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Unable to restore a crucial AOL email that you unintentionally deleted? If the answer is yes, you’ve arrived where you need to be. You can recover deleted AOL emails if you read this page in its entirety. As a result, it might assist you in regaining access to AOL mail so that you can carry on with your current task.

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Key Points For Deleted AOL Email Recovery 

If you are wondering how to recover your deleted AOL Email, then don’t panic. Instead, you must keep some essential points in mind to easily retrieve your Email. Check the below-listed points attentively. 
1. You must look at your Trash folder to retrieve your deleted AOL email. In that case, you also don’t require any specialized retrieval program. If you deleted your AOL email a few days before, it’s the highest chance that you can find it in the Trash folder.
2. Generate the alternative folders:- For instance, if you don’t wish to store your Email in the inbox, you must generate additional folders for storage. Then, you can generate two different folders, create a “may new later” folder or “for a later use,” and transfer the emails.
3. You must read the emails thoroughly before deleting them to check that the email you are removing doesn’t contain any personal details. Only you must remove the emails you wish won’t benefit you in the future. 

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Different Alternatives to Restore the AOL Emails

Most of the users might have experienced the issue of mistakenly deleted AOL emails. This situation worsens when most people don’t know how to restore their deleted emails containing their essential details. If you are also among one of them, you can check the below-listed methods to recover your Email easily. 

Method 1: Recover Deleted AOL Emails Via Trash Folder

For instance, if you accidentally removed the AOL Email, you might get it from the recently deleted folder. The recently deleted folder will keep the data with it for up to seven days. After seven days, you can access your AOL emails from the trash folder. To do so, apply the instructions stated below correctly. 

1. Firstly, access your web browser to reach the official website of AOL i.e, “”. 
2. Now, go to the top-left corner of the screen and then hit the Envelope icon to access the AOL email. Then, you have to log in to your AOL email using the correct login details.
3. After this, open the Trash folder by clicking on its icon from the left panel. 
4. Eventually, it will display all deleted emails in less than seven days. 
5.  Furthermore, choose the AOL email you wish to restore and then opt for the Action button. Later on, tap on the Inbox option below the “Move To” groups of commands. 
6. Finally, it will restore your deleted AOL emails to your Inbox. Thus, you can use the AOL mail from your Inbox again to continue with your work. 

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Method 2: Restore the Deleted AOL Emails Older than seven days.

For instance, if you have removed emails in AOL over seven days and don’t know how to overcome the deleted emails. You can retrieve the deleted AOL emails, but the process may vary on where they are stored. 
Below, we have described two instances of restoring AOL’s permanently deleted emails. For that, go through both instances carefully and apply the steps accordingly. 

Case 1: Recover Permanently Deleted AOL Email via AOL Server

For instance, if you are accessing the web AOL email, your data won’t get saved into your system. In that case, that data will be directly placed on the AOL server. So, if you have removed the AOL email online by chance you can consult the email server administrator to restore the AOL email. 

While recovering the Email, you must ensure that recovering mail from the mailbox server should be a paid service. 

Case 2: Restore Permanently Deleted AOL Email Via Email Recovery Software 

For instance, if you have added AOL email with Outlook on your device. Then, the mail data will be stored in the database. Therefore, 
to use the Email recovery software, follow the steps mentioned below. 
1. In the first step, you have to pick the drive where you have lost your email files. Then, choose the Scan option.
2. As a result, it will begin the scanning process and wait until it is over. 
3. Alternatively, you can also retrieve the files quickly by clicking on the “Others” option from the left panel. After this, you have to search for PST or Outlook files from the file type lists.
4. Next, pick the email files as you wish and tap “Recover”. Further, you have to store the files in different locations instead of the original ones.

Once the email recovery process ends, you are able to import the deleted AOL emails to Outlook again. For that, you have to perform the instructions as mentioned below.  

1. Open the Outlook application and then move to the File menu.
2. After this, hover your cursor over the Open & Export option.
3. Following that, select Import/Export, Import from another program or file” and Open Outlook Data file.
4. Now, drag and drop your emails, contacts and other folders from the .pst files to your existing Outlook folders. 

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Wrapping Up!!

At this point, we have come to an end and hope that the methods discussed above will help you to recover deleted AOL emails. However, to avoid the error, always retrieve your deleted AOL email asap. If you still encounter any issues, connect with our experts through live chat or email, and our experts will consult you in no time and assist you in the best possible manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

The users can easily restore their deleted AOL email from the trash folders for up to 30 days. You will see that all the files and emails will be removed permanently from the Trash folder after 30 days. Thus, you can’t retrieve it after that.

If you accidentally removed the AOL email, it stored the Email in the recently deleted or Trash folder. 

Yes, the deleted AOL emails are restored on the server. It is placed on the server when the company decides to delete the file or when users delete the Email on their own accidentally.

To permanently delete any email, you must select that email by opening the email folder. After this, press the Ctrl + Delete keys together. Finally, you must tap Yes on the pop-up window to remove it permanently.

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