Firefox Not Responding or Hangs - How to Fix

Firefox Not Responding or Hangs

Firefox is one of the most significant web browsers is popular among multiple users worldwide. However, it’s a perfect alternative for several browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Microsoft Edge. The Firefox browser keeps on upgrading. So, Mozilla Firefox is not responding at certain times.

What takes place when your Firefox does not respond?

The Mozilla Firefox is not responding; the browser freezes and stops reacting over multiple commands. In this situation, you can’t move your mouse on the screen. In simple words, your Firefox browser stops responding. Moreover, you will get a small window at the middle of the screen with a short message “Firefox not responding or Firefox already running but not responding error. Such error texts become more irritating as carrying on happening once it seems. So, go through troubleshooting methods to rectify Firefox’s not responding error. If Mozilla Firefox is not working, responding, or hanging, this write-up will assist them in troubleshooting easily.

Multiple Reasons Behind Firefox Isn’t Responding

Various causes behind Firefox’s not responding are listed below to rectify this problem easily.

  • Because of some malicious add-on recently attached to Firefox
  • Corrupted, lost, or missed database files
  • Some procedures are hanging without any prior notification
  • Web browser not responding because of operating system file error
  • Disturbance from other existing browser settings
  • Repetitive visit to a malicious website
  • Web page script might have become non-responsive in the Firefox browser.

Troubleshooting Steps to Fix Firefox Hangs or is Not Responding Issue

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A few simple troubleshooting steps are given below to fix Firefox hangs or is not responding.

  1. Turn Off Forcefully the Browser Window
  • Tap Ctrl+Shift+Esc keys together that open Task Manager Window.
  • Get the Firefox browser and choose it under the processes tab
  • Tap on the End Task button available a the end of the window screen that exit from the browser application
  • Restart and establish the browser to examine if the error has been rectified or not.
  1. Examine for Browser Updates

Sometimes, potential threats and issues to Firefox come from outdated browsers. To examine for browser updates, tap on the Firefox menu icon. Next, you observe a Help option under which you have to choose the About Firefox option. So, a window accesses that displays whether the browser is updated or not.

  1. Uninstall or Delete the Add-on

Another method to troubleshoot Mozilla Firefox is to delete the recently established add-on to your browser. For uninstalling, tap on Menu and then press on Options. Choose extensions and themes on the left side. Now, observe the extension you want to delete.

  1. Remove Caches, Cookies, and Site Data

Mozilla Firefox stores cache, cookies, and site data that allows the browser to load the page quickly and provides a personalized experience for users. The step that takes place once you visit the website that leads to a large amount of data. Slowly, it brings issues, and you must delete caches, cookies, and site data.

  1. Scan Malware and Virus

Viruses and potential threats have become one of the primary reasons for Firefox not responding issue. This tool might affect and change important files restricting them from working appropriately. Therefore, examine viruses or malware. Enter Virus and Threat Protection at Taskbar in the search box. Establish Programs under Virus and Threat Protection, then tap on Scan options. Choose the Full Scan option and let the procedure complete.

The above troubleshooting steps will assist you in fixing Firefox hangs or not responding to the issue instantly. You can implement them to resolve this problem in Mozilla Firefox. If you can’t rectify this problem, you must dial the Mozilla helpline number to troubleshoot the issue.