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How to Fix Norton VPN Connection Failure?

Norton Secure VPN is a fantastic no-log VPN that utilizes the Open VPN protocol. It is Windows, Mac, and Android friendly and professors fast and secure service. It also blogs ad tracking cookies which sports stoppage on annoying ads and improves browser speed.

Yet, in this technical error, nothing is free from glitches full stop. Sometimes the applications which safeguard our data get corrupted and fail to connect. 

Causes of error when VPN failing to connect

  • DNS settings of the system are not optimal
  • Corrupt WAN driver
  • Conflicting applications

If the user tries to connect and VPN fails to join, it pops up with an error message that reads like “connection error: secure VPN has experienced a connection failure. Please try again”.

In this case, users can apply simple steps to fix this error or take the assistance of qualified and experienced technicians by calling on Norton customer care. But before that user must check some prerequisites to apply steps to solve this error.

  • One must have a smooth internet connection
  • Check the certificate of home server
  • Examine the Norton service and ensure that it is up to the mark
  • Update the window and not in VPN with the latest version
  • Check for the VPN connection if you have changed the region of the connection

Ways to fix Norton VPN not connecting error

  • Delete temporary files and old Norton installer

Delete the temporary files and old Norton installer to boost the speed of software.

  • Arrange DNS server setting

Alter the settings. It might be possible that the inappropriate DNS settings are creating VPN connecting errors.

  • Check the network cache and reset Winsock

Examine the network cache and restart the Winsock to speed up the VPN system

  • Reinstall the WAN adapters

Install the wan adaptor with the latest fixes as it plays a crucial role in Norton VPN.

  • Disable the fast startup of the system

Stop the fast startup of the system as these settings create serious errors while functioning the software.

  • Remove conflicting application

Now, in addition to the above steps, remove the conflicting application.

  • Edit the services settings

Recreate the edit services and settings of the Norton VPN as it is showing an error while connecting.

  • Edit the router settings

Users can edit the router settings to fix the error.

  • Enable the VPN settings

After sorting the settings, now the user can enable the settings and try to reconnect. Now change the firewall settings and disable the parental control profile features. Next, disable the broadband shield and reinstall the Norton suite. User can apply all steps and if you face any problem while implementing these steps. Then you can freely contact at Norton helpline number to have the best assistant, highly qualified, and certified technicians. Or you can reach us out by contacting us by email or by live chat option to stop. Our representative will reach you in 48 hours and give you the solution in the least possible time.

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How to Fix Norton Error 8504 and 101?

Norton Antivirus is a popularly used software with the feature of automatic detection of viruses and malware while having smart technology to fix them as well. You will know more about the Norton Autofix tool’s activation and how it detects common issues while being activated. There are numerous procedures for running the Norton Autofix tool and common problems faced during its installation.  Suppose you don’t have any idea how to use this tool. In that case, you must contact the Norton support number, and a technical representative will provide expert assistance for running the Norton Autofix tool.

What is Norton Error 8504?

Norton support center offers simplified and seamless third-party support to every Norton user. You have landed on this blog to know the solution for Norton Error 8504 and 101 as well as methods of fixing it.

Norton Error codes appear on o your computer screen in the following cases:

  • When you’re attempting to install Norton but there is another antivirus or security software on your system.
  • When you’re attempting to install Norton Security but it failed somehow.
  • When you received the notification to upgrade to the latest version, but the procedure failed.  

In the conditions mentioned above, there are high chances of getting Norton Error 8504 and 101.

If you are facing Norton Error 8504 and 101, here is the method to resolve the issue:

  • Get rid of other types of antivirus or free security tools.
  1. Start by uninstalling the antivirus/free security tool previously installed on your computer.
  2. Tap Windows+R  key and write appwiz.cpl and press enter.
  3. All the programs installed on your system will be visible. Click the Antivirus/Free Security tool and select the Uninstall/Remove program.
  4. Do as guided on the computer screen to uninstall the specific program.
  5. When the uninstallation process has been completed, reboot your PC.
  • Download the upgraded Norton Remove and Reinstall tool.
  1. First of all, try downloading the upgraded version of the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool from Norton’s official site.
  2. Double click on the downloaded file and select Run to install the software
  3. Click on Agree with the license agreement, and select advanced options.
  4. Select remove only, then click on Remove, and reboot your computer.
  • Try upgrading Graphics Card
  1. First of all, Right-click on My Computer >> Manage >> Device Manager >> Display adapters or you can hit Windows+R and type ‘devmgmt.msc’and press Enter.
  2. Then, try double-clicking on Display adapters and then right-click on HD Graphics Card and select Update Driver Software.
  3. You can try checking whether your HD Graphics Card’s status is updated or not by pressing alt+enter or by right click and select.
  4. After upgrading the driver, reboot your computer.
  • Use Norton Autofix Tool

If you are facing some issues or errors which can be resolved by Norton’s AutoFix tool, such as Norton error 8504 and 101 like:

  • Open the Norton AutoFix tool, and it will start detecting the issue automatically and will easily be able to troubleshoot it.

If you need more assistance in troubleshooting the issue, contact Norton’s support number to get step-by-step guidance.

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How Do I Transfer Norton from one device to another?

If you want to transfer Norton software from one device to another, then it is not that easy as it appears. If you think you will uninstall Norton from one device and then install it in another device and then enter the activation key. Then it will not work in the new device, because the activation key was entered in one device, you first need to remove it from that device then only you can install the software on the new device. If you don’t know how to do it, then you can contact Norton customer service for seeking the assistance of the professionals.

Transfer Your Norton Security from One Device to Another Device

Norton membership is known to have a limited number of licenses that can be used for protecting your various device. If you have used your license and then want to transfer the license to another unused device, then you have first to check whether any license is left with the subscription or not. Follow the below-mentioned steps to transfer the license from one device to another in Norton:

Remove the Norton License from One Device

  • You need to sign-in the Norton antivirus.
  • Then click on the page of My Norton > Device Security > View Devices/ Review Devices.
  • Identify the devices that you do not want to protect in the Device Security page.
  • If you are not able to see any devices, then you need to click on the History to see the list of inactive devices.
  • You need to click on the ellipse icon that is present below the devices and then tap on the Manage License icon.
  • Now select the option of Remove License > Next.
  • Then click Yes to confirm it, once you have removed the license from a particular device. It means that the device is no longer protected.

Download and Install Norton in the New Device

  • Now in the new device, you have to go to the official website of Norton and click to download the set-up file of the latest version of the antivirus software.
  • Save the installation file in someplace safe and then double click on it run it as an administrator.
  • You have to follow the onscreen instruction to complete the installation of Norton antivirus.
  • When asked to enter the activation key then you need to type it so that your Norton software can be activated.

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If at any point you find any difficulty while transferring Norton software from one device to another device, then you can take the assistance of the experts. You can call Norton helpline number which stays accessible 24*7 round the clock.