Firefox Already Running But is Not Responding Error

Firefox Already Running But is Not Responding Error

First, let’s move over few factors why this problem is happening. It remains an uncommon problem regarding Firefox hangs or freeze while accessing. Fix this problem if you are aware of the causes behind Firefox not responding error. Fix this problem after opening the Task Manager. This issue actually mean that your Firefox browser won’t shut down completely and running in the background. It primarily happens because there is an issue in the profile. A few common repairing methods are discussed in this write-up to eliminate this error from Firefox. Some methods are given below for troubleshooting the Firefox already running but not responding error. You must dial the Firefox helpline number to solve the Firefox is already running error for a quick response.

Troubleshooting Methods to Rectify Firefox is Already Running Error

A few simple repairing methods are discussed below to rectify Firefox’s already running issue.

  • Wait for a few seconds

Suppose you have turned off your browser and preparing to access a new one; you may observe this message. It’s because Firefox is still running in the background to save your data before shutting down. If you wait for a few seconds and try to establish Firefox again, you may access it appropriately.

  • Delete Firefox.exe in the Task Manager

If you wait for a few moments, then Firefox has failed to quit appropriately. While Firefox Windows may be turned off, it is still running in the background. It may be hanged or eating up your available CPU time. To remove Firefox in the Task Manager is quite easy. First of all, access the Task Manager by tapping the Ctrl+Shift+Escape key. Do a right-click on your Task Bar, and choose Task Manager.

Firefox won’t observe in the list of running applications because this list shows applications with activated windows. Enter the letter f and then tap on the Firefox.exe procedure. Tap the Image Name Header to filter the process list alphabetically and place firefox.exe. When you have established firefox.exe, choose it and tap the end process button. Once you have established firefox.exe, choose it and tap the end process button. Tap the Confirm button to ensure the completed process and Firefox will slowly quit and get closed. Resume Firefox now.

  • Resume Your System

Resuming your system is quite a nuclear option; that’s not a very good idea. Once you face this error, you can always remove it without restarting your system. For less-experienced users,  you don’t want to deal with the Task Manager. You are restarting your system jobs because it ends all procedures on your computer, including firefox.exe.

  • Delete the Profile Lock

Suppose you have tried everything above, resume your system. Firefox is designed to confirm that only one copy of Firefox is utilizing a profile for a single time. To confirm this, it establishes special lock files in the profile directory. Firefox can have left behind the lock file when it got damaged or crashed. Delete these lock files yourself. Make sure that Firefox is not activating before you act this. First of all, access your firefox profile folder. To perform it on Windows, tap Windows key+R and copy-paste the following line – %appdata%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles and tap Enter. Do a double-click on the profile folder ending with .default. Prefix name but always stops in .default.

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Establish the .parent lock file and remove it. Suppose you’re using the Mac operating system, then you must remove the .parent file in your profile directory. Firefox should now establish appropriately. Linux users are required to remove the .parent lock and lock files.

Once you follow the above troubleshooting tips, you can solve Firefox is already running error. To rectify it quickly, you must dial the Firefox customer service number to get some appropriate methods.