Firefox Won’t Start Find Solutions

Firefox wont start find solutions
  Nov 17, 2021      Mozilla Firefox      Admin

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If Firefox hangs, it suddenly stops responding to your clicks and keystrokes. Even mouse won’t work and seems like a spinning wheel but not responding issues is highlighted in the title bar. Some troubleshooting procedures are listed below when Mozilla Firefox Not Loading Pages at all.

Methods to Resolve Firefox Not Working Issue

  1. Resume Firefox to Its Default State

A refreshing feature can troubleshoot various errors by backing Firefox to its default state while saving your crucial details. If you prefer to use it before moving to other lengthy troubleshooting procedures.

  • Press the menu button, tap Help, and choose More Troubleshooting information
  • Press refresh Firefox, then refresh Mozilla in the confirmation window that opens. Then, Firefox shut down to refresh itself
  • Once finished, a window will enlist your imported information. Press the Finish button, and then Firefox will get accessed.
  • Choose if you are willing to restore some windows and tabs and then press the Let’s go button

The above points will assist in refreshing your Mozilla Firefox, and it can resolve Firefox not working error.

  1. Avoid Firefox Crashes

Go through some steps to avoid Firefox crashing quickly.

  • Upgrade your software
  • Examine spyware or viruses
  • Fix your crash
  1. Unable to Read Configuration File

This problem is caused due to Firefox program files error. Remove the Firefox program and then reinstall it. It won’t delete your bookmarks, passwords, or other user data and settings stored in a separate folder.

  • Eliminate Firefox
  • Remove the Firefox installation directory, find each one of them available in these locations. C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox 2. C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox
  • Utilize another browser to establish Firefox installer from the Firefox download page and install it.
  1. Errors while accessing the file for writing

Once you get this problem to establish Firefox on a windows system, choose Firefox to sign-in as Administrator. Refresh the computer if you have an Admin account, execute the program as an administrator.

  • Get the Firefox.exe program file in the Firefox application folder on your system
  • Do a right-click on the icon
  • Choose the following user option. From the user drop-down menu, choose Administrator who has administrator privileges. Type the password required to sign-in to this account. Press Ok
  • Firefox application will start using the Administrator windows account. The user that begins to sign-in to Windows at the start-up is still active.
  1. Firefox Slows Down

Firefox slowdowns can occur due to various reasons. Few steps are given to eliminate it.

  • Upgrade Firefox
  • Upgrade your video drivers
  • Firefox stops responding
  • Optimize windows
  • Inspect if you have malware in your system
  • Block unnecessary content
  • Utilization of High Hardware Resource

Suppose Firefox doesn’t open; you must dial the Mozilla Firefox customer support number to get some appropriate tips. After going through the above troubleshooting methods, you can rectify this problem. Mozilla technical experts are fully-trained and experienced in handling Firefox errors. Mozilla technical center is available 24/7 to contact you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some troubleshooting steps to resolve Firefox not opening errors are listed below.

  • Resume your system
  • Delete your cookies and chances
  • Resume Firefox in a safe mode
  • Resume Firefox in troubleshoot mode
  • Re-establish Firefox
  • Refresh Firefox
  • Prepare a new Firefox profile

Suppose Mozilla Firefox is not responding, which means that something has stopped the process. So, shut down Firefox and also resume your Windows 10 system. Resuming is the perfect solution to reinitiate everything.

Few troubleshooting steps are given below to unfreeze Firefox

  • Switch-off hardware acceleration
  • Delete your history in Firefox
  • Upgrade to the recent version
  • Deactivate add-ons
  • Upgrade your graphic drivers
  • Prepare a new places database
  • Eliminate duplicate session restore files

Internet browsers can freeze for several reasons, including multiple access tabs or programs, damaged files, telephone or cable line issues, and outdated video drivers.

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