AOL Email Server Not Responding

How to Fix AOL Email Server Not Responding?

The AOL email users sometimes face dysfunctional problems due to heavy outgoing and incoming emails. It is responsible for showing up the error message – the mail server IMAP is not responding. The troubleshooting solutions for this problem generally are to uninstall and reinstall the account, while reinstallation means the settings are incorrect. The troubleshooting procedures mentioned below are simple to execute and allow working in an undisrupted way. AOL server not responding is primarily due to a technical bug-like faulty internet connection, incoming and outgoing emails, technical hindrance due to the email server, invalid password, etc. To fix it quickly, you must dial the AOL customer service number to troubleshoot it immediately.

Troubleshooting Steps to Fix AOL Email Server Not Responding

Some rectifying procedures are mentioned below to fix the AOL email server not responding.

  • Access settings – unlock your phone and select the menu option and then click the settings icon
  • Choose Accounts and Password option – Once the setting icon accesses, scroll down and press on the Accounts and Password option
  • Access the Email Account – Once the accounts and passwords options are opened, you will look at a list of mail accounts you will use. Press on the non-responding email Id
  • Delete – After pressing on the email Id, use the red button to delete the account
  • Move back to the Main Menu – After removing the account, click the back button to the main menu. Allow the mobile phone to rest to synchronize for a while
  • Press on Settings – Press the Settings option again in the menu list after some time
  • Press on Accounts and Passwords – Access the Settings option, scroll down and press the Accounts and Password option
  • Add Account – Press the Add Account option after typing the Accounts and Password option
  • Choose from the Email Providers Lists – Choose the AOL account with a problem; the Add account option will display you a list of email providers like Gmail, Yahoo mail, AOL, etc.
  • Sign-in – Once you choose the desired email provider, the users will ask for your username and password. Mention the necessary details, and your problem will be solved.

Once you implement the above rectifying procedures, you can remove the AOL email server responding issue. But, if you can’t disable this problem in the AOL email server, you must call AOL customer care number to troubleshoot it instantly. A technical expert will listen to your queries on call and assist you in removing this problem from the AOL email server. A technical helpdesk is available all the time to rectify any issue in the AOL email.

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