Firefox Keeps Crashing At Startup

Firefox Keeps Crashing At Startup

Mozilla Firefox is used largely by millions across the globe to browse websites, images, services, etc. A crash occurs when Firefox closes unexpectedly, and Mozilla has been showing the crash report with the Mozilla Crash Reporter. If Firefox gets keeps crashed once you access it, this write-up will display how to make it work again.

Other issues with crashes take place:

  • If Firefox begins without crashes, then crashes, later on, observe this write up to troubleshoot Firefox crashing error
  • If Firefox won’t begin at all, look at the Mozilla Crash Reporter and observe the possible solutions in this article to fix Firefox’s crashing error.

Observe If You Can Begin in Firefox Troubleshoot Mode

You will see that Firefox starts in Firefox Troubleshoot Mode at the first step. This specialized start-up mode temporarily switches off hardware acceleration among other settings and deactivates installed extensions that may restrict Firefox from starting. If you can begin Firefox troubleshooting mode, observe the article to find a few solutions to remove it.

Do A Clean Install

If crashes restrict you from beginning Firefox, a clean install will often troubleshoot the issue, even in Firefox Troubleshoot Mode.

Go to some steps for doing a clean install from Firefox.

  • Uninstall Firefox from your system
  • Remove Firefox installation folder

C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox

C:\Program Files(x86)\Mozilla Firefox

  • Now, download a fresh copy of Firefox
  • Do a double-click on the downloaded file and go through the attempts to carry on the installation procedure.

If you don’t know to install Firefox, you must take expert guidance with Firefox helpline number to install Firefox successfully.

Uninstall Firefox Responsible for Crashing Error

A few programs are known to cause crashes in Firefox and other browsers. Examine your system and delete any malware or software causing the error.

  • Examine the release notes if there are known issues for Firefox versions. Verify your computer’s suggestions on uninstalling the software causing the issue.
  • Scan your system for malware. Verify the support site of your antivirus program for assistance in scanning and removing malware.

Get Assistance in Troubleshooting the Error through Mozilla Customer Support

If you require more help, ask for a Mozilla customer support forum query. If possible, then include a crash report Id to post your question. Mozilla Firefox customer support experts are fully trained, highly qualified, and capable of immediately handling customer queries about Firefox. You can contact Mozilla customer support via email, chat, or call, and the Mozilla customer center is available 24/7 to assist you. Once you contact the Mozilla firefox customer service number, discuss your issue with them and listen to them carefully. Once you follow their appropriate tips slowly, you can instantly sort out the issue. When you call them, Mozilla experts will receive your call, email, or chat and greet you politely and listen to your queries attentively to resolve them.