How To Fix AOL Not Working With Outlook?

AOL mail not working with Outlook
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AOL email is the most commonly used email service that provides you with a simple and secured email. But some user’s reports are indicating that they are coming across various errors while using AOL email with MS Outlook. It is one such situation that requires correct addressing as well as troubleshooting. So, we have a comprehensive guide that can assist you in getting rid of problems like “AOL email stopped working with MS Outlook”. To resolve this problem, you must call the AOL email helpline number to get accurate methods instantly.

Add AOL Email With MS Outlook 2021-22

Few people wish to know why you require to add AOL email with MS Outlook, so let’s know the advantages of adding AOL email with MS Outlook.

  • AOL email makes the data to store in it more secured and safely
  • AOL data can be easily saved and carried. In simple words, access your AOL data if it is held in the MS Outlook Server.

Many users prefer adding AOL email with MS Outlook. However, users come across some some problems while using the synchronized version of AOL and Outlook.

Causes Behind AOL Email Not Working With MS Outlook 365

  • Incoming server details are not coming in the wrong manner
  • AOL has not been synchronized in a correct manner
  • AOL email user password is now changed
  • An incorrect internet connection can cause a problem
  • AOL or Outlook server is out of service
  • The incompatible browser can also stop the AOL email functioning on MS Outlook
  • Your device’s incorrect hardware and software can also be the cause of AOL email not working with MS Outlook.

Are you familiar with the causes that you are facing? Then, let’s go to some troubleshooting steps to resolve this issue?

Steps To Fix AOL Email Not Working With MS Outlook 365

Few rectifying procedures will assist you in resolving this problem.

Solution – 1 Upgrade Password

When you try to upgrade your email password on the internet or browser, ensure that you update your email client with MS Outlook.

  • Access Outlook and move to the Account Settings
  • Select your AOL email account and upgrade your browser.

Solution – 2 Examine Incoming Server Details

The single cause of the non-functioning of AOL email is Inaccurate Incoming Server details. So, it is advised to check IMAP and POP settings. Then, mention the correct information you wish to enter.

  1. Incoming Mail (IMAP) Server
  2. Server –
  3. Port – 993
  4. Required SSL – Yes
  • Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server
  • Server –
  • Port – 465
  • Required SSL – Yes
  • Required Authentication – Yes
  • Your Sign-in Information
  • Email address – your complete email address
  • Password – Your account’s password
  • Required authentication – Yes

Solution – 3 Upgrade Email Application

The outdated MS Outlook will make it difficult for you to use third-party emails like AOL. Because the expired MS Outlook will not work with the latest security settings of the AOL email. Update the MS outlook for better and error-free functioning. To fix it quickly, you must dial the AOL mail help desk to get accurate tips to remove it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In case, if you wish to add your AOL mail account to MS outlook 365, then you just need to use your login credentials and simply follow the below-mentioned steps.

Step 1: Open the outlook and then go to file.

Step 2: Then, click on the info and then go to the Add account and then connect.

Step 3: After that, enter your AOL login credentials.

Step 4: At last, AOL provides IMAP access which will support the outlook for sending and receiving emails.

Yes, AOL works smoothly and efficiently on MS Outlook 365. With the help of POP and IMAP access, the AOL email account can easily be shifted to MS Outlook 3605. Its process is as simple as adding a normal email account in MS outlook 365. Although, when your AOL account will be shifted to MS outlook 365, then you will be able to operate it easily without being getting any errors.

Yes, with effect from 1st June 2021, AOL has made various changes in its email settings to secure safety in the account. With the effect of that, AOL has stopped allowing its users to operate their accounts from third-party email service providers unless and until you have taken actions against that to get it done.

Some of the technical issues, due to which you were not able to connect your mail to MS Outlook 365, are as follows.

Step 1: No Internet connection.

Step 2: Outdated version of MS Outlook 365.

Step 3: Wrong email details in the MS outlook 365.

Step 4: Wrong date and timings of your PC.

Step 5: Wrong country or the region.

Step 6: MS Outlook 365 doesn’t have access to My Calendar.

In case, if you are not able to access your AOL email account, then try to follow these ways or methods to solve the problem.

Step 1: Login Again.

Step 2: Restore website setting.

Step 3: Check your login credentials.

Step 4: Open the email account through a different browser.

Step 5: Enable JavaScript before logging in.

Step 6: Disable ad-blockers or pop-up notification settings.

Maybe, the safety and protection software on your PC, will be blocking the way of running the AOL email server. In that case, you may try to temporarily disable all the safety software for a short time and then run their AOL Email server.

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