Paid and Free Version of AOL?

Paid and free version of AOL
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This article has covered major differences between Paid and Free version of AOL. AOL, or American online, is a well-known digital media organization. It runs multiple businesses online, like websites, search engines, internet connectivity, email services, etc. In the initial days, AOL used to offer Internet Connectivity and email services to its users, but now after the growth, the company expanded and started serving search engines and websites as well.

A Summary of Paid and Free Version of AOL Email

The platform provides its services in two versions to the customer, one is paid, and another is unpaid. The free version of the software has its own characteristics, but when you subscribe to the paid version, i.e., AOL Desktop Gold, you get access to multiple premium services. Now, if you want to know more about the difference between paid and free versions of AOL Desktop Gold software, undertake this blog post.

What are the Features you Can Access with Free AOL Plan?

Have you heard the saying, “Anything that is free is always sweet”? The same goes for free services from AOL Emails. The company provides numerous free features for its users. A few of the most well-known services include mailing, search engines, forums, a professional profile creator, etc.

Want to know more about these features? Check the pointer mentioned below:

  • The most used feature of the platform is AOL Mail. It has almost 1.5 million users worldwide.
  • Apart from that, the free version of AOL also serves Security Services to its users. It protects the users from multiple spam, unknown viruses, and pop-ups.
  • Moreover, you can also try AOL About Me tool to generate their profile or pages to explain to the public what they are serving and to interact with more clients.
  • The AOL Search option is used for searching different information on the AOL Search Engine. Using this tool, users can look for all the top search result pages regarding their Query.

Furthermore, there are multiple other services that a user receives using AOL Free Version, like having the option to watch videos online, MapQuest, etc. So, if you are getting this much using the free version, why should you opt for AOL paid version? Let’s learn about it in depth.

What are the Extra Services you Receive While using Paid AOL Plan?

As you know, that to understand the difference between, AOL free and paid versions. You first have to learn the features that are different in these two. Further, we know that you must be curious to know the advantages of using the Paid Version of AOL Software? Apart from the free version services, you have multiple benefits of purchasing AOL Desktop Gold if you are a working professional. These services include:

  1. Enhanced Security Features: AOL serves you multiple Security features that are important for the safety of your account and system. If you have the paid version of the software, you can easily serve the digital world anonymously, and your identity will be secured and protected from all thefts and harm.
  2. Alert Message from Suspicious websites: In case you are using AOL Desktop Gold, you will always receive a pop-up when you visit a suspicious website.
  3. Completely Ad-Free Mailing Service: With AOL Paid Version, you will receive an Ad-free emailing service.
  4. Chat Rooms: The paid version of AOL software provides chat facilities using which one can interact with others.

Still Not Convinced Why to Change your Free AOL Plan?

Are you Confused about the Subscription of Paid AOL Plan? It is easy to use, with a better interface, saves you from scammers and hackers, and a lot more things.

Now, let us tell you the main differences between Paid and Free versions of AOL Software.

Services Free Version Paid Version
Web Browser No limits to your search No limits to your search
AOL Mail You will receive Ads No Ads
Chat No Chat Room Option Chat Rooms are Available
Security Features Protect you from viruses or spam. Secure all your Data from suspicious websites, Automatic Protected Updates, Screen Capture Protection, etc.

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How Much do You Have to Pay for an AOL Email Account?

The charges depend on various factors like the plan you are choosing, the features you are opting for, etc.

  • For $11.99/month, you will have an AOL account with only a security software option and dial-up service, along with 24×7 technical support
  • For $25.90/month, you have the option to get a premium account where you have all the extra advantages.
  • Apart from this, at $9.99/month, you will receive everything that you find in the $11.99 program, but the technical support will be limited.

Note: These monthly charges are applied to you if only you have purchased a paid plan from AOL.

Can I Use AOL Email for Free?

Yes, it is not mandatory for you to pay for AOL email. You can definitely use it without paying any charges. However, the features will be fewer in the free version when you compare it with the paid one.

Bottom Line!

We hope this blog gives you Apt information about both AOL-free and paid versions. However, if you still have any doubts. You can contact our AOL email experts and ask for their help. These experts are available around the clock to help the users by providing them with the best results possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: In the free plan, you can use the mailing service without any disruption. But the only problem is the number of ads you are receiving while using it. Moreover, you will not have access to many AOL features as well.

Answer: When you choose the paid version of AOL Mail, it gives you an Ad-free Mail experience. This option allows you to focus better on your inbox without any kind of distraction. Other than this, when you choose to opt for the paid version, remember that you will have access to numerous other services as well.

Answer: The major difference between the free and paid version of AOL Plan is the ads you receive on your screen. If you choose AOL paid version, you will not receive any unnecessary ads in your email. But with the free version, there are different ad options available.

Answer: If you want to switch your paid AOL Account to the free version, check out the steps provided below:

  • Firstly, open any browser and head to AOL My Account section.
  • Thereafter move to the My Services section and click on the Subscription option available there. This is done to open the Account Information.
  • Select the Manage button, then choose the Change Plan button.
  • Now, check the confirmation page. This will give you an option of changing to a low-priced plan instead but canceling the account.
  • If you don’t want to change your account to a free AOL account, you have to go down to the bottom of the page and select the Cancel My Billing option.
  • Choose your reason for canceling using the drop-down.
  • Lastly, select Cancel My Billing, and you are done.

Answer: If you choose the paid version of AOL Software, you get various products that are crucial. This list includes System Security, identity theft protection tools, 24×7 technical help, etc. Select a plan that is good for fulfilling your as well as your family’s needs. Receive help from experts whenever you need it and for whatever you need.

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