Why AOL Mail Not Working on Windows 10?

AOL mail not working on windows 10
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AOL is a popular email service, but many users reported specific errors. Here, you will get some troubleshooting tips to cover these topics.

  • AOL mail server settings – The leading cause for sync problems with AOL mail are the server settings. If you have any issues with AOL mail, be sure to check if your server settings are correct.
  • AOL and Windows 10 problems – Multiple problems can occur with AOL on Windows 10. Suppose you are having any AOL problems, be sure to try some of our solutions.
  • Adding AOL email to Windows 10 – Synchronization problems can occur if you don’t add your AOL email correctly. To remove this problem, it will show you how to add your AOL email to Windows 10.
  • AOL Mail app not working – Suppose AOL isn’t working in the Mail app; the problem might be your antivirus. Deactivate your antivirus and check if the issue is resolved.

It happens when users can’t access their AOL email account on Windows 10. To resolve this problem, you must call the AOL email customer service number to remove it.

Methods To Eliminate AOL Email Not Working | Windows 10 Mail & iPhone

Few troubleshooting steps to remove AOL email not working on windows 10.

Disable the Two-Step Verification

Suppose you can’t configure your AOL email with Windows 10 Mail app, the problem might be your email account. Many users use two-step authentication to protect their email account.

It is a good practice since malicious users won’t access your email even if they hack your email password. Two-step verification is an excellent security feature that you should use; sometimes, this feature can cause problems with the Mail app on Windows 10.

Many users reported that they could not sync their AOL email with the Mail app due to two-step authentication.

As a workaround, users suggest disabling the two-step authentication for your AOL email and confirm to resolve the issue.

After doing this, you can reduce the security of your email account, so you might want to think twice before disabling it.

Use Other Email Client

Suppose you can’t configure your AOL email with Windows 10; you must consider using a different email client. This suggestion is made available to you from the start as several customized email clients public.

If you choose an email client that shows AOL, this article will recommend you try an email client to centralize. It will let you manage all your email accounts with ease from the same platform.

The app recommended below brings many customizable features and options in a single click to use the most of your time when working with it. Bring all your emails and contacts from different accounts to one place.

Our troubleshooting tips also help integration with the most popular email clients, AOL included, and other productivity apps like Google Calendar, Twitter, or Asana. Once you use these steps, you can fix the AOL email not working error on Windows 10. If you can’t remove this problem, you must dial the AOL mail help to have some accurate methods to eliminate it quickly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Due to some technical glitches, there can be some chances that you will face some errors while using AOL mail.Some of the common reasons why you may get the errors are as follows.

Step 1: Weak internet connection

Step 2: Wrong AOL Login password

Step 3: Website breakdown due to technical issues

Step 4: Using an incompatible browser, which is not able to load the page.

Step 5: Block settings: There can be an error when you were trying to send the mail to a user who is already on your block list.

Due to the below-mentioned reasons, AOL can be stopped. Try to fix these errors in your system, to make it operate smoothly.

Step 1: Weak internet connectivity

Step 2: Incompatible web browser

Step 3: Wrong email account settings such as SMTP port error

In case, even after taking care of the above factors, you’re still facing the issue, then try to

Step 1: Clear the browser’s cache and data.

Step 2: Enable the pop-up notifications in the browser settings

Step 3: Try to reset your browser’s settings.

Step 4: Turn off the protected mode in the browser settings.

In case, if you are not been able to solve the AOL mail not working problem even after trying all the methods, then here are some pro tips which you can follow to get rid of the problem.

Step 1: Cross-check your login credentials.

Step 2: Make sure that your account is active. If you have not logged in to your account over the time of 12 months, then your account will be deactivated. In that case, contact the official team to recover your account.

Step 3: Delete the cache and cookies.

Step 4: Check for JavaScript. Make sure that the JavaScript in your system is on is enabled. If the JavaScript is off, then the AOL mail account will not work properly.

Step 5: Use a different web browser such as Firefox or internet explorer.

Step 6: Reset your internet settings.

Yes, you can resolve the AOL IMAP server not responding error. To do so, check your incoming web address, encryption type, and port in the account settings. Also, again check your login credentials as due to the wrong login credentials, Outlook or the third-party mail will not be able to connect you to the AOL mail server.

Yes, you can easily fix the AOL mail error in your iPhone. To fix the AOL mail not working error in your iPhone, simply try to do the below-mentioned methods.

Step 1: Shut down and restart the AOL mail application.

Step 2: Log out and then re-log into your AOL account.

Step 3: Reset all your multiple AOL accounts in the AOL application.

Step 4: Update your AOL application to the latest version.

Step 5: Delete the AOL application and install it again.

Sometimes, AOL may fail to log in or send or receive messages. It may be due to network problems or technical problems at the backend. Some of the causes due to which this issue can be caused are as follows.

Step 1: Spam messages: AOL sometimes directly transfers unnecessary emails into the spam folder and it didn’t share the notification with the users.

Step 2: Browser settings such as adblocker or website blocker, or VPN can become the reason for the error of AOL not working.

Step 3: Account deactivation due to less use.

Step 4: Weak internet connection.

Step 5: Too much cache saved on the browser.

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