Firefox Can't Load Websites But Other Browsers Can

Firefox Cant Load Websites But Other Browsers Can

This write-up will explain issues where Firefox can’t load websites but other browsers can. When it takes place, Firefox may display a server not found or unable to connect. Firefox is one of the advanced and renowned browsers for navigating various websites, stories, pics, images, etc. Users prefer Mozilla Firefox to browse any website than other browsers. While using it, users may encounter an error. Before moving to solutions, users must identify the causes behind this error. Few causes are discussed in this article. You must read them carefully to resolve Firefox and other browsers can’t load websites errors. To rectify it quickly, you must dial the Mozilla customer service number to get some appropriate tips.

  1. Factors Behind Mozilla Firefox can’t load websites, but other browsers can issue

If you can open websites, update Firefox or Internet Security software, reestablish or a new one is attached. Your antivirus, antispyware, or Internet security software restricts Firefox from coupling to the Internet.

Generally, ensure that your internet security software is upgraded, delete Firefox programs from a list of trusted or recognized programs, and then attach it again.

  1. Details on Firefox Connection Settings

If you affix to the Internet with a proxy server having a connectivity problem, you won’t load websites on browsers. To verify your connection settings in Firefox

  • Tap the menu button and choose Settings
  • Move to the Network Settings section in the General panel
  • Tap Settings in the Network Settings section
  • Modify your proxy settings

If you don’t wish to connect to the Internet through a proxy, choose no proxy

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If you couple to the Internet via proxy, compare Firefox’s settings to another browser’s settings

  • Turn off the connection settings dialog
  • Shut down the about:preference page. Any modifications you’ve made will automatically get stored.

If you can’t remember the modifications in Firefox connection settings, look at troubleshooting preferences that won’t store.

  1. IPv6

Firefox assists IPv6 by default that may cause connection problems on certain systems. To deactivate IPv6 in Firefox,

  • Mention about:config in the address bar and tap Enter
  • A warning page will be shown. Tap accept the risk and continue to move to the about:config page.
  • Type network.dns.disableIPv6
  • Tap the Toggle button next to the network.dns.disableIPv6 to set its value.
  1. DNS Pre-extracting

Firefox tries to pace loading new websites by utilizing DNS Prefetching that can cause page load errors with few system configurations. To disable DNS prefetching

  • Mention about:config. in the address bar and tap Enter
  • A warning page will appear. Tap accept and continue to move to the about:config. page
  • Type the preference name network.dns.disablePrefetch in the about:config. search bar
  • If the preference doesn’t settle up already, choose Boolean and tap the Add+button
  • Click the Toggle button to establish the preference value to true, if not settled already.
  1. Firefox Can’t Load Certain Websites

If Firefox can load a few websites but not others, first delete your Firefox cookies and cache.

  •  Tap on the Menu button to access the menu panel
  • Press History and choose clear recent History
  • At the Time Range to clear drop-down option, choose everything
  • Choose both cache and cookies below the drop-down menu. Ensure other items you wish to save are not chosen
  • Tap Ok.

Verify for Malware

Even after deleting cookies and cache, you can load websites that didn’t work in Firefox and verify your system for malware. Various types of malware affect or restrict websites from loading. If your system is installed with an antivirus or Internet Security Program, upgrade its detections capability to carry on a complete scan of your system. Still, you have a problem, follow the troubleshooting guide.

Once you carefully go through the above causes with the repairing procedure, you can easily resolve Firefox, not loading pages error. If you can’t rectify this error, you must dial the Firefox customer service number to troubleshoot it.