Mozilla Firefox Crashes Unexpectedly or Won't Open

Mozilla Firefox Crashes Unexpectedly or Won’t Open

A crash occurs when Firefox shuts down or quits unexpectedly, and you can see the Mozilla Crash Reporter. Suppose Mozilla Firefox Keeps Crashing on Windows 10 consistently; you will get appropriate solutions to access it quickly in this write-up. The problems arise due to crashing is.

  • Suppose you have opened Firefox without crashing but crashes later on
  • If Mozilla doesn’t begin at all, but the Mozilla Crash Reporter observes.

Before moving to troubleshoot steps

  • Suppose the page stops working because it has been crashed and stopped responding; try to reload the page to look if it fixes the problem
  • Suppose Firefox is opened but doesn’t respond to any of your actions; Firefox hangs or not responding but not a crash
  • Suppose Firefox crashes at the starting
  1. Examine to observe if the crash occurs in troubleshooting mode
  2. Try to clean a reinstall

Methods to Troubleshoot Crashing of Mozilla Firefox

Some troubleshooting steps are given below to fix the crashing of Mozilla Firefox.

  1. Upgrade Firefox

Every Firefox includes multiple fixes to eliminate crashes that users might have reported. Ensure that you have a recent version that may troubleshoot your Firefox crash.

  1. Upgrade Windows

Confirm that you have recent security and stability troubleshooting.

  1. Upgrade your Drivers

Examine your graphics drivers are updated. Observe to upgrade your graphic drivers to utilize hardware acceleration and WebGL. Suppose crashes happen while printing. Examine that your printer driver upgraded by moving to the printer manufacturer’s website.

  1. Upgrade Your Internet Security Software

Confirm that you have the latest version of internet security software that includes antivirus programs, anti-spyware programs, firewalls, and more.

  1. Examine for Viruses or Spyware

Multiple viruses and spyware are called Crashing Firefox. Troubleshoot Firefox crashing issues that are caused by malware.

  1. Examine for Third-Party Modules

Antivirus, Archiving, and other tools of third-party applications may load modules into Firefox. Sometimes, these applications may top off harmful modules, which cause Firefox to crash and reduce performance. You may notice unexpected module has been loaded that may cause problems appearing to be Firefox issues.

  1. Inspect to look if the crash occurs in troubleshoot mode

Suppose upgrading software didn’t work or crashes on startup, utilize methods given below to test whether crash occurs. Go through instructions in the recommended articles.

  • Press the menu button, click help, choose to troubleshoot mode, and press Restart in the Restart Firefox in Troubleshoot Mode. You can also begin Firefox in troubleshoot mode by tapping the Shift key while beginning Firefox
  • If Open Firefox is available in Troubleshoot mode, a window appears, and click the open button.
  1. Crash Still Occurs in Troubleshoot Mode

Suppose your crash occurs in troubleshoot mode; it happens because a theme, extension, or hardware acceleration is causing the crash.

  1. Crash Doesn’t Occur in Troubleshoot Mode

Suppose crash doesn’t occur in Troubleshoot mode; it happens most likely because an extension, theme, or hardware acceleration is causing the crash.

  1. Examine Your Hardware

Suppose Firefox repeatedly crashes, inspects RAM for errors using, for instance, the following tool.

Categorizing the reason behind the crash can be challenging. Suppose you have tired of the methods given above and can’t get Firefox to eliminate crashes. The instruction will make you observe how to obtain crash report Ids for your latest submitted crash reports.

You can take expert guidance by connecting with the Firefox helpline number to resolve this problem to get some appropriate tips.  Firefox technical experts are available to assist you 24/7 in troubleshooting your Firefox issues.


Ques. Why is Firefox not opening?

Ans. The error happened due to Firefox program files. The solution is to eliminate the Firefox program and then re-establish Firefox. Then, remove Firefox, and it will not delete your passwords, bookmarks, or other user data and settings stored in a separate folder.

Ques. How to reset Mozilla Firefox?

Ans. Some methods are given below to reconfigure Mozilla Firefox.

  • Access your device’s setting, then press on Apps
  • Browse and click on the Firefox app
  • Press Storage
  • Press Manage Space
  • Press clear all data
  • Make sure that by clicking Ok.

Ques. Where is the refresh button available on Firefox?

Ans. If you click the Firefox menu button and choose to customize, drag the reload button back to the toolbar. Observe and customize Firefox controls, toolbars, and buttons for more details. The refresh button was supposed to be on the right-hand side of the toolbar. It is now available on the left side of the address bar next to the Home icon. The Stop button displays if the page is reloading.

Ques. How to delete cache from Firefox?

Ans. Some steps are given below to delete cache from Firefox.

  • Press Firefox and choose Preferences available in the Menu bar at the top of the screen
  • Choose the Privacy and Control panel
  • Press Clear Data in the Cookies and Site Data section
  • Delete the checkmark in the front of cookies and site data
  • Through cached and ticked web content, press the Clear button.