Fix AOL Mail Not Working On MacBook Pro

AOL Mail Not Working On MacBook Pro

AOL Email is one of the prominent email services for sending and receiving various emails. It is now merged with Yahoo email. You can sign in to your AOL email by visiting the AOL login page. Sometimes you may face AOL email not working on MacBook Pro. Users try to find reasons behind this problem. Once you obtain them, you can troubleshoot this issue. If you can’t resolve this problem, you must dial the AOL helpline number to fix AOL mail not working on iPhone. AOL technical experts are available to resolve this problem. Most of the problems in AOL email are related to not receiving and sending emails. Everything you need is to fix both incoming and outgoing emails.

How to Resolve Receiving AOL Email on MacBook Pro?

One of the primary reasons behind AOL email not working on Mac can be the wrong email address and password entry. Few troubleshooting steps to fix receiving AOL email on MacBook Pro.

  • Establish AOL email on your MacBook Pro, move to the email menu, and press on the Preferences option
  • Access account tab and press on AOL email account in this window
  • Examine on Account Information and examine any wrong typing of your email address. So, press on the email address drop-down arrow and select the edit option
  • Do a double-press on your complete name, edit all the wrong entered information, and then press on OK
  • Edit the wrong entered password, establish a tab of your system preferences
  • Press on the Internet Preferences and select AOL entry in the tab
  • Type your appropriate email address and password and press on details
  • If required, amend the username and password for your email address.

How to Troubleshoot Sending AOL Email on MacBook Pro?

AOL not working on Mac can occur due to an inappropriate synced SMTP server. Inspect it after following these easy steps.

  • Press on the main menu and choose the option Preferences
  • Press on the accounts tab option and tap on the AOL email
  • Search server settings and then press on it
  • Amend it to the AOL email server at the outgoing AOL mail menu
  • Press on Edit SMTP server list to inspect these server settings by using a menu
  • Examine the outgoing AOL email servers list and obtain AOL email entry and confirm that all settings are appropriate or require any correction

After following the above points, you should check email settings to get multiple information at your email account during resolving. Go through some troubleshooting methods listed below.

  • IMAP server –
  • IMAP user name – your computer screen name
  • IMAP password – your AOL email password
  • IMAP port – 993
  • IMAP TLS/SSL – configure it if required
  • SMTP server address –
  • SMTP user name – AOL screen name
  • SMTP password – your AOL email password
  • SMTP port – 587
  • SMTP SLS/TLS – Required

Once you follow the above troubleshooting methods, you can resolve this method immediately. You can fix AOL email login problems quickly after getting some appropriate tips to resolve this problem instantly. AOL technical team is capable, well-qualified, and professional to handle multiple problems in AOL email. You can approach to AOL technical team through live support, email or call. AOL team is ready to handle all your issues round the clock.


Ques. How to resolve AOL email not working on MacBook Pro?

Ans. Move to the Mail menu and choose Preferences. Press the Account tab in the preferences window. Select your AOL account in the left-panel of the Accounts Preference screen. Move to the Account Information tab and examine your email address for any problems in AOL.

Ques. What are the procedures to resolve the AOL email not working problem?

Ans. When emails are lost in AOL mail, it happens because messages might have reached incorrect folders, third-party email clients, or deactivation of your email due to inactivity.

Ques. How to upgrade AOL email?

Ans. A few steps are given below to update the AOL email.

  • Login to AOL email
  • Press options or email settings under your username
  • Press the tab for the AOL setting that you wish to change

Ques. Does AOL come under a POP or IMAP?

Ans. IMAP configured with AOL email account to allow users for sending and receiving emails to their contacts. AOL prefers to use IMAP email settings for AOL email instead of POP3 though both protocols are supported.