Complete Solution to Fix 'AOL Mail not working on Apple Mail

AOL Email not working on Apple Mail

Recently, AOL users have been complaining about an error like AOL not working on Apple Mail. This blog provides solutions to troubleshoot AOL email and AOL problems. AOL is a web-based email client. A user has required a web browser and an internet connection to access an AOL email account. Apple mail is a free-email service in-built on Mac systems. To maintain and organize daily sending and receiving emails, users must keep a single service for both options. So, users are trying to rectify AOL not working on the Mac issue. But, few users encounter an error in doing so. There can be several reasons for which Apple mail is not coupled to AOL mentioned in this write-up. To rectify the AOL problem quickly, you must dial the AOL customer service number to get some appropriate tips.

Factors Behind AOL Mail Not Working on Apple Mail

Various factors are given below to Fix AOL mail not working on iphone. We have listed some major causes regarding AOL not configuring on Mac. After moving through these errors, the user must recognize what errors are received and how they can be rectified.

  • Confirm that you’re not using an outdated application that can’t sync properly
  • A third-party application used for configuration can prepare errors like AOL mail not working on Apple mail
  • Maybe you have upgraded your password and forgotten it. Now, you would use an old password to prepare an error.
  • Suppose you have a problem not compatible or causing Apple mail, not connectivity error due to steady internet.
  • Confirm that there are no errors with server settings. If it is like that, add manual IMAP settings on your device.

After moving through the above-listed steps, if you are still encountering a problem, then don’t worry. Further, we will offer you excellent solutions to rectify AOL mail not working on the Apple Mail issue.

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Procedures to Add AOL to Apple Mail Manually

Some rectifying procedures are given below to sync the AOL mail Apple mail section.

  • Firstly, access mail application on your system
  • Press on the Mail option from the menu bar and select Add account
  • Choose AOL and press on the Continue button to troubleshoot AOL mail not working on the Apple mail
  • Here, mention your AOL username and tap on the Next button
  • Then, mention the correct username and tap to Sign in
  • Now, go through the information showing on the screen regarding Mac permission to success AOL mail information. To agree on the Terms, tap on the Agree button
  • Select Apps you wish to use with the AOL account in the Mail app and tap on Done
  • Press on AOL under the list of mailboxes in the mail app. AOL not working on Mac mail is rectified and send or read AOL emails from Mac.

Once you go through the above-given steps, Apple mail will access your AOL mail account. If still AOL mail is not coupled with the Apple mail, use an automated solution. AOL backup tool is a third-party tool widely used by professionals to move AOL mails on email clients.

Rectifying Solutions to Troubleshoot AOL Mail Not Working on Apple Mail Issue

In case of any situation, various solutions are available to troubleshoot this error. So, move to AOL email on your iPhone to get the AOL mail app working with your AOL account again.

  • Examine Again and Wait A Bit Again

Sometimes, wait a bit and examine email again to troubleshoot this error, like a temporary email server or internet connection problem.

  • Switch iPhone On and Off

Sometimes, simply switching off iPhone or iPad and back on once again will quickly troubleshoot errors. The simplest method to switch off iPhone or iPad is to catch the Power button and Volume Up button for some moments, then slide to Switch Off. Wait for a few moments, then hold down the Power button again to switch iPhone or iPad back on.

  • Utilize AOL App

Access AOL email from the device to utilize the AOL app for iPhone or iPad.

Once you follow the above troubleshooting methods, you can fix reactivate AOL email account error with appropriate tips.


Ques. Why does AOL email not working?

Ans. When emails get lost in AOL mail, it happens due to a few simple things. Getting the message in the wrong folder or third-party email client settings or deactivating your AOL account due to inactivity.

Ques. How to troubleshoot AOL error on iPhone?

Ans. Suppose you observe an AOL Account Error message at the bottom of the Mail app, recognize the correct email address and password, then delete the account from the iPhone or iPad. Reattaching it again will rectify the problem.

Ques. How to reinstall the AOL mail app on iPhone?

Ans. Some methods are given below to reinstall the AOL mail app on iPhone.

  • Access App Store on your device
  • Press on the Search icon
  • Enter AOL in the search field
  • Press Search
  • Press Find next to AOL – News Email Video
  • Type your Touch Id or Apple, if notified
  • Press Open

Ques. How to reset AOL email settings?

Ans. A few steps are given below to reconfigure AOL email settings.

  • Log in to AOL mail
  • Press options or mail settings under your username
  • Press the tab for settings you wish to change.