How to Fix Mozilla Firefox is Not Responding?

Mozilla Firefox not responding
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Mozilla Firefox is one of the world’s most popular and reliable internet browser that is also considered as the fastest browser in the world that can easily manage the users’ need and provide them greater satisfaction. But in some cases, you may find that it has stopped working. Any effort to open a web page end up displaying the not responding message. When you get this situation, you should call at Mozilla Firefox customer service and get the easy help. This blog is also going to try to solve your problem. Here are some solutions that will solve your issues quickly and easily.


Solution 1. Steps to refresh your Mozilla Firefox

You can start solving your issue with refreshing Mozilla Firefox. This may fix your issue instantly. To do so, follow these steps:


  • Click on the “≡” icon, then select “help.”


  • Now press the “troubleshooting information” button
  • Choose the option, “refresh Firefox.”
  • Then read the information and proceed to “refresh Firefox.”

Solution 2. To disable the hardware acceleration

Hardware acceleration is responsible for speeding up the process of browser, but it also keeps it down in some cases. Then you need to turn it off to get Mozilla Firefox to get back to work.


  • You need to click on the “≡” icon and then go to “option.”


  • Select “general” option then click to “performance.”
  • Unmark the box “use recommended performance settings.”
  • Unmark the box “use hardware acceleration when available.”

Solution 3. Using safe mode

Some add-on/extensions may be the reason behind the issue. So you need to fix the issue with these steps:


  • Click on the “≡” icon and get the drop-down menu
  • Select “help,” and then click “troubleshooting information.”
  • Press the “restart with add-ons disabled button.”
  • In the pop-up menu, you need to click on “restart” and press the “start in safe mode” button
  • If the problem still exists, then you should remove the extension itself

Solution 4. To delete duplicated session restore files


While the duplicate processing files have been created and restored that lower down the speed of Mozilla Firefox. Now you need to remove these files to fix the issue:

  • After clicking the “≡” icon, you need to go to the “help” and then “troubleshooting information.”
  • Under the “application basics folder select the “open folder” option
  • Navigate sessionstore.js file and delete them
  • Then restart Mozilla Firefox to save the changes

Solution 5. To create a new places database

If you face that the problem is periodic and happen randomly, then the reason may be the corrupted places database. Now you need to create new places database with these steps;

  • In the section “≡” select “help.”
  • Then go to “troubleshooting information.”
  • Now in the “application basics” open “open folder> profile folder
  • Navigate “places.sqlite” and change its name to “places.sqlite.old” and “places.sqlite-journal” to “places.sqlite-journal.old.”
  • Restart Mozilla Firefox

These solutions are quite easy to follow, and one can easily fix the issue and resume the services of Mozilla Firefox. In case you find any trouble you should contact Mozilla Firefox customer service number to get the easy help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Firefox is not responding error can take place due to errors with the browser files. Besides, if the browser has many tabs open, the Firewall error rolls out due to the shortage of memory. When your system runs out of memory (RAM), the software stops responding. Besides, damaged or corrupt files can make the program crack every now and then and evoke Firewall not working issue. You can restart and reset your browser if Firefox is not working in Windows 10 and 11. If the error persists, disable hardware acceleration from Firefox and check if this solution works in the error resolution.

Mozilla Firefox or simply Firefox is one of the most popular free and open-source web browsers developed by Mozilla. It has millions of users around the globe. Sometimes, when using this Internet browser, you may experience Mozilla Firefox not working error. This error takes place in almost all the applications. When you have a lot of tabs open, they use a lot of RAM, and when the machine runs out of memory, the Mozilla Firefox stops working. Therefore, before you go any further with troubleshooting, close some of the tabs you’ve opened and see if that solves the Mozilla Firefox not working problem.

Firefox is one of the leading-edge web browsers with a huge base of users. However, issues such as Firefox keeps freezing can hinder an ongoing activity on this browser. When the error occurs, the browser stops responding when you click on the websites. When this error takes place, you can use some common fixes as stated in the below-given list:

Step 1: Clear your browsing history, cache and cookies.

Step 2: Update your Internet browser to the latest version.

Step 3: If the error persists, disable add-ons.

Step 4: Repair corrupted file system if none of the above-given solutions works.

Step 5: Also, turn on the hardware acceleration and check if eliminates the existing error.

Firefox is a user-friendly web browser that has a huge user base. Firefox not responding is a common error that takes place when using it. When the error occurs, the browser stops responding to your clicks or keystrokes. When you try to use Firefox, but nothing happens, it means that there are erroneous browser files causing this error. Besides, when multiple tabs are opened on your browser, they consume a lot of memory. When the system runs out of memory, it becomes sluggish and Firefox not responding error can take place. Restart your computer and then reset the browser to get rid of the error.

When Mozilla Firefox is running slow or not responding at all, you need to reset the browser to boost its performance. When you use your Internet browser for your day-to-day browsing, it leads to several detrimental misuses, such as piling up out-of-date plugins, unreliable third-party downloads, and various others. You can resolve this problem by performing a few simple steps given below:

Step 1: In the first place, open Firefox on your PC or Mac OS.

Step 2: Next, go to the Firefox support website.

Step 3: After that, hit the “Refresh Firefox” button.

Step 4: In the end, select “Refresh Firefox” again when prompted to conclude the task.

Few things are very annoying that can take you to your wit’s end, such as a frozen Internet browser, especially when it occurs in the middle of a crucial task. There are multiple factors that can make an internet browser freeze. The list may include too many open programmes or tabs, having an issue with the phone or cable line, having corrupt files, and having outdated video drivers. When this error occurs, a variety of solutions are available. Before proceeding any further, restart your system, clear your cookies & cache and then apply the relevant solutions to unfreeze your Internet browser.

Despite being one of the most favoured web browsers, Mozilla Firefox throws errors. Some errors are simple; whereas, some errors need your time and effort in getting repaired. If you are getting frequent issues in Firefox, repairing it can keep the annoying errors at bay. Below is how you can get the task accomplished:

Step 1: First of all, restart your computer.

Step 2: Now clear the cookies and cache in Firefox.

Step 3: After that restart Firefox in Troubleshoot mode.

Step 4: Now reinstall Firefox by following the on-screen prompts carefully.

Step 5: Refresh Firefox and check if the frequent issues you are receiving every now and then are resolved.

Mozilla Firefox is a popular Internet browser, thanks to its high-speed and high-level security. However, a large number of users report Firefox not responding problem. This error can crop up due to multiple factors. Sometimes, detrimental or intrusive files in the installation folder or in the cache memory can evoke this error. Besides, intrusive or untested plug-ins can also be closely related to the occurrence of the error. Too many freeware converters piled up in Firefox also evokes the error. Furthermore, you may keep getting this error message when the Firefox profile folder doesn’t have access to create files. To resolve the problem, you need to override these possible factors responsible for the error.

“Warning: Unresponsive Script” is a warning message in Mozilla Firefox that states – “A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, or you can continue to see if the script will complete.” This error indicates that Firefox thinks that a script is out of control and will cause Firefox to hang if nothing is done. It could be a script on a web page you’re visiting, an extension you’ve installed, or even Firefox itself. In such a case, you need to resolve the existing error by applying the relevant solutions.

When Mozilla Firefox hangs, it stops responding to your clicks and keystrokes. Sometimes, the issue gets resolved when you wait for a few minutes. If not, you need to repair your Firefox for the error resolution. To start the procedure, restart your computer in the first place. After that, clear the cookies and cache in your web browser. Proceeding further, restart Firefox in troubleshoot mode. If the error continues to trouble you, reinstall Firefox by following the instructions given on your screen. Finally, refresh Firefox to end the process. If waiting does not resolve the issue, perform the above-given solutions with the utmost care and attention.

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