Fix When AOL Mail Not Working On Macbook Pro

AOL Mail Not Working On MacBook Pro

Once you have opened AOL email on Apple’s mail app, you usually won’t get a notification. It is the disbenefit of placing all emails on one platform. It usually makes you irritating when your AOL email won’t get opened. Prepare an account in the Apple mail on Mac to open your AOL email. It happens due to the appropriate username and password. Mac can resolve the not accessible error on its own, but if it’s not rectified after restarting Mac, it is because of inaccurate profile details. This error can be resolved by re-composing and re-sending the message. For more details, you can also take expert by connecting AOL helpline number to troubleshoot AOL mail not working on windows 10 with some appropriate solutions.

Rectifying Procedures to Fix AOL Email Not Receiving Error on MacBook Pro

Various errors related to AOL email circulates sending and getting emails. Troubleshoot both incoming and outgoing emails correctly to troubleshoot most of the errors. Go through some steps for a quick check.

AOL Mail Not Working On MacBook Pro
  • Move to email menu and establish AOL email on MacBook Pro and press on the Preferences option
  • Access the account tab and press on the AOL email account in this window
  • Press on the Account Information tab and examine any mistype in your email address. Press on the email address drop-down arrow and select the edit option
  • Do a double tap on your complete name on your AOL email address, edit all wrong details and then press on Ok
  • Rewrite the wrong entered password, install your system preferences tab
  • Press on internet preferences and select AOL entry in the tab
  • Type appropriate email address and password and press on details
  • If required, amend the given description, complete name, and password for your AOL email.

Rectifying Procedures to Fix AOL Email Not Sending Emails on MacBook Pro

It is one of the major issues that cause AOL not accessible error on MacBook Pro. It takes place due to an inappropriate configured SMTP server. Inspect it by going through these procedures.

AOL Mail Not Working On MacBook Pro
  • Choose the Preferences option and press on the Mail menu
  • Please press on the Accounts tab option and tap on the AOL email that you are encountering errors with it
  • Search server settings and press on it
  • Amend it to the AOL mail server at the outgoing AOL mail menu
  • Press in Edit SMTP Server list to examine server settings by using a menu
  • Inspect the outgoing AOL email servers list, get AOL mail entry, and confirm that all settings are correct.

These settings will provide you with more information on your AOL email account at troubleshooting steps given below.

  • IMAP Server –
  • IMAP User Name – Your screen name
  • IMAP Password – your AOL email password
  • IMAP Port – 993
  • IMAP SSL/TLS – Required AOL email
  • SMTP Server Address –
  • SMTP User Name – AOL screen name
  • SMTP Port Name – 587
  • SMTP SSL/TLS Required – Required

Go to multiple rectifying procedures for more problems like AOL email not working on Android and AOL email not working on iPhone. These solutions are distributed and can be implemented by anyone. Suppose AOL email is not working on MacBook pro error; you must approach the technical team via live chat support. You must dial the AOL customer support number to resolve AOL mail not working on MacBook Pro. AOL customer support team is ready to assist you 24/7 in resolving all your queries.


Ques. Why can’t you log in to AOL email right now?

Ans. Suppose you’re using an outdated browser like Internet Explorer, access email from a different browser. Try to completely sign out of your account and sign in back again.

Ques. Why has AOL stopped working?

Ans. Suppose there is something wrong with your mail browser; it will cause the AOL browser to stop working. Move back at what you’re doing by troubleshooting the source of the problem. Delete browser cache and cookies and examine with the manufacturer for steps.

Ques. What to perform when emails are not approaching you?

Ans. Suppose messages are not coming; there are a lot of things to troubleshoot the problem.

  • Examine your junk folder
  • Delete your inbox
  • Inspect your filter and inbox settings
  • Examine another tab
  • Inspect your blocked senders and safe senders list
  • Examine your email rules
  • Inspect email forwarding