about some specific issues after the installation. In the Microsoft Community forum, users have been told that Firefox, after the Windows 10 update, tries to restrict Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and other browsers. To update windows 10, tap on Documents. Store your bookmarks in your HTML file. Firefox must prepare the file. Every time you upgrade your bookmarks, you store them by overwriting this file. If you activate this task consistently, you will further get the most updated bookmarks. Google has also decided to resume the release of the update program of Google and Google Chrome. It will release the M83 version three weeks earlier than previously. A Firefox has pushed its new version release of 66.0.4 Android and Desktop and version of 60.6.2 for ESR.

  • The new update completely attaches to your browsers other than restoring your system. Fortunately, Explorer worked, but Google Chrome can’t uninstall and reinstall it
  • The recent news and developments on Firefox and Mozilla demonstrated a global non-profit that promotes opportunity, innovation, and openness. Tap J to move to the feed. Tap the question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcut.
  • Uninstall the outdated version of Firefox creating problems and then reinstalling it. The KIS URL Advision symbols appear when it performs Google Search using Firefox, but it doesn’t appear at the top of Firefox where the Adblocker is available.

The above-discussed troubleshooting steps will allow repairing Firefox won’t open error. If you can’t rectify them, you must take expert guidance by connecting with the Mozilla customer support team. You will get appropriate tips to repair Firefox won’t open error quickly.

iPhone AOL Account Error No Password

When users are trying to access an AOL email account on iPhone, they will be getting AOL not working error. AOL mail is configured well, but iPhone can’t recover or show any email from AOL. The message will be displayed on your screen, “can’t get an email. No password is found for, and move ahead to mail account settings and type password”. It means that re-typing the password, eliminating the AOL account, and reading it doesn’t troubleshoot your problem. The main problem with an AOL account is that you can’t access your AOL mail. You seem frustrated when you get an error message no password provided for your AOL mail account. To repair it quickly, you must dial the AOL customer service number to get some appropriate tips.

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How to Fix “No Password Provided” Email Error on iPhone

Various causes are behind AOL account error showing no password on iPhone. Let’s go through some of these factors to rectify the AOL account error showing no password error on iPhone.

  • An outdated version can’t be configured properly
  • A third-party application can also bring this error
  • Usage of the old password
  • Weak internet issue
  • Added Wrong server settings on iPhone

The above-discussed factors can assist you in troubleshooting this AOL account with no password error on your iPhone.

Troubleshooting Procedures to Fix iPhone email “No Password Provided” Error 

iPhone AOL Account Error No Password
  1. App-Specific Password

AOL app now requires an app-specific password to be entered instead of normal passwords. Now, you need to generate and use an app password to access AOL mail from these apps. To proceed with it, you must activate two-step verification for your AOL account.

  1. Move to AOL Account Security Page and Log in

Perform AOL by logging in to AOL from a system.

  • Press generate app password or manage app passwords
  • Select your app from the drop-down menu, and press generate
  • Go through the instructions below the password. Type your app password without spaces
  • Tap Done
  • Utilize this app password and email address to log in to your email app.
  1. Eliminate and Re-add the AOL Account

You might have removed your AOL account by moving to Settings, Mail, Accounts, AOL, and Delete Accounts. Then, reattach it by moving ahead Settings, Mail, Accounts, Add Account, and examine AOL account on iPhone. Hopefully, this will get fixed.

  1. Upgrade iPhone to the latest iOS

Suppose you can’t access AOL mails on your iPhone, then try to upgrade to the recent iOS version to troubleshoot any software glitch.

The above methods will assist you in repairing Fix sign in problem in AOL mail. Suppose you can’t remove this problem; you must dial the AOL email helpline number to get appropriate tips. AOL email help desk team is available to assist you 24/7 to eliminate this problem.

iPhone AOL Account Error No Password