AOL Mail Not Working On A Mac Problem

Why Is My AOL Mail Not Working On Mac?

Are you unable to access your AOL mailbox? AOL mail working error is quite common? It takes place because of multiple reasons that can be rectified easily. Sometimes, AOL mail service is weak. Once it happens, please wait for the problem to get removed on its own. If not eliminated, go through some troubleshooting solutions given in this blog. To resolve AOL not working on Mac error quickly, you must dial the AOL helpline number to fix AOL Mail Not Working On MacBook Pro.

Causes Behind AOL Mail Not Working On Mac Issue

Some causes are given below that are responsible for AOL mail not working error.

AOL Mail Not Working On A Mac Problem
  • Cache and Cookies – Browser cache and cookies may stop AOL email from working appropriately.
  • Firewall and Antivirus – The running behind firewall and antivirus may stop AOL from working or opening.
  • Weak Internet Connection – AOL mail applications won’t work if their weak or no internet. Slow and bad internet can be the primary factor for this problem.
  • Malware Infection – Viruses, worms, and Trojans may disturb your AOL email and cause it not to operate properly.
  • Compatibility Errors – Outdated browsers don’t help AOL mail. An outdated browser and system can cause compatibility errors.
  • Insufficient Space – AOL mail can’t load properly if there is no sufficient RAM space.
  • Inaccurate Settings – Inappropriate AOL configured settings may also cause AOL mail not working error
  • Server Errors – You can’t access your mailbox if your mail servers are weak.

Troubleshooting Tips for Resolving AOL Mail Not Working Issue on Mac

There can be multiple reasons behind AOL not working on Mac. You might have mentioned inappropriate usernames and passwords or problems in settings. Suppose AOL mail is now working on Mac; go through some other solutions listed below.

AOL Mail Not Working On A Mac Problem

Connection Doctor will assist you in finding the most probable reasons for the AOL Mail Not Working issue.

  • Move to the AOL login page
  • Firstly, tap on the mail option
  • After that, press on Window
  • Select Connection Doctor on the next screen
  • Navigate AOL account name and examine the details
  • If the status appears red, email is not coupled to the mail app to the internet.

Some other troubleshooting steps are given below to fix the AOL email not working issue.

  • Delete Cookies and Cache

Cache and cookies get stored in the browser and may cause AOL email not to work. Hence, it is an excellent method to remove all caches and cookies from the web browser. Open the browser and move to the Settings. Navigate the Settings and find out to delete cache and cookies option and press on it.

  • Upgrade AOL Mail App

Does AOL mail not work on iPad or any other device? The cause behind this problem could be an outdated app. Move to the App store and look if any updates are available for AOL Mail. After installing updates, you must resume the app.

  • Sign out and Sign in Your AOL Mail Account
  • Move to AOL official website
  • Then, press on the Sign Out option. Observe this option at the topmost right corner
  • Shut the browser
  • Again, open AOL official website
  • Enter the login credentials and sign back in.
  • Delete the Hardware

Suppose you have antivirus software on your device, utilize it to perform a full system scan. Then, delete hardware instantly if any infection is found. Confirm that antivirus software is upgraded. If you don’t have an antivirus, then it is excellent to establish one.

  • Prepare RAM Space

Freeing up RAM could assist you in troubleshooting your AOL mail account. Move through the RAM allocation and shift some data to the hard drive. Eliminate useless data to free up space.

  • Rectify DNS Issues

Does AOL is currently unavailable? It could be associated with the Domain Name System. Remove the local DNS cache from the system to confirm that ISP gets hold of the recent cache. Move to Start, press on Command Prompt, and enter ipconfig/flushdns. Suppose you can access AOL mail from any other device, then use an alternate DNS service.

AOL Mail Not Working On A Mac Problem

Suppose you can’t rectify Restore missing or deleted AOL emails error, you must dial AOL email helpline number to get some appropriate tips. AOL email help desk team is available 24/7 to assist you.


Ques. Why does AOL email not work on Mac?

Ans. Move to the Mail menu and choose Preferences. Press the Accounts tab in the Preferences window. Select your AOL email account in the left panel of the Account Preference window. Move to the Account Information tab and examine your AOL email address for any problem.

Ques. How to configure the AOL mail app on Mac using IMAP?

Ans.  Some troubleshooting steps are given below to set up the AOL mail app on Mac using IMAP.

  • Access Apple Mail and choose Mail, then Preference from the menu bar
  • Choose the Accounts tab
  • Choose the plus button under the Accounts tab
  • Choose Continue and then choose AOL
  • Type your name, AOL email address, and AOL password in the given field
  • Choose sign-in.

Ques. Does AOL change its email in 2020?

Ans.  To secure your data, AOL will no longer help the latest login functionality on your application beginning on 20 October 2020. Go through one of the steps below to carry on using your AOL mail without disturbance.

Ques. How do I reset my AOL mail settings?

Ans. Would you please go through some steps below to reset my AOL mail settings?

  • Log in to the AOL mail app
  • Press Options or Mail Settings under your username
  • Press the Settings tab that you wish to amend.