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AOL Error Code 420

AOL error code 420 is one of the most common errors, mainly when the user tries to sign-up for AOL services on their PC and smartphone. It is a most irritating and frustrating error which may disallow the users to work on their AOL email account.
Well, we, as email service providers, have received many queries from our subscribers related to AOL error 420, and that’s why we decided to come up with a solid blog to cover full information related to the cause and solutions of the error. For more details, keep following the blog.

What Can be the Reason Provoking AOL Error Code 420?

Knowing the reason behind the problem can help you understand the problem better so that you can troubleshoot it easily. Thus below, we have mentioned a few of the causes behind AOL Email Error 420, so check it out.

  • An Outdated AOL email app can invite error code 420.
  • Presence of corrupt files in the System’s registry.
  • Note: This corruption can be interrupted between the System and the respective AOL Account.
  • Your Laptop or System can be affected by the presence of Malware or virus, which can lead to error 420 in AOL.
  • In case you are using an Outdated web Browser.
  • Another reason that can evoke Error Code 420 on AOL Email is the old Windows Version.
  • Alternatively, poor Internet Connection can also be a cause.

How to Fix AOL Error Code 420?

To Resolve AOL Error Code 420, you have to follow the set of Solutions provided below:

1st Troubleshooting Solution: Delete the Browsing History, along with the Cache and Cookies

In case you are not able to log in to your AOL Account due to error 420, then the first thing you can do is delete the browsing history of the browser and the Cache and cookies present in it. If you want to know how to do so for Google Chrome Browser, check the following steps:

  • Start the process by launching Google Chrome in your System.
  • Now, you have to press Ctrl + H, and now history setting will appear on your screen.
  • Make modifications in the time range to All Time, and then check-mark all the options that are appearing on your screen.
  • Lastly, hit the Clear Data option, and you are done.

2nd Troubleshooting Step: Verify your Browser (Chrome, Mozilla, Opera, etc.)

At times it seems like the outdated browser is creating the error 420 in AOL. Hence, you have to review the browser to make sure if the problem is appearing due to the browser or not.

  1. In the beginning, log in to your AOL Account.
  2. Thereafter, launch an alternate browser and sign up for another AOL mail account.
  3. Check if it is working properly.
  4. If you don’t receive any issues, then there must be an update error in your browser. Thus you have to update it and try to log in again.

3rd Troubleshooting Step: Update your System’s Window to the Newest Version

If the Windows operating system of your PC is outdated, then also you can end up with such problems. It might slow down your system speed and lead to other technical problems. Thus, always remember to install the latest Windows update on your device. However, in case if you are not aware of the steps for that, then check the steps given below:

  • First, head to the Windows Settings in your System, and look for the Update and Security tab.
  • Once you find it, tap on it, and head to the Windows Update.
  • Moving ahead, select the Check for Windows Updates section; in ,case there are new updates available for your device, you can select the Download and Install Options.
  • If not, then move to the next step of troubleshooting AOL error code 420.
  • Once the Windows update is done, restart your System, and try to log in to your AOL Email account again.

4th Troubleshooting Step: Run a Virus Scan Manually

As we already mentioned, the presence of Malware and Viruses can also be a major reason behind AOL error 420. To resolve this, you have to do a proper virus scan throughout the System.

  • Check the Antivirus software present in your System. In case you don’t have any antivirus software, then download one.
  • Choose two times on the antivirus software icon to run it properly.
  • Look for the scanning option, and select Full System Scan.
  • Once the overall scanning process is complete, check if there is any virus or Malware in your device.
  • If yes, then delete them immediately.
  • Next, reboot your device and apply the required changes.
  • Finally, restart AOL, and find out if the problem is resolved or not.

5th Troubleshooting Solution: Remove the System Files

Another thing you can do to eliminate the AOL error is to clean the files present in the System. You can do so using the sfc/scannow command on your device.

  • To begin the process, click on the Windows Start menu, and in the search field, enter CMD.
  • Once the search result appears on your screen, right-click on the CMD option, and choose the Run as Administrator tab.
  • Thereon, choose Yes, and enter the Sfc/scannow command.
  • Hit enter, and the scanning process will begin now.
  • Now, let the process end; after that, reboot your System, and access the AOL website.

6th Troubleshooting Solution: Try login with some other Browser

If none of the above processes works in your favor, then it might be possible that the error is occurring due to a browser issue. Thus change your browser, and try accessing the AOL email. AOL will definitely browse efficiently on that browser.

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Ending Note!

However, if, even after changing the browser, the problem is still consistent, then you have to get in touch with our AOL email professionals using the live chat option. However, you can also email us your Query and wait for the reply from the experts.

AOL Flash Player Issues

Whenever a user installs AOL Desktop Gold in their System, they must have to update the latest version of the Flash Player for smoother access to audio, video, and other web content. However, at times AOL users encounter AOL Flash issues, as the Flash player starts showing multiple problems. However, filing this problem is not a big deal if you know the proper set of steps. Thus, check this blog to Fix AOL Flash Player Issue.

What are the Root Causes Behind AOL Flash Player Issue?

In this section of the article, we have discussed all the main reasons that evoke such errors in your System. Knowing the reasons behind the error can help you in fixing it easily.

  • AOL Desktop is encountering issues in detecting the Flash player.
  • The Flash Player is not working accurately with AOL.
  • You might also encounter this error while installing or downloading the Flash Player.
  • Only AOL videos are not playing. However, the rest are working fine.
  • Flash Player is encountering issues after being upgraded.
  • Another thing can be Flash Player is not working in Windows 10 only.

How to Fix AOL Flash Player Issue?

After knowing about the issue, let’s just move ahead and understand the procedure to resolve AOL Flash Players issue.

1st Method: AOL Face difficulties in Detecting Flash Player

In case the AOL Desktop Gold is not able to detect the Flash Player, then in such a scenario, you can follow the instructions mentioned below to resolve it.

  • Firstly, open your Browser and head to Tools Bottom.
  • Thereon, select the Compatibility View and enter the Site address in the required box.
  • Now hit the Add tab.
  • Lastly, select Close to save the modifications.

2nd Method: Issues while Downloading and Installing AOL Desktop Gold

Alternatively, you can go to the next step, if the first one is not beneficial:

  • Start the process by launching any Browser.
  • Next, you have to look for
  • Find the newest launched version of the Flash Player, and download the ActiveX control panel debugger.
  • Moving ahead, Save the debugger in your Device and click on the Run option.
  • Now, you have to head further using the on-screen instruction to complete the installation.

3rd Solution: Flash Player having issues with AOL Desktop Gold

If you are facing issues due to Flash Player & Address Flash Player, then check the given procedure:

  • At the beginning of the process, use YouTube to play videos and find out if the software is compatible enough or not.
  • Now, press Ctrl+Alt+Dlt Simultaneously to open the Desktop Manager.
  • Thereafter hit on the Processes and choose the End Process option to Exit all the Programs with AOL.
  • Next, you have to head to the Internet Explorer and download the Advanced Flash Player.
  • In case the issue is still not rectified, try to fix it with the help of System Registry Files.
  • You can repair the registry files present in the System by downloading & running the registry cleaning program. This will remove all the registry errors from your Device.
  • Now, you can install the Flash Player on your Device effortlessly.

4th Method: Encountering Error While Playing the Videos on AOL Desktop Gold

Now, if everything else is working perfectly and you are still facing AOL Desktop Gold Flash Player Problem, then look at the given steps:

  • Firstly open the Anti-virus Settings on your Device, and select the protection option.
  • Thereafter, select the Private Browsing Setting.
  • Choose the categories and execution button, and tap on Enter key.
  • Lastly, Save the changes you have made to play the video effortlessly on your Device.

In case the issue is still consistent even after following all the above steps, then Delete the Software and install it again.

In a Nutshell!

Here, at the end of the blog, we assume that your AOL Flash Players Issue is resolved now. However, if you find any problem while following the steps mentioned in this blog, consult an AOL Expert using the Live Chat option given below. These experts are available around the clock to help AOL users whenever they face any Query.

How to Extend Norton Antivirus Trial Version?

To extend Norton Antivirus Trial version follow up this article thoroughly. Norton is the best antivirus software that safeguards your device from online threats such as viruses, trojans, and other malicious infections. Moreover, it also blocks access to unwanted websites and links that may harm your device. It also safeguards your system from any unauthorized access so that your data remains safe. However, to utilize the Norton software, you can get the trial version to check whether this software suits as per your requirement.

Essential Tips to Resolve ‘Cannot Connect To Norton Server’ Error

All About Extension of Trial Version of Norton Antivirus

Furthermore, if your trial version of the Norton software is expired and you want to extend Norton antivirus trial version, then don’t panic. Instead, look at this post attentively; you will get complete instructions to renew the trial subscription.

Stepwise Instructions to Extend Your Norton Subscription

Wondering how to extend your Norton trial period? If that’s so, then your search part ends here. Here, we have discussed some simple stepwise instructions to extend your Norton trial subscription.

  1. In the initial stage, launch the Norton software on your device. If you get the My Norton window beside the Device Security window, hit the Open option.
  2. You are supposed to choose the Renew or Activate Now option from the Norton Product main window.
  3. Soon after this, from the Norton’s page, examine your purchase. Then, tap on the Renew Now or Subscribe Now option.
  4. Go through the instructions on the screen and then wind up the payment part.
  5. Once the purchase is made successfully, your subscription will automatically get activated. Any days left on your previous subscription will be added to the new one.

What are the Stepwise Instructions to Activate The Free Trial of Norton Security?

Go through the following stepwise instructions to activate the Norton antivirus free trial.

  1. Initially, tap on the Windows menu and type “Norton Security” within the search area.
  2. Soon after this, tap on Norton Security to open the Desktop application.
  3. Thereon, you will be displayed with the End User License Agreement. Go through the agreement thoroughly and proceed further.
  4. Include the email address to utilize for your account, and then hit the Next button.
  5. With this, your product is activated successfully, and your product key is registered with your account.

Wrapping It Up!!

So, here we conclude this post and hope the above procedure will help you extend the Norton antivirus trial version. If you are still getting this issue, you can consult with our professionals anytime through the live chat facility.

How to Factory Reset your AirPods and AirPods Pro?

To Reset AirPods and AirPods Pro you can read our whole article thoroughly. If your AirPods have stopped working and you want to connect your Apple AirPods again with your phone, then resetting is the best possible option. However, resetting the Apple Airpods can be confusing for one who is unfamiliar with the latest technology. It is a time taking and long process to perform a factory reset of your AirPods.

Worried About Airpods Issues? Find out the Different Methods to Resolve The Issue

If you want to perform the factory reset of your Airpods but don’t know the process and are looking for a guide that will help you, then this guide is meant for you. This guide will inform you about the step-by-step procedure for the same.

Why Reset the Airpods?

Resetting the Apple Airpods can fix a lot of issues, including the device connectivity to the Airpod performance. Some of the major issues that can be solved by Airpods resetting are mentioned below:

  • If the Aipods are not charging properly.
  • If the Airpods are often dropping the connectivity issues.
  • If there are bugs in your programme.
  • If the Airpods are not connecting to the device properly.

Note: Resetting the AirPods Pro or Airpods will erase all the settings you have made. So, if you want to factory reset the device, please make a note of specific changes that you have already made and want them back after the factory resetting.

Dial Toll Free Number: +1-855-356-3099

Resetting the Apple Airpods can be a simple task. However, the hardware or the software issues may sometimes prevent you from doing the same. The simple steps to reset the Airpods are as follows:

Steps for AirPods Pro and Airpods Reset with a Phone

The below-mentioned steps will help you factory reset the Apple Airpods or AirPods Pro:

  • Put the Apple AirPods back in the charging case, and close the lid for at least 30 seconds.
  • Now, on your iOS device, go to the settings, and click on Bluetooth.
  • Click on the “i” icon that is available in “My Devices.”
  • The next step is to pick “Forget This Device.” option.
  • Select this option once again to confirm the option. This step will disconnect your Airpods from all the devices where you have signed in from the same Apple id.
  • If your AirPods do not appear there, then continue to the next step.
  • Put the Airpods or the Airpods Pro back in the case and keep the lid open.
  • Press the reset button for at least 15 seconds, available behind the back of the case or until the status light changes from amber to white, available in front of the case.Note: If the AirPods charge with the wire, the light can be found inside the case.
  • With the AirPods in the charging case and the lid open, place your Airpods close to the device (iPhone or iPad) you want to connect.
  • Follow the on-screen device instructions to reset the Airpods to your device.

Note: Airpods can be connected to one Apple Id. If you wish to use someone else used AirPods (3rd generation) or AirPods Pro (1st or 2nd generation) Airpods, then they need to be first removed from the owner s Apple id.

How to connect Airpods to a PC / Laptop?

Steps for Airpods reset without a Phone

You do not have your iPhone currently and want to factory reset your AirPods. You do not need to worry. The below-mentioned steps will help you to factory reset Airpods without a phone:

  • Place both earphones in the charging case and remain the lid open.
  • On the back of the Airpod charging case, there is a Setup button.
  • Press the Set up button for 15 seconds or until the light changes from flashing amber to white.
  • Close the lid; your AirPods are fully reset.

How to Fix a Non-Charging Pair of AirPods?

You want to reset your AirPods, but they are not charging or are not able to fit properly into the charging case. In this case, try the below-mentioned solutions to resolve the issue.

  • Check your Connections
  • Your AirPods and charging case should be cleaned
  • Reinsert the Airpods
  • Remove Accessories
  • Check to see if your AirPods are genuine.
Steps to Clean Your Airpods or Charging Case

It does not take much time to clean your AirPods or charging case. All you need is a few standard tools that might be already available in the house. The things you need to clean the Airpods are as follows:

  • Cotton buds or Cotton Swabs
  • Paper Towel or lint-free cloth
  • Toothpick
  • 70% isopropyl alcohol
Steps to follow for cleaning the AirPods or the charging case are:
  • Dip the cotton bud in the isopropyl alcohol and rub it around the dirty case or the tail of your AirPods.
  • If there is a dirty area that cotton buds can not clean, then make use of a toothpick. Dip the toothpick in the alcohol and clean the remaining dirty area. Use the toothpick gently on your device, as it may cause scratches.
  • Wipe out the Airpods with the paper towel or the lint-free cloth to remove the alcohol or the dust that was dislodged by the toothpick.

Note: Please do not use harsh cleaning agents like bleach or abrasive cleaning material, or compressed air, as they might permanently damage the Airpods.


Airpods are light-weight and compact with great features that enhance the listening experience. However, you can experience some problems while resetting the AirPods. In this article, we have tried our best to gather the different methods to resolve the factory reset issues so that you can enjoy your AirPods again.

If you are facing any other Apple-related issue, let us know, and we will provide an easy solution for you.

Liked the blog and are looking forward for more informative blogs, read our other blogs. Stay Connected, Stay updated.

How to Fix AT&T email login errors on iPhone?

You can easily fix ATT Email login errors by following the article thoroughly. When logging in to any email service account, error prevails there, but they might prevail behind the veil. So, here we are taking the case of AT&T email service. If you can’t get through to your Account of AT&T, then it is a bit problematic, but if you are using AT&T on your iPhone, it will prove to be a major issue for you. But tackling these issues is not tough; you can eliminate those existing problems in no time. And there is also no specific need for technical knowledge present.

How Do I Reset My SBCGlobal Email Password?

Reasons of ATT Email Login Problems

AT&T Email not working know why?

Many problems exist for the same, but some of them are quite serious. Let’s see why people can’t get access to their AT&T email account:

  • Major issues exist in AT&T login: The basic and first thing to examine is whether the server of the ATT email login errors or not. So, if you find out that the server is low, then the only thing that you can do is to sit back and relax until the server runs properly again. There are several free websites available all across the Internet; you can take the help of those sites to learn about the bugs in the website of AT&T.
  • To check whether the server starts working, you are advised to log into your Account at regular intervals of 15-20 minutes. If the server problem isn’t fixed, you need to step down to the next point.
  • The issue with the Internet: The second step that needs to come after the first one is to inspect the internet connection to ensure that proper speed is coming or not to support AT&T email. For that, you can run multiple tests for the Internet speed. It will allow you to check the type of miss connection with the wires further. At last, you can also try to change the device, and if it also doesn’t make a change, you should call your Internet Service Provider without wasting any time.
  • Incorrect email address: Entering the wrong mail id and password would be a serious issue that causes trouble logging into your email account. If you fill in the wrong username and password too often, you can get locked out of your Account. So, it is highly suggested that if you forget your username and password, you should go ahead and reset your password.

Causes of the error emergence

There are multiple causes exist that can stand behind email login errors of AT&T. Here a list of some of those reasons are highlighted as follows:

  • Presence of Third-party software: All the anti-virus and firewall application can become the reason responsible for these errors. To tackle this, you need to proceed further with installing these types of third-party software.
  • Poor connection to the Internet: In many instances, these email problems will occur because of a bad Internet connection. Try to check the speed of the Internet or proceed to restart the router.
  • Usage of an inaccurate web browser: In case of using a web browser that cannot support the process and might can’t reflect the display content. To eliminate this issue, you can try using another web browser to get into your Account of AT&T.
  • When login credentials are wrong: This error occurs when entering the wrong username and password. Solving this issue is quite easy, as you only have to reset your password information, or you can recover your old credentials.
  • In case of not having Adobe Flash Player: Adobe Flash’s primary role is to display the content on the computer screen. Hence, you have to face an email login error if it isn’t there. You should install Adobe Flash so that no error will come up due to this issue.
Procedure to fix AT&T Email not working issue on iPhone

AT&T is the finest web-based mail service used by most people worldwide. Although, indeed, AT&T works properly on all of the other devices, sometimes, it stops working for all iPhone users. Besides this, all the problems to email login of AT&T is resolvable by implementing only some of the simple steps. All you need to do now is apply the steps below to rectify all the problems that all the users of the iphone face.

  • Run an inspection to validate your settings of the Account and browser, and verify your connection to the Internet.
  • When you start following the steps here, you can easily explore the alternative to find the solution to the situation where ATT email login errors on your iPhone.
  • Please remember to examine that the email you are sending should not exceed the message limit given there.
  • When you enter an invalid or incorrect mail ID in the column of the recipient mail.
  • Then an error comes up on the screen. It gets denotes by an error message, i.e., “Delivery failed” or “Problem Detected – Message not sent”.
Alternatively You can follow the below Steps:
  • Whoever knows that by mistake, you blocked the email address on which you had a wish to receive the emails.
  • Pay a visit to the filter settings to check whether they are alright.
  • or not to verify that incoming emails are going to the correct place.
  • You must run a check-through to verify if someone else is using your Account. If this is the case, you will receive mail in your Account from your mail address and complaints regarding spam from your email ID.

If this isn’t enough for you and you want to reset your password to the AT&T account, then below is also given the procedure to change the password of the AT&T email account given. Please refer to if you feel the need to do so. 

Dial Toll Free Number: +1-855-356-3099

How to reset the password of your AT&T email account?
  • Start the process by moving toward the account login portal of AT&T.
  • Below the log-in tab, you can see that the link to forget password;
  • just click on it.
  • As soon as you click on that link, a new window of a password resetting page opens up in front of you.
  • Two alternatives is you can proceed with changing the password.
  • The first alternative concerns altering the password by giving all the correct answers to the security questions. You must provide the correct answer to every question that keeps coming up on the screen.
  • Whereas the second option belongs to the scenario of receiving a link.
  • To reset the password on your registered mobile number or email ID.
  • When you decide from both alternatives which one you want to go ahead with, set a new account password. And remember to create it stronger in terms of uniqueness so that no one even dares to hack it.
  • After performing all of these steps, you can freely modify your password without any hurdles.

Winding it up..!

If the issues of ATT Email Login Errors still occuring, you can dial our toll free number. Then you can do nothing more than seek help from an expert. You can reach out to our team of professionals. They are always ready and glad to assist you in taking you out of any miserable conditions. Besides this, we are open to offering clarity on any of the pointers given here, along with solutions.

How to Stop McAfee from Changing My Default Search Engine?

You can Stop McAfee from Changing Default Search Engine. Yahoo provides a variety of chances for hijackers to send consumers to their search engines because of its distinctive revenue-sharing strategy. If you, too, have experienced something like this, it is high time to take the immediate necessary actions. No doubt, Yahoo is a legitimate and the most popular search engine in the world. However, it changes its URL according to your region. Though it may not be your first preference but, every changing search engine is an alarming sign. It simply indicates that a virus or malware infects your system.

How to Permanently Uninstall McAfee From Windows 10 And Mac?

Facing Web Browser Changing Problem?

Talk to Our Experts  +1-855-356-3099  Get it Fix Immediately

Are you facing the common problem of McAfee changing the  default search engine or the home page to another search engine without your prior permission and are looking for help? If this is the case, then this blog is meant for you. This blog will try to explain the causes of changing the default search engine and its solutions. So, to know the method to set my default search engine, let us read the full blog. Let us get started.

Why McAfee Changes my Default Search Engine

McAfee is the most reliable anti-virus that protects your data, privacy, and online identity while blocking malware, viruses, or spyware. McAfee web advisor secure search uses the Yahoo search engine by default. The ultimate goal of the McAfee and Yahoo partnership is to keep their users safe from any threats, spyware, or viruses and to give them peace of mind while surfing the internet. It is only possible when the user uses the safe search mode.

If the web advisor safe search in McAfee is active, and there is a virus attack, then it will change the search engine to Yahoo. Also, if there is an update in McAfee, then it will check whether your safe search engine is Yahoo or not. If it is not, then it will automatically change your default search engine to Yahoo. Stop McAfee from Changing Default Search Engine.

How to Set My Default Search Engine

If the malicious program or a virus in disguise got installed in your system, then the McAfee safe search web will redirect your search engine to Yahoo. Though it is not Yahoo’s fault, it needs to be addressed quickly, as it may potentially harm your system. There may be various ways that infect your system with the redirect virus, but the solution is the same for all browsers. To stop McAfee from changing default Search Engine, follow the steps below:

Some of the common yet effective methods to fix the Yahoo redirect problem are:

  • Reset Your Browser

If you have installed an unreliable application from an unknown source, it changes your search engine to Yahoo. The installation of the application from the sketchy software is not a sign of a browser redirect virus; you just need to reset back your default browser. The steps that can help you in resetting your default web browser back are:

  1. Open your current web browser and click on the drop-down menu or the three dots available at the top right corner.
  2. Click on the settings.
  3. In the settings, choose the search engine option and choose the desired search engine from the drop-down menu.
  4. Click on “OK,” and you are done.
  • Remove unwanted Browser Extensions.

In order to remove the unwanted conflict of changing web browsers due to browser hijack virus, just remove the unwanted or unverified browser extensions. As browser extensions are the primary source of infecting the web browser, you can remove them. To remove the unwanted extensions, you need to go to the current web browser’s settings and choose the extension option. Identify the unwanted extensions from the list and remove them.

  • Restore Default Browser Settings

You can try to restore or reset your browser settings to the default browser. It will clear the temporary data and disable the extensions. The steps to reset your default browser settings are as follows:

  1. Open your web browser and click on the three dots in the top right corner or the drop-down menu.
  2. Go to the settings and choose the option “Reset settings.”
  3. After that, pick “Reset Settings to their Original Defaults” from the menu.
  4. A dialogue box with the message appears on the screen; click on the “Reset” option.
  • Deactivate McAfee Safe Search

If you are using the McAfee anti-virus and the web-safe search mode is active, it will automatically redirect you to Yahoo. In order to stop redirecting it to Yahoo, all you need is to deactivate the safe search option. Just deselect the message box for the safe search and click on the “OK” button. As the web-safe search is not dangerous, but an update will always redirect you to Yahoo, you can uninstall the web-safe search completely.

How Do I Disable McAfee Yahoo Search?

If your system is fully protected and the McAfee web safe search is redirecting your web browser to Yahoo, then you can disable the McAfee Yahoo search option also. To do the same, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Tap on the McAfee icon which is located at the top right corner of your web browser.
  • Next, select options.
  • Pick any of the search engines available in the drop-down menu.

Why Does My Search Engine Keep Changing

As per the Cyble Research and Intelligence Lab’s (CRIL) report, there will be more than 2 million users who will be affected by browser hijackers in 2022. Yahoo is the most popular and widely used search engine, and the hijackers easily target it. There may be numerous reasons behind changing your default search engine to another search engine every time.

Some of the common reasons behind the cyber crime Yahoo redirect hijack that keeps changing your default browser are:

  • Virus Attack

If your default browser keeps changing to Yahoo without your permission, then there is a possibility that your system gets hijacked by cybercriminals through the browser hijack virus. These viruses are destructive in nature and are designed in such a manner that they always open the malicious advertisement page in the infected system.

  • Malware Attack

The user has unintentionally downloaded a corrupted program or an extension that actually contains the malware or the spyware. This malware affects the system. However, these malware is easily detectable with the help of a good anti-virus like McAfee.

  • Corrupted Browser Extension

It may be the case that the browser extensions you are using is corrupt. Many of the users use various browser extensions. These extensions is easily targetable by cyber criminals to infect the web browser. The unverified browser extension or the lesser-known browser extensions may be the virus in disguise.

  • Phishing scams

Another reason behind the Yahoo redirect virus is the phishing scam. They fool the users by redirecting them to the Yahoo-look-like website and encourage the users to provide their sensitive information or personal details like login credentials, usernames, or passwords.

  • Malicious Advertisement

There may be a reason that your system is attackable by malware. The cybercriminals redirect the users to their advertisement website, which they want to promote. This malicious website generates revenue for cyber criminals through advertisements.

  • Data Tracking

Many times users unintentionally give permission to hijackers or cyber criminals to track their data. The data tracking activity is performs behind the user’s background to extract the sensitive data, including login credentials, browsing data, and stored information. They use this information for malicious purposes.

Last Note

Web Browser Redirecting is a common but serious issue that is simply solvable by executing some of the simple methods. In this blog, we have tried to accumulate all the possible methods to fix web search engine-changing problems. We hope that this blog helps you set my default search engine. Please read our other blogs also. Also, let us know if you are facing other technical issues, and we will try to solve them for you.

How to Take Screenshots in Dell Laptop?

To take Screenshots in Dell Laptop, you can follow the steps given in the article. Back then, we never thought of a tool that could capture exactly whatever was shown on the screen. But then Screenshot is introduced, a tool that is not only helpful but handy as well. However, users have to understand when and how to take a screenshot or start screen recording by themselves, especially if they are in a remote job.

How to Merge and Split a PDF Files with Adobe

In case you are a Dell Laptop owner, who is looking for a solution for how to take screenshots, then this blog is just for you. It is a simple process, but sometimes users get confused. Thus, you can read the article and eliminate it if there is any doubt in your Mind.

What is the Major Requirement to Take a Screenshot?

Firstly you must need to have your Dell Laptop by your side. Moreover, in a few cases, you also need some image editing software.

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How to take Screenshots on Dell Laptop?

There are different ways that you can opt to take screenshots using your Dell Laptop. Now, depending on the way you choose, the timing to complete the process might vary.

1st Way: Look for the Print Screen Key

The exact key name and location vary according to the model of the Dell laptop you are using, but you can mostly find the Print Screen Keys as Prt Scr or Print Screen only. It might also be marked as F10 or Insert. Users can find this key on the first row, above the Delete Key, or beside the Delete key.

To click screenshots in different proportions, users have to combine the Print Screen with different other keys. This means there are different screenshot short keys for different proportions of the click you get.

  1. In case you want to capture the whole screen at a time, then press the Windows and Prt Sc key together.
  2. However, press Alt +Sc simultaneously if you don’t want to click a single active window.
  3. Finally, if you want to take a screenshot of all the active windows, then press the Prt Sc button, and you are done.

2nd Way: Capture Screenshots using the Snipping Tool on Dell

Alternatively, you can also take screenshots on Dell Laptops using the Snipping Tool. Snipping Tool is a Windows feature that permits you to click your screen in multiple shapes. It is a built-in feature that is very beneficial for users.

To utilize the tool, follow the given steps:
  1. Click on the Start option, and then in the search box, type Snipping Tool.
  2. Hit the enter button, and the app will appear on your screen.
  3. Here, you can find multiple options at your disposal.
  4. Tap on New, or you can also press the Ctrl+N keys together.
  5. Decide a shape in which you want the Screenshot.
  • The Free Form Window: You can click the Screenshot in any shape of your Choice.
  • The Window Snip: Simply click the activity window with one click.
  • The Full Screen Snip: Capture the overall screen at once. This snip is best in case you are using multiple monitors at once.

Note: Another Snip is Rectangular in shape. It is the default option. After clicking the Screenshot, press the Ctrl+S button, and you can easily find the image in picture folder.

3rd Way: Utilize the Markup Hero Tool to take a Screenshot

To Utilize the Markup Hero Tool, you first have to download the Markup Hero App. It is free of cost, and you need not to Sign in anywhere. Markup works efficiently with almost all operating systems, like Windows, Chrome, Linux, or Mac.

A few major features of Markup Hero Tool are:
  1. You can take screenshots easily.
  2. Add markup or annotation, including boxes, arrows, colors, or highlights.
  3. Organize your Screenshot systematically.
  4. Share all the screenshots easily with your friends.
  5. Add different pages, and combine them together in a presentation form.

After downloading, install the software and utilize it for better and enhanced screenshot features.

Where can you find the Screenshot Folder?

After taking the Screenshot on your Dell laptop, the captured image will be copied to your Clipboard. Paste it on any graphic editing tool and hit the save button to provide it with a location.

How to Save a Screenshot as PNG File?

While you are capturing the Screenshot on your Dell Laptop, you can save that image as PNG as well. You can do it just by using some additional key along with print screen. Simply press Windows+Print Screen, and now you can see the screen shot in PNG file format.

Final Note!

Here we are concluding our blog; we hope the above-mentioned steps can help you in capturing the Screenshot on your Dell Laptop. In case you need any additional help, dial our Toll-Free Number, and get in touch with an expert. Moreover, you also have the option to grab help using our Live chat option, mentioned at the corner of the page.

How to Disable Pop-Ups in AOL Mail? 

Witnessing a pop-up, especially when you are watching something or writing some crucial mail to someone, is quite frustrating, and you may want to Disable Pop ups in AOL Mail. It generally covers every inch of the screen, and the most annoying part is that you can’t close it instantly as you have to wait for some time to do it. It breaks down the flow and focuses we build on doing something. Do you the kind of person who likes to see those types of pop-up ads? No, this is the write-up for you.

Here, we are talking of the thing about how to Disable Pop-Ups in AOL Mail. For this, several ways are given according to the situation as well. Just start from the beginning and go to the end without leaving anything, as it might become the reason for pop-up ads coming while you are doing something important.

How to Disable Pop-ups in AOL Mail While Reading Messages in AOL Mail?

Every time you read any new mail that comes into your AOL email account, it will open up in a new window. It happens when you have to wish to prevent all the ads that come on the screen. The only general solution to prevent AOL ads is this one. The next step is to know how to make this happen every time so you can use ad-free AOL mail. For this, refer to the below-mentioned pointers:

  • To begin, open your web browser and enter, and hit it so that you will get redirected to the AOL mail page, where you can spot all your mail.
  • After this step, fill in your login credentials to enter your AOL email account. But in case you didn’t create your AOL account now, then form a new one.
  • When you successfully log in to your account, click on the “Option” tab at the upper right corner of that homepage.

Find Out the Alternative Ways

  • Another way to find it out is to locate the tab of “Sign-out” as “Option” is situated right above that tab.
  • A drop-down menu will appear as soon as you click on it; all you need to do under it is select “Mail Settings.”
  • It will let you introduce your settings, and from there, you can also disable the option of pop-up ads.
  • When the settings menu opens up, please go forward like this, click on “General” first, then on the “Reading” option.
  • Choose the option “Always read mail in a new window” in the checkbox by clicking on it.
  • At last, tap on the “Save Settings” menu at the bottom of this page.

When you finish by the task of implementing all these steps, you will attain a new message that ultimately gets opened up in a new window. It will prevent you from witnessing an AOL mail pop-up inside your account.

Way to Prevent from Disable Pop-Ups while Composing a Message in AOL Mail

If you settle your account settings identically, as highlighted below, you can save yourself from a pop-up window while composing a new mail. Through this, no ads will appear when you witness any new mail in your inbox of AOL. Hence, let’s start with the steps stated here:

  • Find your browser icon and tap on it to open it, and then reach down to the login page of AOL Mail.
  • Consequently, enter the username and password of your account to get into it.
  • After this, you need to click on the “option” in the homepage’s upper right corner. Homepage here refers to the page that appears when you enter.
  • Once done with the above one, choose “mail settings,” which appears in the drop-down menu on the screen after the “option” tab.
  • “Compose” is the next stop, where you must land your cursor as you click on it. It exists at the upper right side of that page.
  • Certainly, you will land in the Default settings of Compose mode. Make the selection of “Always write mail in full pane composes” to not witness the pop-up window.
  • Ultimately, click on the save settings option that is existed at the bottom of the page to make the alterations in the setting saved.

Later the execution of these steps to Disable Pop-Ups in AOL Mail, you always stay on the same page when you open any mail of the AOL Mail account.

Procedure to Stop Ads from AOL Mail

You have to follow the steps below to prevent yourself from getting ads on our AOL mail. It is impossible to remove ads completely, but you can keep those ads from coming again and again for a time. For this, you have to enact the same steps as mentioned here.

  • Get into your AOL mail account with the help of your login credentials.
  • After this, look at the top left side of that page to click the Email button.
  • Next to this, click on “New Windows,” which enables you to open the email in the new ad-free window.

Sometimes, these steps will take care of the ads appearing repeatedly in your AOL mail. But it will come again after some time as it is the biggest source of generating revenue for those who offer the services for free. Besides this, if you are looking for a permanent ad-free AOL mail account, you have to follow another procedure.

Acquiring an Ad-Free AOL mail

When you purchase the complete version of AOL Mail, then, there wouldn’t be any ads and banner ads as such. But you must suffer from the ads if you use the free version of AOL Mail.

Important Note: Before purchasing the complete package of the AOL account, you must be aware that it will work on your smartphone. For this, you need to open it on your system or laptop in any of the web browsers.

You Need to Follow These Steps to Get an Ad-Free AOL Mail.

  • Download the Ad-Free AOL mail through the source.
  • Succeedingly, tap on the Get Ad-Free AOL mail button.
  • Next to this, enter your account by entering the username and password.
  • To conclude, you have to fill in all the billing information, and when you fill in all that information, click on the “Sign Up Now” button. You can find this button at the bottom of the page.

Once you successfully apply this procedure, you are good to go to use Ad-Free AOL mail.

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How to Disable Pop-Ups Blockers on AOL Different Browsers?

Multiple browsers exist that are used by people generally, so let’s see only about them. There is no need to talk about some more browsers that are not so much in use. Thus, listing here all the famed browsers in which you can disable Popups on AOL Gold.

1st Step: Blockage of Pop-Ups in Microsoft Edge

  • Open the Edge browser and then visit the option “Settings or more” at the top of the browser.
  • Make the selection of settings and then of “Cookies and site permissions.”
  • Then proceed further to click on “All permissions” and under it, choose “Pop-ups & redirects.”
  • Tap on the “Block” toggle.

 2nd Step: Blockage of Pop-Up in Chrome

  • Start your system and open the Google Chrome Browser.
  • Look at the right side of the page of the browser that gets opened up in front of you, i.e., “Settings.”
  • After this, please go forward in the flow of the option as it is mentioned here.
  • Like click firstly on “Privacy and Security,” then under it on “Site Settings,” and at last, Pop-ups and redirect.
  • After that, make the selection of settings that appear on the screen. If you want to stop pop-up ads, choose the same option.

 3rd Step: Blockage of Pop-Ups in Firefox

  • Start the process by clicking on the menu button and then on settings.
  • “Privacy and Security” is the next step for the same.
  • Then, navigate to the permission section.
  • Click on the available box with Block Pop-up Window to disable the pop-up blocker altogether.
  • A button exists right next to the block pop-up window by the name of the exception.
  • Through this, a dialog box opens, and from there, we can know the name of the websites that are permitted to display pop-ups.
  • When you can witness the list, pick any websites and tap the remove button to disappear.
  • The “Remove all website” button is present there as well. Click on it once to delete all the websites listed in the exceptions domain.
  • Finally, click the “Save Changes” tap to complete the process.

Bottom Line..!

After all of these methods, steps, or procedures, now you can easily Disable Pop ups in AOL Mail. Further, if you are encountering any hassle, feel free to get in touch with our AOL email experts through live chat; else, you can also email us your Queries and wait for the revert.

How to Merge and Split a PDF Files with Adobe

To Merge and Split PDF Files, you need to Read the Whole article, thoroughly. Do you want to send a lot of PDF pages separately as not every page is important? Or do you have multiple similar PDFs so you want to merge them before transferring? It’s an undeniable fact that PDFs make sharing process more feasible and convenient. PDF basically stands for Portable document format, a versatile file format for capturing and sending electronic documents in exactly a reliable manner. A PDF merger and splitter allow you to divide or combine PDFs more efficiently. This process not only increases productivity but also helps you in organizing documents appropriately. In this blog, we’ll discuss how to split and merge PDFs with Adobe Acrobat so stay connected to get deep insight into the same.

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Why Do you Need to Merge and Split PDFs Files?

There may be a variety of reasons behind splitting the PDFs such as if you created an eBook for your company and a co-worker only requires to read out a particular section then you have the option to split the eBook saved as a PDF and share only the essential part with them. It might be possible that your PDF is a larger file size with a lot of different sections. You have to split up the PDF and send it in separate sections to share it more conveniently as emails have a limited capacity for attachment sizes which means that you’re not able to transfer the files that are out of limit.

Can’t sign in to Adobe account – What to do?

Why is it necessary to merge PDFs?

With the help of merging multiple files into a single PDF, you can store and review them more seamlessly. Keep all your content at one place, so that you will lose your important data. Merging a PDF lets you share files without worry and makes it easier for the viewer to find the entire info they need. Once you eliminate the need to organize multiple documents, merging your PDFs saves a lot of time that you can spend on other projects. Combining files into PDFs gives you more space in your device as well as in your email inbox so that you don’t have to work hard in order to locate each file separately.

How to split a PDF page?

You can easily divide one large PDF file into multiple smaller ones using the  Split tool in Acrobat.  Here’s how:

  1. In the inception, open your PDF in Acrobat.
  2. Now, select Tools > Organize Pages.
  3. Click on the Split tool and adjust the settings on how you want to split your document.
  4. You can go with the Output Options to rename the split files and set a save destination.
  5. At last, choose Split to complete the process.
You Can also Finish this Task Online with Acrobat Online Services.
  1. Go to the Split a PDF tool.
  2. Choose your file and determine the split points.
  3. Finally, save and download your documents.

How to merge a PDF file?

The Acrobat Combine Files tool allows you to merge several PDFs into a single document for easier or handy sharing:

  1. Head to the Tools menu in Acrobat and tap on Combine Files.
  2. Now, select Add Files or drag and drop them into the window.
  3. You have to rearrange your files if required and choose your output settings.
  4. Tap on Combine to merge your files.
  5. In the end, save your new PDF.
You can also run the Merge PDFs tool in Acrobat online services.
  1. First of all, open the tool.
  2. Next, choose and rearrange your PDFs.
  3. Hit the Merge tab.
  4. To finish, save and download your combined PDF.

What Kind of Errors Trigger While Merging or Splitting PDF Files?

You may go through all the errors while merging and splitting PDF files. Let’s have a glance at the section given below:

  1. Incomplete Merging: At times, the merging process of PDF files may not complete successfully and leaves some pages out of the final document. This may lead you to some unspecified errors.
  2. Loss of Quality: Merging and splitting PDF files may cause a loss of quality especially if the files consist of high-resolution images or graphics.
  3. Missing Pages: While merging and splitting, some pages may be accidentally deleted and resulting in missing pages in the final document.
  4. Page Order: The sequence of the pages may get mixed up during the merging or splitting process, leading to a disorganized final document.
  5. Page Orientation: Sometimes, the orientation of the pages can edit at the time of the merging or splitting process, resulting in mixed page orientations.
  6. Corrupted Files: Merging or Splitting PDF files may give rise to corrupted or damaged files that are unreadable or cannot be accessed.
  7. Incorrect File format: When the merged or split file may not be in the exact format, contributing to errors when trying to open or view the document.
  8. File size limitations: Merging or splitting PDF files may cause the files that are too large to upload or share and end up with transferring the files issues.
  9. Compatibility issues: Some software or platforms may not be able to manage certain types of merged or split PDF files and strike out compatibility issues.
  10. Security issues: During Merge or split of PDF files can potentially uncover sensitive information or compromise the security of the document in case proper security measures are not taken.

Easy-to-use methods to avoid merging and splitting PDF file-related issues!

When it comes to merging restricted PDF files, the user may encounter several issues. Well, there are no manual solutions to fix the issue. But with the help of PDF Split and Merge Software, you can easily merge or combine secured PDF files. This tool offers to merge PDFs by page range. You can also merge by size and can be used by both Windows and Mac users. You can also use it to split large pdf files into multiple ones.  Here’s what to do to get over the pdf file-related issues:

  1. The initial step is to download & install the software. and
  2. Then use the option Add Files/Add Folders for inserting the restricted PDF files.
  3. Now, press the Merge button and enter the respective password if it is Password Protected, then hit the Next tab.
  4. Under the Split/Merge Section, choose the Merge Option: Merge by Size or Merge by Page Range.
  5. Afterward, click the Browse button to set the location where users want to save the resultant PDF files.
  6. Finally, tap on the Merge button to solve the issue “Adobe Combine files not working.”

Final Verdict!

Expectedly, now you’re able to merge and split a PDF Files with Adobe even after applying the methods presented above. However, in case if still, you’re experiencing pdf related some issues and don’t how to tackle them then feel free to speak up with our experts who will surely assist you to better streamline your PDF workflow.

AOL Email Service Error

Sometimes it is very typical to resolve AOL Email Service Down error, so you can contact our customer experts teams.  AOL email is considered to be one of the most popular and secure email services across the globe. American Online (AOL) was one of the first email providers to take advantage of the internet’s rivalry in the early 1990s. However, as time passed, AOL email services received various unique features.

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Although many users face technical glitches in using their email accounts, AOL service error is one of the most common issues. Well, in this blog post, we have come up with complete details about how to deal with AOL service errors.

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Why does AOL Service Error Arises?

Before following the solutions that can help you to eliminate the error, let’s take a quick overview towards the possible reasons due to why AOL service error arises. Having a clear understanding of the reasons can help you to prevent the error from occurring again in the future.

So, here is the list of the possible reasons due to a user may face AOL mail service errors;

  • Weak or poor internet connection
  • An outdated web version can also be a reason why an AOL service error may arise.
  • Incorrect AOL email account server settings.
  • If there is a server issue with AOL, then it can also lead to an AOL service error.
  • A forgotten AOL email account login password.
  • Third-party email configuration issues.

After clearly understanding the possible reasons, let’s discuss the solutions you can follow to resolve the AOL mail issues.

Quick Solutions to Deal With AOL Service Error

Let’s look at the tried and tested solutions you can follow step-by-step to resolve AOL service error or AOL not working error.

Solution 1. Check AOL Email Server

If there is an issue with the AOL email server, then it can lead to various technical glitches, such as AOL email service error. You can check the online server status take help from various online websites such as Down Detector, Is It Down Right Now, etc., to check the server status of AOL email services.

If the official servers are down, you can’t do anything apart from waiting for the servers to get fixed. On the other side, if the server issue is not down, it means that the issue is related to something else, and you have to carry out the other solutions.

Solution 2. Double-check the Login Credentials

In a scenario, providing incorrect login credentials for your email account can lead to the AOL not working or a service error. Sometimes, entering the login password in a hurry can cause typing mistakes and may lead to AOL mail not working issue.

Tip: Try checking the function of the Caps key and turn it off.

If you still face the error, try resetting the login password by visiting the official login page of your AOL email account.

Solution 3. Update Google Chrome Browser

If you are using an outdated version of Google Chrome browser, the user might face issues accessing their AOL email account. In such a case, updating the Google Chrome browser can help you to eliminate various errors.

Here are the steps that you can follow to update your Google Chrome browser;

  • Firstly, launch the Google Chrome browser on your device.
  • Thereon, click on the three dots icon available at the top right side of the screen.
  • Now, a drop-down list will appear on the screen.
  • Here, you have to click on the “Settings” option and select the “About Chrome” option available on the right side of the screen.
  • After that, Google Chrome will automatically start searching for new updates, and if there are new updates available, it will automatically
  • download and restart the browser to install the updates.
Solution 4. Check Email Filters

If you accidentally create a new email filter in your AOL email account, you might face issues in sending or receiving new emails. For instance, an email filter can eventually cause new emails to bypass the inbox and directly move to the trash folder.

In that case, you must check the email filters, and if you find any unwanted filter, then you remove that filter on an immediate basis.

Solution 5. Check the Email Blocklist

If you have added an email address to a blocklist, you will not be able to send or receive new emails from that account.

Therefore, you must check the email account blocklist if you are facing an AOL service error. You can view the blocklist by navigating to Mail Settings > Block Senders. Now, if you find an email address in the blocklist, then you must remove that email address from the list.

Solution 6. Check your Email Spam Folder

If you find an email in the spam folder, which you might find important, then you have to mark that email as “not spam.” Marking an email as “Not Spam,” will help you to receive the emails directly to the inbox.

Here are the steps you can execute to move the emails from the spam folder to your mail inbox

  • First of all, log in to your AOL email account.
  • After that, move to the Spam folder section.
  • In the spam folder, search and select the emails that are important to you and that you want to mark as not spam.
  • Thereon, click on the “Not Spam” option available at the top of the screen.
Solution 7. Verify AOL Email Server Settings (IMAP/POP3)

The email server settings are used to configure an email client. If you provide incorrect email server settings, it may cause an AOL service error.

Important: If you are facing technical glitches while accessing the AOL Email account, then verifying the email server settings is highly recommended.

Let’s take a look at the correct AOL email server settings:

  • Server:
  • Port: 993
  • Security: SSL
  • Username: Email address of your AOL account
  • Password: Login Password of your AOL email account
  • Server:
  • Port: 465
  • Security: SSL
  • Username: Your AOL email account address
  • Password: Login Password of your AOL email account

If you notice any discrepancy with the server settings in your AOL email account, you must rectify the settings immediately.

Solution 8. Delete Browser’s History & Cache

Clearing the browser’s history and the cache is another go-to and easiest solution to troubleshoot various technical glitches. It is equivalent to a soft reset procedure that will help delete the temporary (unwanted) files and cache from the browser.

Below are the steps you can carry out to delete the history and cache on the Google Chrome web browser.

  • Firstly, launch the Google Chrome browser on your device.
  • Thereon, click on the three dots icon available at the top right side of the screen.
  • Under the drop-down list, select the “More Tools” option, and after that, click on the “Clear Browsing Data” option.
  • Furthermore, you will be redirected to the history page of Google Chrome.
  • Then, you have to click again on the “Clear Browsing Data” option available on the left side of the screen.
  • After that, click on the “Advanced” tab option and check-mark all the boxes.
  • Then, click on the “Clear Data” option.

You have successfully deleted the browser history in the Google Chrome browser. After that, re-login to your AOL mail account and check if the AOL service error has been eliminated or not.

To Summarize

As demonstrated above hence we have covered eight tried and tested solutions you can execute to fix the AOL service error. If you face any issues while performing the steps, or if the error is still occurring, then you can connect with our email experts through the chat box. You can also write us your query via mail at Our email experts are available 24*7 at the help desk to attend your query and provide the best feasible solution.