How to Fix the Update Failed Error Message

How to Fix the Update Failed Error Message

To upgrade your operating system is extremely significant. Windows 10 is one of the excellent operating systems for millions of users across the globe. However, because of its popularity, there are multiple issues faced by users while using Windows 10. Among these errors, update failed error where you can’t update your operating system with attractive features. Microsoft has rolled out new upgrades for Windows 10 to troubleshoot the errors or evaluate performance further. These upgrades can patch up crucial security holes and decrease the danger of damage or smooth your system in an excellent pattern.

Various users encounter error messages associated with Windows update failure. It includes error pop-ups like Windows Update Failed to Install or Install Failed. Few reports say no error message but upgrade procedure hold on and can’t move ahead after a long time. There are given various methods to fix Windows Update failing error in this write-up. You can implement these methods to eliminate Windows Update failing error. If you face trouble rectifying them, you must dial the Mozilla Firefox helpline number to resolve the update issue soon.

Factors Behind Windows Update Failed Error

Once it comes to Windows Update error failing multiple times, there are many factors available that are responsible for producing it.

  • Missed or Corrupted System Files

System files are significant to ensure that everything operates on your device. Damaged or corrupted system files are present there for causing Windows Update to Fail.

  • Outdated Drivers

Drivers are required to get components that come with Windows 10 accessibility like graphic cards, network cards, etc. If a driver is associated with this error upgraded in a while, that can cause Windows Update errors.

  • Windows Update Error

There might be a case that something gets wrong with your upgrade service itself. Alternative methods are used to download the recent Windows 10 upgrade below.

Always remember that the above list doesn’t contain all possible causes. Update error may be caused because of a unique issue in your computer. Never panic if you can’t upgrade Windows 10 error.

Repairing Methods to Troubleshoot Windows Update Error

Some troubleshooting ways are available to fix Windows Update error.

Step – 1 Activate the Windows Update Troubleshooter Tool

Microsoft has an error in a designated tool to assist errors with Windows 10 upgrades. This tool is available free of cost to download. Simply activate the tool and observe if you can recognize and troubleshoot errors.

  • Download the Windows Troubleshooter tool. Visit the official website of Microsoft that is verified as completely safe and trustworthy.
  • Access the WindowsUpdate.digcab file you have downloaded by double-pressing it. It will establish the troubleshooter window.
  • Go through on-screen instructions. If the troubleshooter can’t recognize the issue, simply tap on them to automatically apply rectification procedures.

Make a note that Windows Update Troubleshooter is not right. Even the troubleshooter tool can’t find any error; you must continue with steps until you search for something that works to troubleshoot Windows Update Failed error.

Step – 2 Reinstitute Windows Update Associated Services

If a service associated with Windows Update can cause the issue due to wrong settings, it must be switched off. Simply troubleshoot this error by executing commands that reset services with delivering upgrades.

  • Tap Windows+R keys on your keyboard to establish the Run utility. Enter cmd and click Ctrl+Shift+Enter. It is going to establish the Command Prompt with administrative permission.
  • If notified, confirm to allow the Command Prompt to create changes on your device. It means that you need to sign in to an administrator account.
  • Next, stop the services associated with downloading and establishing Windows Update files. Within the command prompt, type the following lines, clicking the Enter key between each line

Net stop appidsvc

Net stop cryptsvc

Net stop wuauserv

Net stop bits

  • After restricting the services, enter the following input commands, tapping the Enter key after each line.

Ren %systemroot%\Software Distribution SoftwareDistribution.old

Ren %systemroot%\system32\catroot2 catroot2.old

  • Finally, restart Windows update associated services using the following commands. Again, tap Enter after each new line to run the command.

Net stop appidsvc

Net stop cryptsvc

Net stop wuauserv

Net stop bits

  • Switch off the Command Prompt and examine if your Windows Update has been rectified after running the commands.

Once you move through these troubleshooting methods, you can easily fix the Update Failed error message. If you can rectify these problems, you must call the Microsoft customer support number to get appropriate tips.