Troubleshoot AOL Email Not Working on iPhone

AOL Email Not Working on iPhone

AOL is a web-based email service prominent for its interface, allowing users to stay connected to their contacts via a quick email service. A quick server of AOL application is much quicker than any messenger at which sending and receiving email have become quite simple. Users may face this Fix AOL Blerk error 1 while using it. If you can’t find the appropriate solution, you must dial the AOL Email Not Working on iPhone to resolve it.

Methods to Fix AOL Email Not Working on iPhone

Before you begin troubleshooting procedures, you must examine the mail server application problem internally. If the error is with your server, you have to wait until the organization troubleshoots it. Suppose the problem is with your device; utilize the below-mentioned steps to fix the error. However, please turn off your iPhone, then resume your connection to inspect whether it has an internet issue or not.

  • Completely close the AOL mail app – Begin by completely coming out of all the AOL mail app and programs running in the background, then try to access it again.
  • Examine App and System Updates – To examine AOL mail app updates, move to your device’s app store. To examine for system updates, move your device’s settings menu.
  • Delete Cache and Data – You must eliminate cache and data via your device’s settings menu. This step deletes temporary files to assist in freeing up required spaces.
  • Remove and Re-establish the AOL Mail App – You can eliminate and re-establish the AOL mail app to resolve this issue.
  • Resume Your Device – Resuming your device will assist you in refreshing the entire device, which will stop all required apps from running in the background. It may affect the performance of other apps. This problem also recouples the internet connection.

Ways to Remove AOL Email Not Working on iPhone

Some troubleshooting steps are given below to fix AOL email not working on iPhone.

  1. Wait for some moments and inspect the email again

Sometimes, wait a bit and examine the email again to fix the issue. Especially, it’s a temporary problem with the email server or with your internet connection.

  1. Switch Off and Turn Your iPhone Again

However, switching off the iPhone or iPad will quickly resolve this issue. The simplest method to switch off an iPhone or iPad is to press but don’t release the Volume up and Power buttons for some moments, then slide down the Power Off. Wait for a few moments, then hold down the power button again to switch on iPhone or iPad.

  1. Getting Messages, Password, or Login Errors – Delete and Re-Add

Suppose you are looking for a persistent account error, AOL email not working on iPhone. You must identify that your email address and password are correct, eliminate your account, and re-add it.

  • Access the Settings app on iPhone or iPad
  • Move to Mail
  • Press on the AOL email account and then press on Delete Account
  • Now, move back to Mail settings and press on Add account.
  • Select AOL and sign-in and add your AOL account on iPhone or iPad
  • Inspect the AOL email box in the AOL app again. It must work well.

When you go through the above troubleshooting steps, you can fix problems with the AOL app on iOS through appropriate tips. AOL Email Not Working on iPhone experts are experienced, professional, and fully-trained to assist you round the clock.


Ques. How to resolve account errors on the AOL app?

Ans. Suppose you receive messages while working with your AOL email app, then reset your email password. Confirm that you have installed the recent version.

Ques. How to fix AOL email not working on Mac?

Ans. Move to the Mail menu and choose Preferences. Press the Accounts tab in the Preferences window. Select your AOL email account in the left panel of the Account Preferences screen. Move to the Account Information tab and examine your email address for any error.

Ques. Can you troubleshoot the AOL email error?

Ans. Suppose you are getting issues in reading and retrieving AOL email error; go through some troubleshooting steps below.

  • Utilize AOL Basic Email
  • Reset your web settings
  • Deactivate pop-up blocking
  • Delete your browser’s cache

Ques. Does AOL Present to Use in 2022?

Ans. AOL email is an iconic American brand online. It was the entrance to a web-based email service in its early days. Now it’s no more because AOL and Yahoo sold their assets to Apollo Management in May 2021.