Top 7 Solutions to AOL Email Not Working on iPhone Issue

Top 7 Solutions to AOL Email Not Working on iPhone Issue

Emails are a significant part of daily communication. Various email service providers are present in the digital market. But only a few email services have proved better, and AOL is one of them. AOL serves its users as a right mix-up of traditional and advanced technologies. The compatibility of AOL makes it perfect and works exceptional for its users in Android and iOS services. It is secure to set up iPhones and iPads because of its high-tech security. When you try to sync AOL email on iPhone, you may get an error that freezes the functioning of your AOL email account. An error message may pop up showing AOL is not working on iPhone. Some methods are given below in which AOL is not working error exhibit itself. Suppose you can’t rectify this error; you must dial the AOL helpline number to troubleshoot AOL email not working on iPhone with appropriate solutions. Let’s go through seven rectifying procedures that are given below.

AOL Email Not Working on iPhone Problems: 7 Methods

AOL Email Not Working on iPhone Issue

Method – 1 Activate and Deactivate Airplane Mode

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AOL is a web-based platform performing better with strong terms, and the weakness of the internet can impact users’ overall email experience with AOL email. Like other email service providers, it loves strong internet connectivity. To get back your complete network, you must activate Airplane Mode on your iPhone. Go through some steps to activate Airplane Mode on your iPhone

  • Access the Settings menu on your iPhone
AOL Email Not Working on iPhone Issue
  • Turn the switch to activate it for the Airplane Mode option
  • Please wait for a few moments and turn the switch again to deactivate it.

Method – 2 Change Network Settings

You can troubleshoot your network errors by changing the network settings other than activating or deactivating the Airplane Mode. If AOL is not responding, you can reset the network settings of your iPhone by going through the below steps.

AOL Email Not Working on iPhone Issue
  • Access the Settings menu on your iPhone
  • Now, tap on General Settings
  • Choose Reset in the General Settings menu
  • Tap on the Network Reset, and it will recover all networks to default ones
  • Recouple your iPhone to the network again

However, most problems related to networks or the internet can remain no longer effective.

Method-3 Add App Password in Sign-in Password

AOL Email Not Working on iPhone Issue

Users are advised to perform secured login when accessing your account from unofficial or non-yahoo apps. It means that you use a specific password than the account password. AOL has a fully committed platform that allows creating of app-specific passwords quickly.

To create a new password, some below steps will assist you.

  • First of all, move to the AOL sign-in page and login your account credentials
  • Choose Account Info and tap on the drop-down menu
  • Next, tap on the Account Security option
  • You can directly move to the AOL account security sign-in page by going through the below link.
  • Now, log in again to your AOL account
  • Access generate app password option on the prompted page scroll
  • Select iPhone mail and tap on the drop-down menu for Select your app option. Press on the Generate option
  • Your password will be shown in a box. Copy it and tap on the Done option.

So, you have to replace your AOL account with an app password after configuring it with iPhone. Remove your previously installed account and reinstall it again.

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Method-4 Delete and Re-Add AOL Email on iPhone

Let’s observe how you can delete your AOL email account from your iPhone. Go through some instructions that are given below.

  • Firstly, move to the Settings menu from your home screen
  • Choose Mail and then tap on Password and Accounts
  • Next, select your AOL account from the list of added email accounts
  • Choose delete accounts so that your account will be deleted from your iPhone device
  • Press on delete from My iPhone to confirm the deletion of your AOL account

Removal of your account is not ended after it. Now, delete some space from your iPhone and restart it before resetup of your AOL email account on iPhone. A few steps are given below re-attach AOL to your iPhone or iPad.

  • First of all, move to Settings, then Mail or Password or Account
  • Access the Accounts section and choose Add Account
  • Now, choose AOL email service or choose other
  • Log in to use AOL email address and password and tap Next after choosing the AOL email. Now, your account will get added to your iPhone device
  • Now, sync the AOL account manually with the assistance of AOL email configuration settings

Hostname –

Username – AOL email address

Password – AOL email password

  • Tap Next from the top after completing the typing of IMAP settings in the respective fields
  • In the same manner, type the POP settings in the respective field
  • Let your iPhone verify the email server settings and tap done once the installation is finished up.

Method-5 Verify AOL Email Configuration Settings

Manual configuration can’t be completed without the perfect email configuration settings. Configure your AOL email account using IMAP and POP settings as the perfect settings.

AOL IMAP Server Settings

IMAP Server –

Port – 993

Encryption – SSL

POP Mail Settings of AOL

AOL Server Name –

Port Number – 995

Encryption – SSL

Method – 6 Verify AOL Email Server Status

AOL email server is not performing on iPhone because of the downtime in your area. To examine AOL server status in your area, make use of the website. Suppose there is an error with the email server; you won’t use AOL on iPhone. Usually, the server errors are corrected by AOL without any extra effort. AOL team is capable of rectifying server issues on a priority basis.

Method – 7 Activate the Network Speed Test

Suppose your server is performing well in a good pattern but can’t access your AOL email configuration on your iPhone due to some error; please refer to examine your internet connection. Go to to activate the speed test by tapping on the Go button. You can also rectify your network problems by taking out and inserting the router from the power socket. Resume your device and activate Airplane mode that will assist you.

So, the above rectifying solutions will assist you in repairing AOL not responding to an error on iPhone with some appropriate tips.


Ques. Did AOL modify their AOL email settings in 2021?

Ans. Suppose you haven’t changed your AOL email account; it requires avoiding disturbance of AOL email service after 1 June 2021. For extra security, AOL has stopped configuring third-party apps and programs unless you act on AOL.

Ques. How to update my AOL email account?

Ans. A few steps are given below to update the AOL email account.

  • Login to AOL mail
  • Tap options or mail settings under your username
  • Press the tab for the setting that you wish to modify.

Ques. How to reinstall AOL mail on iPhone?

Ans. Some steps are given below to reinstall AOL mail on iPhone.

  • Access the App store on your device
  • Press the search icon
  • Enter AOL in the search field
  • Press Search
  • Tap find next to AOL like News Email Weather Video
  • If notified, type your Touch Id or Apple Id
  • Press Open

Ques. Does AOL compatible with iPhone?

Ans. Suppose you wish to use the email app with your iPhone device, add an AOL email account through your device’s settings. Configure your email account manually with IMAP or POP.