Cannot Open an Attachment in AOL Mail

Why can’t I Open an attachment in AOL Mail?

The free webmail service AOL mail is used for communicating with people by sending and receiving emails. However, being the most used email service, this email is not far away from various glitches, and one such error is unable to open the attachment in AOL email. If you are not able to open the received email attachment, then you don’t have to worry, you can fix this issue easily by following the steps mentioned in this blog. You can even call AOL customer service number which is available at all 24 hours to fix the issue instantly by taking help from experts.

Steps to Fix Unable to Open Attachment in AOL

You have to follow the steps mentioned below to fix the issue of unable to open the email attachment in AOL:

  • Download File Properly

You have to sure that you are downloading the file correctly from your AOL email. If it is an image, then you can see the preview of the image by clicking the right side of the text and then click to download it. However, if it is a file, then click on the file name and download it. These downloaded files and images will be saved in the ‘My Download’ folder of your system.

  • Check with Correct Software

Make sure that you have the correct software to open the file. For example, for opening the PDF file, you must have PDF software in your system. In case you don’t have the correct software to open the file then you can see pop up saying it cannot identify the file type.

  • Download Again

If the problem of not opening still exists then you can reboot your system and then try to download the attachment again. When you reset the computer, then you can clear the RAM and the new clean slate of RAM is ready to use. You can try to download these files by using any other system.

Even after applying all these steps if you are not able to open the attachment, then you have to take the help of the professionals. You can reach out to AOL customer support which is available at all 24 hours without any time and location constraints. The experts will first hear out your issue and then will give you the best possible solution to fix the error at hand.

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